The Ron Perelman, Jason Perelman, Anita Perelman anger, rage setup smear tactics

Posted: April 14, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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Obviously from my websites and blogs you can see a pattern of setup behavior from my family to try to make me look crazy and angry. It is a tactic they have used on me my whole life.

This is how it works. Since this is a world wide terror campaign, the masses are used to terrorize me, and spin the story each and every time. Things my family will do is invite me places to go out with them. And when I go there, strangers will come in. Doing such things as all wearing the same color patterns, mimicking my collected conversations, or things taken front the endless terror lists of tactics to inflict on me that are done over and over endlessly until I know they are personal.

When I go somewhere. My father, or the person inviting me. will play stupid. Then as I’m attacked endlessly. If I say what is going on. they will intentionally try to belittle me and make me feel stupid. “Oh, you think the world is against you”, “Why would someone do that” if I explain it. I will be told I’m crazy, etc.

Now these tactics never stop. from full car lots of cars parked backwards, mimicked phrases, the humming or singing. suggestive messages with silverware and food. you name it. I can be in a place, and be harassed about 1000 hidden messages in an hour. and If I say anything, or get mad. or even call the bluff.

My father and everyone else working with my family will try to make me look crazy. He’s crazy. he snapped, etc. You suffer from anger and rage, etc, These tactics have gone on all day and night since 10 years old, but I had no clue until 29. At 29 I could not comprehend or even believe that my family was trying to set me up to remove me from society with the government or police. As a matter of fact, I sat around for something like 8 years trying to comprehend what they were doing. But I had never seen anything like it, nor would anyone for that matter, unless they were in on it and knew what was going on.

The only thought was. Why is the person who has spent his life avoiding trouble. not following his brothers footsteps. and helping everyone in his path, being hunted for extermination by his own family working with the police and government. To this day, it makes no sense. I could see my families bitter rage in their miserable lives of attacking others to feel better about themselves. But I could not fathom how they could get a world wide campaign to hunt one person their entire lives with the police and government out of. Well I don’t trust him and it’s hid fault so we need to rid him of the world.

But, that is their main pattern of behavior. Continually and endlessly provoke. try to get a reaction. then smear. Of course. everyone knows what is going on. and when they try to bluff of I’m angry and crazy or this and that. I know that not only is it unprovoked. They are working on me up wards of 10,000 mental illness tactics per day for years and has been going on since 10 years old.

My father will play stupid. try to make me look crazy, have his office imployees work every angle and tactic. As a matter of fact. I do not believe Lorena Escobar was hired 25 years ago because she knows any business who is his office manager. But she has no experience, or even a business desgree. Nor does she do much but spent the last 25 years hunting me down from state to state with false smear, and endless attempted setup operations and that is really what her salary pays for, covered up to make it look like a Golden State employee. Such as Connie Rayes, Lorena Escobar, George Escobar, Shanna Brientseva, Gwen Suazo They will try to throw in tricks to try to manipulate me into making it look like I think I’m the office manager. Or cover their crimes with more smears, endless lies, and covert psychological terror and mental illness tactics told to do by Lorena Escobar when hired.

You name it. But the motive has always been the same. Endless and covertly provoke and attack, to get the reactions to work with the police to try to remove me from society. It goes on all day and night since 10 years old and their motives to rid me of the world are clear.

Of course we all know that around the age 29 for years I tried to address the issue, but of course always told I am imagining it while they work on me to remove me from society. This is not only a world wide criminal act against one man his entire life. Not one reason of justification can even be said accept things that are irrelevant like. it’s your fault, I don’t trust you or your crazy.

But of course, the option of them going on and living their own lives. is not an option. It’s somehow my fault they have been obsessively hunting me since 10 years old. And they will always throw in some lie that I am the problem and it’s because this or that. But that is motive and tactics to try to get what they really want.

My father, mother and brother are calculated liars with motive and hidden agendas. Clear and simple. They robbed me of a life. Destroyed mine. and they need to cover it up clear and simple no matter what the cost. Or elaborate endless setups so they can throw out their. See, I told you so, to make their lies look justified.

My family have had over 30 years to address their concerns in a direct sentence, but they are always trying to cover up their crimes with endless lies and smears. From my father working with the police to put bullet holes in his car. from my mother making up lies I hit the neighbor kid josh burnim in the head with a golf club. Or my brothers road rage which he went out and did knowing he was going to tell the world it was me, before even going out and doing it. from the endless lies I’ve somehow done something to a stripper mila, which my family deams a crime by asking a stripper out. and that is when they started accusing me of those crimes. And these lies and smears they have been feeding to the world are in the 1000’s. Every time they want to try to cover up their new attempts to try to make me look crazy. they just feed the public more of their lies to cover up their crimes and attempts to remove me from society.

They will attack my character. That I have always been single, and say I am crazy. But they will leave out what they did in regards to every girl I liked, tried to date, you name it, keeping me single with lies, smears, manipulations, and endless setups and smear operations. Then of course, they will turn it around and say. Their is something wrong with him. why is he single, damn well knowing what they are doing.

The truth is. My family are the angry bitter people, who think they are better then everyone else. They are angry at me because I kissed a black girl when I was young and they don’t like black people. They are angry at me because I asked a stripper mila out and told her I liked her. And they can’t live with the fact that I might have been dating someone they despise. And what makes it obvious is each time I do something they don’t like. My father has Lorena Escobar sending out world wide lies about each situation to sabotage it, and make it look like I’ve done something or have a problem.

Example. I went out and got a marijuana card. After that Lorena Escobar notified the masses and all the dispensaries, that I was addicted to marijuana. The reason is obvios. She doesn’t want me having a marijuana card with my father. And that is it. It has nothing to do with anything else but to smear my name and rile the masses against me for endless attacks. then tell me I’m imagining it, and I am angry and need to be institutionalized. And  when you apply it to me asking out Mila, or kissing a black girl it is simple. They told the black community world wide that I hate black people. That is because they can’t live with the shame of being with someone black or a stripper, or whatever. But they will spin the story to attack my character because they don’t want someone with their name associated with what they don’t like.

Where I  come from. Those are the angry righteous telling you that being a doctor is ok, and being a stripper or associating with one is a crime. The reality is, they are both LEGAL. and the real crime is the judgmental righteous commiting the crimes in the name of, I am better then you, because you are different. I can recall, Lorena Escobar sending Adriana Olivarez after me around then and try to get any dirt to remove me from society. And I can recall her endless lies about Mila of course which were kept secret from me so I could not defend myself while the world was told these lies to create this mass witch hunt.

Later on, I would be told Adriana Olivarez was for me, and my father saying he just wanted grand children. Of course the underlying hidden message was. You be with who I tell you. You have kids with who I tell you. You do what I tell, or hint to you in covert messages, and most of all, Adriana will keep you inline for me. I am glad I have always had good instincts about people, because I saw Adriana as who she was from day one and did not want a relationship.

My family will follow me from place to place. And each and every situation, they will turn into an elaborate smear operation. then it will be given to the world to rile the masses from each and every situation. Things as simple as. I went on a few dates and it didn’t work out go to. I am playing mind games and trying to skull fuck them out of my anger and rage. Yet non of the IMPORTANT questions are ever asked? why does my family have information of my dates, conversations, classes, art projects, every detail about every thing, my entire life datamined, etc. Why is each aspect turn into a criminal offense, and then magically given out WORLD WIDE while I’m told I’m imagining it and nobuddy knows me. and answer is simple. they want to smear my name, rile the masses against me, and terrorize me until I do something stupid working with the police to remove me from society and have no way to speak out, or defend myself about the truth. But it has nothing to do with who I am or anything I have done. Because their is nothing I have done accept be the nicest person imaginable, to find out my family wants to rid me of the world. The whole operation is to rid me of the world and that is it. Nothing said is true. It’s just said to build world wide terror armies since 10 years old to remove me from society and of course my family showing me movies as a child about evil brothers with Nazi armies to rid the other of the world with his added psychological warfare tactics of using media and suggestive messages to try to make you look crazy. Of course all you did was go out on a few dates which means at that point. You can’t date because your family keep riling the masses every time you do anything at all with blatant calculated lies and smears to rid you of the world.

Another one of my families endless tactics I can recall was everytime I was interested in a girl, out on a date, etc. they would work with the police to pull me over, trying to scare me into something. The fact that it was done over and over means that they were trying to make it look like I was on the run, or put me in a situation to make me look guilty of something. I could almost see once as a test, by a sick obsessed family. but over and over, just like their endless setups means they want to remove me from society and will stop at nothing.

And what’s even stranger, is that in 43 years of my life, I’ve never been allowed to have a relationship based on, me and someone else, but always someone given information about me poisening the well. There has never been anyone allowed to judge me based on my interactions with them, but rather them being told endless lies beforehand weather it be a man, women, etc. And this is world wide. It seems strange to me that people aren’t allowed to judge me based on me, but rather the “Laundry List” of lies that they are handed out about me beforehand which is what my so called friend and mentor my mother sent after me called it when trying to get into 3D animaiton and Visual Effects. Which they are then told to endlessly guilt me until I give a false confession that I did this or that so they can work with the police to remove me from society.

These are the angry bitter righteous who tell you they are better then you, and label people for control. and to try to put themselves above others. These are the lowest forms of people.

They will do ANYTHING, or say ANYTHING to keep me quiet and the truth hidden while they say you committed a crime by J-walking, so they hunt you down and kill you in the name of righteousness saying it’s ok to kill of you aren’t perfect.

for details on the specifics of their 30 year campaign to remove me from society working with the government, police, and world wide group to remove me from society because I didn’t follow in their footsteps, and am not like them, you can go to

  1. thomaskhunt says:

    I updated my blog. Read it


  2. thomaskhunt says:

    Everything you experience is being Orchestrated by God. Dude you need to learn this and stop freaking out. You are not a target. You’ve been chosen by God. I’ve been thru everything you’ve been thru.



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