Lunch at Kushyu- 3/2/15 – Lorena Escobar using more mental illness tactics

Posted: March 2, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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Last week going out to lunch, Lorena Escobar had 2 pairs of people park mercedes in patterns of 2’s to create mental illness. Today doing the same thing

last week


as we walked in 2 more pairs of mercedes were parked togethor,




and as left, 2 white pickups

P1170730-2 P1170731-2


Not only this, but as I left my house today, their were 2 grey pickups parked on my empty street, and as I got to the office Lorena was wearing a grey shirt.

One of the many psychological stalking tactics she’s involved in for the last 30 years

P1170713 P1170715


This is an ongoing mental illness company as she has been funded by my own family on salary posing as a gssmedical employee with ulterior motives to keep me inline and dictate my life. But the reality of the situtation is a larger picture with the intent to torture and kill, or push to suicide working with my family, the police and government since 10 years old.

She puts on a front that I am out of control and crazy to try to justify her actions, the truth is, it’s an extermination campaign since early childhood, using covert psychological warefare and mental illness tactics to remove me from society supported and started by my family working with the government with the masses to smear my name to rile the masses against me to get the job done.

Her true intentions are to either get me to kill myself, or push me out of control to remove me from society working with the police started by my own family. The rest is lies and smears to get this done.

For details, you can go to

  1. Elise says:

    I can tell you right now: ALL Mental Institutions, (the ones that have remained open and NOT pushed Their overly Abused patients, to the curb anyways) ARE Bad Places, Because I Have Been In Several Mental Institutions, (and IF I had a real do over button, to undo ALL of my time spent in Those overly Abusive places, I would Totally Do Just That!) Like The Social Control Freak University Of Iowa Hospitals And Clinics Mental Ward, in my own State Of Iowa, (I like my own State Of Iowa, I’m Very Loyal To My own State Of Iowa, Just Not The Abuses, Is All) And How Quickly I Forget, That They Were Totally Abusive witches (putting it nicely!) To Me, Because I Would NOT Socially Comply, With The Control Freak, Robotic, And No Soul Ways Of Control Freak Society, OR The Control Freak And Robotic Side, Of The Social Status Part Of THIS Society, At ALL! Well, I Don’t Really Like To Comply Socially, Anyways, And Besides, The Social Order, Has Now Kicked My Sorry Self, To The Curb, Anyways………. (what is so Orderly, about the Social Control Freak Social Order Again, Anyways?) No Thank You! (all I wanted, was just to Belong is all) (or so I have been Conditioned to Believe that I Want To Belong To The Social Order, At ALL!) Be Like Us……….


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