FOX News working with Golden State Sports Medical, Lorena Escobar and Elsie Sandoval to create mental illness and remove me from society

Posted: December 20, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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I was hired to work for my fathers company, Golden State Sports Medical about 7 years ago after finding out I was being targeted by Lorena Escobar to do their IT.

Immediately after Lorena Escobar, now Brunstein Hiring me, she started telling everyone in the company to follow me around spying on everything I do, and to make me mentally ill when they don’t like whatever I do.


They will then make up endless lies that they have fabricated in 1000’s and given to the world as labels and leverage to turn people against me.

So whatever I do on my free time they will follow me and collect information follow me to the places I go, people I work with, my conversations at other places, if I use social media, and mentally batter me using psychological warfar tactics to create mental illness to inflict pain to try to get me to do and be who they want me to be trying to dictate my life

In other words, you do what I say or we will mentally rape you. Then make up lies because you supposedly did this or that.

Their endless attacks, follow me from place to place, trying to have people provoke me upwards of 10,000 times per day with the internet and media, try to set me up with mass world wide created armies with every lie imaginable since I walked in the office, which is part of a larger 30 year campaign to remove me from society.

After their endless attacks on me for 7 years since the first moment of walking in, they don’t like the fact that I may defend myself, or notify people of what is going on so they are working with the FOX News organization the mentally thug me quiet because they don’t want people to know what is really going on.

They will endlessly provoke me every few minutes in the office for the entire time I’m there, never stopping with a set of mental illness tactics. If they can get any type of reaction, it will be given to FOX News to try to torcher me quiet with endless suggestive hints, harassments, you name it to try to thug me quiet, about their stalking campaign which Fox News seems to have always been involved with this mass 30 year terror campaign working with a man name Brian Longbotham who came after me when I got into Visual FX working at Modern Video Film.

Right now, Elsie Sandovel has told her daughter to sit by me, first working on pedaphilia setups, now sitting around collecting every aspect of my life and giving it to fox news as they work with the masses to create mental illness to keep me quiet about their real agenda of removing me from society. But instead they will try to collect reactions of endless abuse, to use against me or any information they can get to create mental illness.


They refuse to leave me alone, and when I tell them things like, my personal life is non of their business, they say. to bad, it is. hinting I have to do what they say.  If I get into any hobbies, talk to women they don’t like, start businesses they don’t like.

They will follow me and start smearing my name to sabotage it.

Now they are doing everything imaginable to torture me quiet with a world wide campaign, endless setups, provoking, people waiting in front of my house harassing me, parking cars in patterns and such by my house to create mental illness you name it.

FOX News is also responsible for networking with everyone I try to work with, or the places I go on my free time, trying to get any information to use for this mass 30 year terror campaign for the bigger picture which is to just remove me from society and make it look like it’s because I’m shady and can’t be trusted as they say.

At one point, getting so bad, that fox news had something like 15 helicopters come to the 1/4 mile park I try to get my strength back at by walking it, with a gorund crew trying to intimidate me quit because I knew what they were doing

Lorena Escobar, and Elsie Sandoval are saying things like “we are trying to protect the office” to try to make it look like their actions are justified. basically saying, by me going to coffee shops, or getting into studio photography is somehow a danger to the company, which it clearly is not, and my life is non of their business, which they cannot understand.

Elsie Sandoval and Lorena Escobar have been working with the Police as well, while they make up criminal accusations, for example, Elsie made up lies, I had hit her. having the police then following me to coffeeshops and harassing me, with the real hidden agenda, which is, I just don’t want you at coffee shops.

Fox News seems to be the backbone of this CRIMINAL DEFAMATION, smearing my name to the masses, to rile them up to batter me to death world wide, and are responsible for probably 30 years of damages, and my name and reputation in any industry world wide.

Every day I go into the office, the employees, all of them

Lorena Escobar
Elsie Sandoval
Loydi Matinez
Marlene Ramirez
Gwen Suazo
Tony Montilla
Shanna Briantseva
Fernanda Sime
Connie Raya
Scott Sookman
George Escobar
Houri Berberian
Jorge Rodriguez
Marcela Carroza
Fernanda Sime

will work on me all day, and when I go home, they will have people follow me home continuing these terror harassments. Right now, everything that happens in the office is collected, given to fox news where they mentally batter me with hidden suggestive messages, mimic tactics, on shows they’ve devised dedicated to my life such as Redeye with Greg Gutfeld. A show based on collecting my daily events and in each show using them to send messages to me.

They also named several other shows off their mass 30 year targeting for belittling terror purposes such as “Out Numbered”  or “The Five” The 5 being women they sent after me I think, but not sure. And outnumbered is pretty obvious, as to what there doing to my life.

But Fox News is also disseminating their lies world wide so that when I try to speak out, people are enraged at me. This is all done in secret because I am a private citizen so they can’t say my name on tv as well as trying to make me look crazy and create obsession and paranoid schitzofrenia, because, they’ve smeared my name world wide, yet I’m told nobuddy knows me and I’m imagining it.

Fox News is also responsible for people hacking my computers and trying to get any information possible they can take out of context to smear my name violating my privacy since 1994 when the internet came to be and looking for ways to smear my name

As well as working with people like Jen Hess, Rodie Morales, just a couple of people told or paid to befriend me to try to set me up, or smear my name. One example is that while FOX, Lorena Escobar was working with these people targeting me, they would hack and spy on my computer while Jen Hess calls me on the phone and asks me to check her email for her, giving me her password. Rodie Morales did the same thing, while the people they were working with then would tell the world I was hacking peoples emails. this is just one of their 1000’s of elaborate setups, but it gives you an idea of what they’ve been trying to do since I was 10 years old.

This ultimately was started with my family and the government deciding to figure out how to remove me from society any way possible and started around the time I was 10 years old. If I ask what this is about, I will be told I’m imagining it, because there really is nothing I have done of any significance, and it is clear and obvious that all the people involved have hidden agendas to remove me from society.

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