The Perelman Family endless hate, rage and shame of me

Posted: April 26, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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I am now 43 years old. and since 29, I could not figure out, or even conceive of what was going on. Nothing made sense. I found out that I was being hunted my entire life, started by my family, working with the police, government and world wide communities to rid me of the world.

The only thought going through my head was. What if going on. It seems like each person I was way beyond nice, giving and caring wanted me dead and to end my life.

Some would rattle off weird things, like my past caught up with me. I’m a monster, I’m a criminal, etc. It’s my transgressions. But when asked specifically, they would backtrack and say I was imagining what is going on, and what they said to try to cover their tracks. The world has been told 1000’s of endless elaborate lies. Yet I’m told I’m imagining it. That is clearly someone making up lies, and trying to keep you out of the loop so you can’t defend yourself with the truth.

They could not tell me one specific thing, of any importance that I had ever done. Sure they could rattle off things that didn’t matter. You J walked, You stopped dating that person. You yelled at someone. Things that everyone does, and nobuddy cares. Even the. Your an asshole, which is not only the opposite of who I am. But I know tons of Assholes, and the world isn’t hunting them down.

And more importantly, if I did commit a crime, they would say what it was, and I’d be arrested. but the only reason they don’t is because they know they are lieing. And that is why the masses are told lies, and I am told I am imagining it.

Years later I would have more of an idea of what they were doing. More importantly, who my family is, which they hide so well.

My family are basically rich white supremacists. They do not accept anything different. It is a crime in their eyes. They are not just blackand white thinkers. But they hunt you down for such crimes as dating a black girl. These are psychotic behaviors.

Why do I mention black girl? I was always the black sheep of my family. Out of 3 of us. They all fit the same cookie cutter template.  We are doctors with secondary psychology degrees. except my mother. Just a psychology degree and art therapist. But same type of person. These are the righteous types. You have to be perfect or you committed a crime. Their are no jokes, their are no imperfect sentances. You are not allowed to get angry, or argue. More importantly, They never address issues, and to your face you are a great person and behind your back you are a criminal who needs to be hunted for making a joke, or getting into an argument with them, which is rare. But if it happened, you are hunted for your crimes.

To them, they are above the rest. I’m sure secretly a plummer, stripper, construction workers are people they do not accept as friends. Would not be allowed in their social circles. To their faces, they are friendly, but not accepted. I say this because I know they don’t want me associating with different classes of where I come from.

I can trace this world wide campaign back to 10 years old or so. And they never cared about any wrong doings done to me. It was all about what we want you to do. CONTROL.

Around the age of 12 or so, I can remember kissing a black girl. How my family and half the world seem to know this, is odd. And the fact nobuddy will admit it, is odd.  But more importantly, around the age of 29 to 43 one of the enraged groups coming after me was the black community world wide.

Now, I don’t know about you, but a kiss is a sign of affection. it’s a sign, I like you. But growing up, my brother, his friends, my friends, and family were telling the masses I hate black people. I’m competing, and I dom’t like them. To the point they would go through my photography with black women model shoots, and create elaborate lies, stories out of it, that I hate black people and this is why. For example, one shoot I did was a black girl on a chess board. Their is nothing negative in this picture.


Yet, people were being told this shows I hate black women and were playing games with their life. Not only this, but after this person befriended me on myspace, she then started coming after me trying to get confessions as If I had wronged her for her contacting to to shoot her.

Now, only a sick mind would see this picture and randomly start making empty accusations about me, and hate. But not only this, the question of world wide funded smear operations saying these things. People don’t fund operations to spew things to the world unless they want you in the ground. So we are not talking about drama or gossip. I’m sure they have gone through every picture with a black girl as well as every one of my sentences in life looking for dirt. But the crime is obvious and the motive is clear and obvious.

Now imagine, black people are following you from place to place. They want to set you up, and you dead. You look back at your life and you realize that your brother was running around with his friends such as andy adelmen, in a green 67 mustang wearing a confederate hat. getting cars to chase them and going ballistic on them. Now I never really thought about it much until later when my brother was pinning all the things he was doing on me, and his elaborate tactics to tell everyone everything he was doing with me, with the hidden we hate black references.

Now, these lies smears are world wide. and everything I do, more people come after me no matter how nice I am. My entire life was my brother, friends family trying to send war references about civil war, or WWII, etc.

Now, back to the point. The point, once you step back it is simple. Their is no reason my family would secretly be mad at me for kissing a black girl doing photo shoots,  except for one reason. And one  reason only. They are ashamed of me for kissing the black girl and they don’t want the Perelman name associated with a black girls.

God forbid I dated a black girl. What if we married? They would never accept me. Secretly to my face, they would. But not insecret. They would never let it happen. So what does common sense tell you that if someone likes black women, they are being told you hate black women? it’s simple. The masses are being told lies to sabotage it from happening.

So your thinking. Well that’s a little far fetched right? how do you go from here to there. I didn’t at first. For 14 years I watched my families patterns of behavior and lies to me while riling the masses to end my life.

And the same patterns of behavior went from thing to thing. I can remember Buying a marijuana card maybe 4 years back. Instantly, the masses and more importantly, the dispensaries were being told by Lorena Escobar that I am addicted to marijuana and out of control, and if I come in make me mentally ill.

Once again, what is going on here? that’s strange? why am I being hunted and attacked? simple. Because Lorena Escobar is my fathers Office manager. Which is really code named. I hired you to follow my son around for 25 years and pay you to dictate his life, and if he does something I don’t like, smear him and hunt him even if he lives in different states.

Once again, a father that doesn’t want a “PERELMAN” smoking marijuana, which soon will be legalized. But associated with him. So they smear my name, rile the masses sabotaging it. Of course I have a card, and it is legal. But yet, it is wrong to him, and I have done wrong and need to be held accountable.

So then, We all know the lies how I wronged Mila the stripper and stalked her, or more importantly I was conning people in the adult industry by building adult websites. Once again. Nothing ever happened or was done to Mila. I was the nicest person imagineable to this person, and of course at one point, something didn’t come out completely right. and it was given to the world as I was hunting and stalking this person and trying to make them mentally ill. and the world was told this, and to me. I’m imagining it so I could not defend myself once again.

Why was this done? simple. My family is ashamed of me for associating with someone that was a stripper and therefore told the world lies about me to rile the masses against me to stop it or it ever happening. Once again, they don’t want the “PERELMAN” name associated with that kind of filth as I’m sure they would think or call it.

What about the adult websites I was building. Between the women, and the bigger systems. Why did they have a man named Tim Thompson and Rodie Morales befriend me when they saw my direction  saying. We should build websites. And I said sure. And when I started projects, Tim Thompson refused to work on them, making excuses while I was building them. And why was Rodie Morales trying to set me up, smear my name. Asking me to go places or meet him places, and then telling the masses I was following people around in endless setups. From trying to get me to go where girls at the gym worked, to trying to make it look like I was following women from gym to gym by offering me free gym signups to get me to go there to stage their operations?

More importantly. When the shit hit the fan. Tim Thompson, who wanted to build adult websites, and was pretending to work for hot body international, looked at me shaming me telling me “Well you built adult websites didn’t you” shaming me as if I did something wrong for building adult websites.  Endless strippers, porn stars took parts in elaborate setup attempts, etc. trying to make me look shady. Trying to manipulate me into situations to set me up. But they couldn’t set me up. I would guess they were paid to do so. And probably approached by Lorena Escobar. But since their or world wide internet terror networks set up to use against me, they could have just been notified to do it online.

And why was all the media outlets such as Fox News notified to come after me with covert mental illness campaigns to end my life and cover this up. Not only this, but when fox news works on me, I’m a horrible shady monster for building adult websites, yet they then turn around and interview some college student porn stars saying it’s ok. Showing that they are not consistent and have ulterior motives and hidden agendas.

Once again. This isn’t about me or anything I’ve ever done. This is about me pursuing the life I wanted and the PERELMAN family is ashamed of me and will do anything imaginable to make sure it does not happen. So they smear my name, try to make me look like a criminal or monster, and get rid of me.

Now these sabotage and smear operations go from thing to thing since 10 years old. That my family does not approve of. These are not crimes. These are things they just don’t like and don’t want the PERELMAN name associated with. They call this their “Laundry List” things they are doing to clean me up as it was so stealthily put.

From building hot rods, to dating a girl with tattoos. What they are really saying is.  A PERELMAN has to go to Med School, and get a secondary psychology degree to try to control people or you are filth. and need to be wiped out. Maybe a lawyer or some white color main steam other jobs are ok, who knows.

The same process of a Nazi or White Supremacist.  But when you talk to them face to face. They completely accept you.  ” Dad, I’m building adult websites” That’s great, maybe you will get laid. But of course what is really going on in his head is how do I stop him from getting into that industry, making money.  And it ever happening.

Same things happened with my studio photography as well. You name it. Once again, I have wronged them by creating art and expressive imagery with women, and that is wrong to them.

I have really only seen my father associate with one black person. Dion Bush, his limo drivo. Who in the end would label him a criminal for some minor mistakes in life. Then using Dion to get to me and harass me to try to get false confessions to use to destroy my name.

For me I accept most people. it’s more about right or wrong. of if we are compatible. If you are a plummer, walmart employee, lawyer, owner of a billion dollar company. My judgements are about them. if I feel right, and if they are up to freaky things, I will not feel comfortable and move on. But I would not make any judgements about their jobs, their skin color, nationality. un less illegal and I would not want any part of it.

But my family label, accept a certain social class. And if you aren’t in there’s hunt you and smear you. Your a bad person. Your a criminal and need to be cleaned up. To me it’s about laws. right wrong. and good decent people from all backgrounds.

A stripper isn’t doing anything illegal at a strip club. A even less shady, a Porn Star is not breaking any laws. They could be on the side. That’s a different issue. But I would never say a stripper is a bad person for stripping. If she was selling crack to children, I wouldn’t want them in my life, but that’s not the same.

To my family. They can’t make or distinguish the difference. This is where I come from. This is what I’ve spend years trying to understand and have stop stalking me.

The levels they will go, is unimaginable. The thought behind these terror smear operations are beyond any level of premeditated and executed with endless time, energy, resources. Why the world keep it quiet and covered up, I do not know.Not one person has come forward which is strange to me.

Around the time Lorena Escobar hired me to work in their office knowing I needed money and was freaked out and confused. They had a black girl in the office named Elita. While I was consumed with being hunted. So was Elita. Weather she was acting, or not, I do not know. But I can recall, her in a paranoid state and asking me to put passwords on her word files to protect her and I did for her.

Later on she quit, I can recall Patti Googin, someone who had been working with my father from early childhood saying to me. She quit and she’s much happier now. And being that she was heavily part of this elaborate, lie, setup, and smear operations since I young age, I pretty much took it as. “You better do the same thing”

This didn’t just happen with Black people. It also seemed to happen with the Persian Communities world wide. Once again, I am guessing it was me liking a Persian girl that did it. Once again, the Persian communities world wide were notified that I hate Persians. Why? once again, because the PERELMAN family would never want me associating with one. It is that simple. And they will put on a good act how they are open minded and never say anything bad. But yet their actions speak. I liked some Persian women, and once again, I was hunted for no reason. My family might be the type that say, Persians are ok, we just don’t want one in the family. Who knows. But to me, it’s the same damn racist attitude. And when I’m told I have to be cleaned up for liking an Asian, or a Persian, or a black girl, and I had better find a jewish girl. This says all I need to know about my family.

Now, I believe, out of the endless, lies, setups smears. That that was just the next operation to try to make it look like I hated black people or other cultures. These operations are lead partly by Lorena Escobar the so called office manager and everyone is paid to do their jobs. But their jobs don’t just consist of running a company, it consists of stalking people, mainly me. And clearly those that they don’t want associated with the PERELMAN name or to dictate my life. Which has nothing to do with work comp medicine. But looks all tighty clean when they get paid Especially Lorena Escobar. While some partly work on real work, on the side, work on me endlessly until I am dead, or so beat up, that I will live in fear, and not say anything or stand up for myself.

I am the biggest target. I represent everything a white supremacist like my family doesn’t. I represent melting pots, and all cultures and classes togethor. Artistic people, or business people. You name it. To each their own provided they are not hurting anyone. But clearly, that is not my families beliefs.

It goes way beyond, I don’t understand you. it goes to criminal actions to stop me from being a free person that we all spend years trying to be that the United States is supposed to be, except when your family somehow manages to work with the government to remove your civil rights saying all the right lies and manipulating the system, because they just don’t like you. What is upsetting to me, is that I am the hunted and the bad guy. Yet no buddy looks at the obvious, nor will they do anything about it but help cover it up.

I do have shame now. My last name is PERELMAN. I am ashamed of that family and who they are. You cannot sink any lower. These people as beyond any level of disgusting. And while they walk around with the “I’m a doctor, I help people” I can assure you. Caring for people is not what they are about. Maybe the money. Maybe the status. And a psychology degree to inflict mental pain and anguish when they want control.

For specifics on this 30 year campaign to end my life and remove me from society because of making different choices in life then deemed what I have to do and who I have to be.

You can go to

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