Community Mobbing – 4/5/2015 -Metro Neighbors pull out 2 black lexus’s park them across from each other to create mental illness with intent to kill

Posted: April 6, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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Today, the Metro neighbors pulled out 2 black lexus’s and parked them across from each other to send suggestive hidden messages with intent to create paranoid schitzofrenia with the intent to push me to suicide or out of control working with the police, my family, social workers to try to end my life and remove me from society.

This is an ongoing 30 year operation since I was 10 years old to rid me of the world. with endless lies, smears, coverups to make it look like I am a problem.

This campaign is government run with my family, news organizations, the masses, the media, all working togethor to end my life. While my family claims I’ve committed some crime at 10 years old. Of course they can’t tell me what this crime is. Just vague comments that my past caught up with me to work their obsessional looping tactic while I wonder what their problem is.

My entire family has psychology degrees and working with the police and masses have been involved in using it all day and night since I was 10 years old to complete this their endless hate and rage operations to end my life.

the black lexus’s. This is done all day and night everyday. and is just one of 1000’s of tactics to end my life

P1180478 P1180479 P1180473 P1180474 P1180476

For details on this all dayand night 30 year campaign to end my life, You can go to

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