Community Mobbing – 11/10/2014 – Metro complex parking cars in 2’s to create mental illness with intent to kill

Posted: November 10, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Last night the Metro complex people pulled out 2 Nissan 350z’s and parked them across from each other to create mental illness and try to remove me from society claiming I have committed horrible crimes. Of course the things the claim are crimes are talking to people in coffee shops or asking good looking women out, who could possibly be models claiming by asking women out if you do photoshoots with models is somehow a crime. Pretending that if you do photoshoots, you are not allowed to date. But it’s always scewed that your a con man for even talking to people in non related work environments. Those elaborate lies and smears go from thing to thing, to place to place. From playing pool, to getting into salt water aquiriums, endless elaborate lies that the normal rational person knnow are insignificant are used for a mass world wide terror campaign claiming I am shady or they do not trust me, when I don’t even know them or are even friends. Normally people don’t care about these things as they are petty and insignificant

The whole operation is to create endless terror to covertly push me out of control or to suicide claiming I am just too sensitive and couldn’t handle life.

At the same time as going out, 2 Metro complex people came out wearing orange like the Nissan they had pulled up.

P1150640 P1150638 P1150639

This morning when coming out, they had pulled up 2 mercedes SUV’s and parked them togethor as well as

P1150668 P1150670

2 civics

P1150645 P1150644

of course we all know that talking to people being friendly, open, going to public places, meeting people is all a normal part of life. These targeters will claim that every insignificant thing I do is somehow a crimes, and will keep coming after me in world wide masses.

Example, one girl didn’t like me tapping my foot, deamed it a crime, and for 4 years or so, every place I went world wide people would see me and start tapping in this mass terror mental illness campaign.

Of course we all know that if this situation occured with anyone else in the world. People would say that being approached and killing someone because he tapped his foot is a crime and they would never take part. But because this campaign isn’t about anything I’ve ever done, and a angry witch hunt against me because I might succeed in life, or someone doesn’t want to work and gets mad at me for trying to make a living seems the issue.

Todays attacks are also with people smearing my name in the photography community as Lorena Escobar, my fathers office manager has been following me from state to state, place to place smearing my name and having people try to set me up endlessly.

She is heavily responsible when I got into studio photography, for asking me to do a photoshoot with her, then notifying the masses I had somehow wronged her or was scamming her.

Of course, she approached me. Knew what my art was about, and wanted it done. But because she’s involved in running around saying things to her employees like “I am trying to protect the company” means she does not approve with my life and will smear my name any way possible to dictate my life.

This campaign to remove me from society has been going on since 10 years old starting with my brothers endless thugging and if I stop him claims that I tried to kill him.

It goes from person to person, thing to thing until the job of removing me from society any way possible is done. This campaign was started from my family working with the police, communities and social workers world wide to make it look like I am a problem and to remove me from society.

For details on this world wide 30 year smear/terror operation to end my life you can go to

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