Community Mobbing – 4/27/2015 – Metro Complex area woodland hills – walking

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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Tonight I went out for a walk. As I went out, I noticed several people were waiting for me. As I walked by a security guard I tried to be nice, which I knew would be pointless, because of my families, 30 year campaign to end my life with the police and masses using people like Lorena Escobar, Mike Huntley, Tom Farley, Jen Hess, Julia Sophia, the list is endless and in the 1000’s

When I said hi to him, he said “How are you” and I said “good”, as I walked by, he started humming, a common tactic people world wide are told to do if they see me. Because if random strangers world wide hummm, when they see you, it creates paranoia, and mental illness.

This all seemed to start because my family didn’t want me listening to bands like Guns and Roses, or Cherry Poppin Daddys’s saying I have somehow committed a crime, or by listening to those bands shows I’m somehow a shady person.

Once again if you saw my previous blogs about Lorena Escobar sent after me to tell the world endless lies to dictate my life whenever I do something it will make more sense.

They don’t want me listening to that music, Now people are told lies world wide and in secret.  As I round the corner, a guy and girl are talking. And she starts spinning her keys when she sees me. This was done last week started by Lorena escobar and severl people who saw me last week. Strangers. I believe to send me a message, she is going to spin me or race my mind and create mental illness.

After this, Her with George escobar hard several strangers follow me to several coffee shops doing such things as coming in and saluting when they saw me. Because they want to send hidden message, create mental illness and paranoia. Also, she had strangers following me wearing the same clothing as well.

When I got to the end of the street, I noticed one of the Metro complex pulled out a Lexus and parked it by me which you will notice, from my other blogs, for years, they keep parking Lexus’s in groups, in front of where I walk out, to hint and suggest about a Porn Star Alexus amore, who they were trying to make it look like I was stalking. Endless setups to get me to go to strip clubs where she was. Starting with Rodie taking me to one, to her manager calling me at another and asking me to come down and look at their computers. To Lorena setting up an apointment in Pomona while they had people collecting my life to use against me as Alexus announces that day on twitter she is going to Pomona. To make it look like I am stalking her.

After, this, a Cop parked his car across from the Lexus. Because the cops are responsible and have been involved in these operations since day 1, from around 10 years old working with the government, teachers, social workers, and my family to remove me from society. With such elaborate claims as I suffer from anger, rage, am out of control, and need to be watched and such.

When I walk back, 2 people come out of the Metro complex seperatly, wearing solid black pants and solid white shirt.  They started doing this after I started passing out cards which shows the endless crimes being committed against me. And since they are trying to create mental illness and tell everyone I am crazy to cover up the crimes.

And I spoke with someone else pretending he didn’t know me and was working some of the mental illness tactics. One of the things he said to me was “Tell me about yourself” and couple of hours later someone on facebook with a fake profile messages me and says “Tell me about you?” doing the pattern of 2 tactics which has endlessly been done to me since 10 years old. 2 same cars, 2 people with same names, things like this. Over and over until it is no longer a coincidence.

The action of mass groups coming in in black and white for speaking out about what is being done, to try to create mental illness is obvious that they are doing it to try to thug me quiet with the mental illness campaign.

These tactics to make me sick have been going on my whole life and it starts with me speaking out about my brothers endless bullying as a child, and my family getting mad at me for it instead of stopping it.

But this last week, the attacks have ramped up, since I told my father that Lorena was responsible for smearing my name and sabotaging all my business ventures. And they got mad at me for speaking out about it. Hence to psychological stalking to try to keep me quiet once again.

The one thing I noticed is that the mental illness campaign had been going on my entire life, but things really got bad for me when I started to notice something was wrong, and that something illegal was going on.

To find out that not only that what is going on, is illegal government, police social worker activities, but a mass world wide extermination campaign for whatever motive. I committed a crime because they don’t trust me with their profiling. which doesn’t tell you anything because people don’t commit crimes, until they commit a crime. And you can’t put someone in jail because you don’t trust them or think they are going to commit a crime.

Just like Mike Huntley saying to me “I had better live a careful life” and hints about him derailing me from something, which was just one of his elaborate smear tactics in the 1000’s. With his, “You are out of control” but of course haven’t done anything.

But to these people, and my family, Out of Control might mean. You asked out too many women and you committed a crime. But the reality is. You ask out women until one says yes. So it would be impossible to commit the crime.

But since my targeters all have psychology degrees, I am sure they know how to word things in such ways to make it appear like a problem.

Notice, these things happen all day and every day. These are covert mental illness and terror tactics world wide to torture me quiet or remove me from society from a sick demented family working with the corrupt part of the government, corrupt media outlets with government agendas and such.

It clearly starts with my family, but police, and government with mass world wide support since 10 years old has been organized and conspired for the purpose to remove me from society since 10 years old.

Another way to put it is. Anything they don’t want me doing they have people stalk me with mental illness tactics, and then say, look, he suffers from mental illness or is crazy. This is one of many tactics, but a big one. Because they know, at the age 29, before I found out what they were doing.

I was beyond any level of mentally stable, as well as physically stable. And they are doing everything imaginable to cover their crimes up and make it look like I am the problem

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