Mass groups trying to thug me quiet to keep the truth from coming out in a mass world wide smear/terror operation to remove me from society

Posted: April 19, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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Since I found out 14 years ago that I was being hunted since 10 years old by a world wide campaign to remove me from society started by my family, working with the police, government, social workers, and masses world wide to figure out how to remove me from society and try to make it look like I am crazy to cover it up. They have done everything possible to try to thug me quiet, and “IMMOBILIZE” me so I can’t speak out, or they can figure out how to torture me with psychological warfare tactics until I either kill myself, or they can work with the police to try to push me out of control to put me in jail. 

I have had the police follow me from place to  place trying to intimidate me quiet while they have the masses attack me upwards of 10,000 people per day for years with world wide and internet support.

At one point, An officer who claimed to be named “Officer Toro” approached me after following me to coffee shops, giving me his name for no reason using it to send hidden suggestive messages about someone I knew from the past, of course trying to accuse me of something someone else said, then started to tell me “If I ever take a picture of a person he will exercise the law in his own way”

Not only was this threat because I had a camera, but because he did not want me documented the mass crimes against me to try to stop me from speaking out. At this same time, my metro neighbors were parking Toyota Camry’s in front of my place in patterns to try to make me sick because they knew I had a camera and the crime could be documented.

Also, You will notice I have a website exposing this mass world wide crime against me. So I pass out cards to people since I am known world wide, and each and every person plays the games of, “I don’t know you” while working the hidden suggestive tactics to let me know they do and to create mental illness.

So when I pass out my cards in my area, my neighbors don’t want me speaking out about what they are doing. So they go around collecting the cards, ripping them up, and jamming them in the cracks of my car.

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This seemed to start happening after Elsie Sandoval, our office manager, made up lies that the card on her window jammed her window shut, and had to go get it fixed. Of course that is like saying, I threw a feather at you, and you are now getting reconstructive surgery for all the damage. The lie itself is obnoxious, and we all know, no buddy would believe it and are just using it as an excuse to leverage their actions to try to thug me quiet.

They will make up every excuse in the book. We don’t want you soliciting, etc. And I tell them, all you have to do, if leave me alone. But for some strange reason. They don’t like the, We leave you alone part showing their true colors and motive and forcing me to speak out to defend myself.

The same girl, Elsie Sandoval is responsible for making up lies working with the police that I had hit her in the face. This is not the first girl, but a Girl named Jen Hess, who is involved in this 30 year campaign was working the same angle, and she is clearly working with the same people to try to remove me from society with every lie and smear imagineable. Jen Hess was just one of 1000’s who befriended me since 10 years old trying to set me up any way possible and smear my name with world wide secret information channels.  What makes it so obvious is that even if I am this horrible monster that they say I am, and tell the world. They have the choice of going off and living their own lives instead of following me place to place for 30 years hunting me which shows that this is more about their endless 30 year hate, rage, and obsession against someone they don’t even know.

Kind of like Adolf Hitler and the jews.

This is just one of their endless attempts to try to keep me quiet and this 30 year hate campaign to remove me from society, for more details you can go to

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