Community Mobbing – 4/16/2015 – Metro complex parking 2 black pickups togethor where they parked the 4 lexus’s yesterday with the intent to kill

Posted: April 17, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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Yesterday, the Metro neighbors parked 4 lexus’s and 2 pruis’s togethor to create mental illness.

Obviously this has been done all day and night for the 15 years I have been here in some angry rage with delusional obsessed thoughts about me from mass groups with no self control. Being given information and direction to do everything possible to remove me from society headed up by the government in something my family started around the age 10 to remove me from society.


I posted a comment on twitter. Basically saying I left my phone in my car and I am going to get it, and I need to be cleaned up. When I immediatly walked out of my place to my car, someone put on the same color blue shirt. and move 2nd truck from behind.

That is most likely because the Metro complex has cameras pointed at my place, and is using survaillance to create mental illness. The same types of tactics that have been done to me world wide since 10 years old in a mass campaign to create the effects of obsession or paranoid schitzofrenia to end my life by trying to make me look crazy so they can justifiably remove me from society, or try to push me to suicide or out of control working with the police to figure out ways to remove me from society.

This of course was started by my own angry hate and ragefull family while all of them has psychology degree’s in some attempt to rid me of the world because I am not like them. While the world is told endless lies and smears they are riled up to do whatever it takes based on these lies to remove me from society.

This is one example of 1000’s of things that go on per day. to the point that it isn’t just coincidence, but an obvious campaign to end my life going on since 10 years old. And any lie imaginable will be told to cover up their criminal actions.

For details on everything.

You can go to

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