Community Mobbing – 4/15/2015 – Metro neighbors parking 4 similar Lexus’s around my car with intent to create mental illness with intent to kill.

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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Today, leaving my house, like every day, the Metro Neighbors got togethor with 4 people with Lexus’s and parked 2 togethor and 2 across from each other where I walk out to go to my car or leave my complex.


P1180616 P1180618 P1180620
P1180623 P1180624

Of course, when I get home. I blue identical Lexus is where the white one was


And at 5:00 pm when I walked out of the office building to go to my car. 2 people in grey similar cars were parked backwards. Just waiting for me and watching. As I started taking pictures, one quickly drove off. They were not getting in the cars, or leaving. But rather waiting to send hidden messages which is done on a daily basis




also, less obvious. in the lot parked fairly closer, were also 2 cars with “Keyes” plates which is a common tactic

P1180638 P1180641

Also, at around 7:00 pm tonight on my street. two people parked 2 Hybrids togethor, which was also done last night, closer to where I walk out.

P1180734 P1180729 P1180732

Also, 2 people today, who saw me started swinging their keys in circles. A common tactic. And Lorena Escobar started doing it earlier this week after me telling my father Lorena was responsible for sabotaging my attempted business ventures. Basically threatening me telling me they are going to SPIN me for speaking out.

This is done all day and night with 1000’s of other tactics to try to make me look crazy and remove me from society. Today, they tried a new thugging attempt to try to stop me from speaking out or defending myself. One of the neighbors waited for me, and when I started taking pictures of cars for proof and my sites because they refuse to leave me alone and have been hunting me for 30 years. The neighbor starts to thug me playing stupid. Telling me he doesn’t want me taking pictures of cars, and I am causing problems, or whatever. He also sees me passing out cards. and tells me he is going to take my cards, rip them up, put them on the hood of my car and burn them. I don’t recall the exact words, not that it matters. I basically tell he he, and everyone else has the option of leaving me alone. But of course he uses the usually, We control you and dictate your life tactics and say. I don’t know what you are talking about.

I point to the cars and say, you see these cars in patterns of 2’s or patterns. this has been going on every day. He pretends to ignore it telling me I’m crazy and have my target signs on my car. At this point, since we all know what is going on. I basically tell him he is crazy, not me, the person they are trying to make look crazy and remove from society by pushing me to suicide or trying to push me out of control to do something they can work with the cops or government to set me up.

Of course, I cut the conversation short and go to work. Because people who get togethor, try to make others mentally ill and spend all day and night in conspiracies to do so since 10 years old want you dead or gone. Removed from society. So continueing a debate with a low life liar with ill intent was pointless.

The fact that they haven’t made the simple decision of living the own lives, and not stalking people, is and has always been their problem since I was 10 years old while they try to make up every excuse in the book, which changes daily, to justify following people around and trying to end their lives.

This world wide crime against me is just that. They can make up any excuse they want. I J-walked so they are going to hunt me down and kill me. It’s irrelevant because they are committing their righteous crimes on every level, from endless cry wolfs, to elaborate endless setup attempts, to lie after lie, with world wide funding to rile the masses to  end my life.

And of course, his elaborate excuse, of, I am crazy. would just mean he is more of a predator if I was crazy, minding my own business and trying to live my life, then who is he to play psychologist, and try to rid me of the world.

But we all know I am not crazy, and we all know this is a campaign to try to make me look crazy to remove me from society due to issues of. I don’t like you asking out the type of person. Or you do what I say or else. Basically trying to rob me of my civil rights.

Example, hunted and name smeared because I got into studio photography, etc. with covert psychological warfare and mental illness tactics to off you. Of course this applies to everything I do. But that is just one example of one place.

This campaign has been going on all day and night since 10 years old since my brother was bragging about making his teacher mentally ill, and putting them in a mental instituin. He and his friends and my friends and family, quickly started doing things to me like telling me they are listening to me on the radio because they put a bug in my room. etc.

But all these things will be denied, and they will say I am crazy for speaking out.

For details on this 30 year campaign to remove me from society, you can go to


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