More Metro Complex Neighbor attempts to descrate my car and try to figure out ways to jam the mechanisms

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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The People in the Metro complex. and my complex for that matter as from my endless blogs have launched a compain to try to create mental illness, make me look crazy and remove me from society.

This is an ongoing endless 30 year all day and night psychological warfare and terror campaign started when I was 10 years old claiming I have committed some crime.

My entire life has been endless setups and mass groups working on me to try to provoke me into reactions to try to set me up to give to the world ignoring their endless setups, terror tactics, you name it.

I have endlessly since I found out 14 years ago asked them what this was about, what their problem was, and to stop. Their answer? I don’t know what you talking about, while a few breaking in anger and saying I’ve committed some crime.

Who knows, Maybe I J-walked and they want me dead. Point being. They are the ones committing endless all day and night attempts to make me mentally ill, push me to suicide, or try to remove me from society. They refuse to stop.

So I take pictures and post as many blogs showing what they are doing. Obviously, sicko murderers don’t like people telling them to stop or leave them alone. They want what they want, me dead, and they have riled a world wide all day and night terror/torture campaign to do it with the masses. Starting with my family, my brother, his friends, my friends social workers and government, riling up a world wide slaughter campaign and refuse to deal with their insecurities.

So obviously, lying murdering thug trash does not like people standing up to them and speaking out. So I document their endless crimes, and show the people what my accusers, who can’t specifically tell me what this 10 year old crime is. Who I don’t even know, and let everyone know what is really going on.

But they do not like me speaking out about it. As I guess since this is attempted murder. They don’t want to go to jail. So one of their methods of trying to keep me scared and quiet, is to go around collecting the cards I pass out. And try to jamb them into the cracks of my car. They endlessly workin the windows trying to jam the mechanisms. But of course they can’t. Because despite some of their desperate lies that one of my cards has caused damage.

Just like that feather broke someones skull, this is one of their pathetic excuses to justify trying to thug me quiet. But you will notice, this is done over and over, and my windows still work, which I sure makes them IRATE. This lie was started  by a girl named Elsie Sandoval our office manager. Who also claims I have hit her. Amongst endless other lies.


While this isn’t their only thing they are doing out of their desperate guilt to try to keep me quiet. This is this morning. A common attempt to try to terrorize me quiet.

P1180959 P1180888 P1180943 P1180946 P1180958

And then finally, after doing this type of thing, aside from their real crimes of working on me with mass world wide groups all day and night to end my life they try this one

P1180959 P1180960

You know that, me and 1000 people are going to hit you in the head with baseball bats types, and if you try to stop us we will call the police on you for your cimes. This is that type of bullying cowards.

Who can’t understand that stalking someone all day and night with clear intent to kill, is the issue, and they refuse to stop. For they look for angles or ways to try to set their targets up to cover up their crimes.

This is just a small example of what they are doing and their mentality, but their real motive is to obviously, end my life

For details on this 30 year murder campaign you can go to

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