Community Mobbing – 1/28/2015 – metro neighbors pulling out 3 Lexus’s and parking them togethor to try to create mental illness with intent to kill

Posted: January 28, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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when walking out to my car, I noticed that the Metro Neighbors had pulled out 3 Lexus’s and parked them in a row across from the gate where I walk out.

These tactics have been going on all day and night since I wa 10 years old. as i found out what they were doing when I was around 29.



The intent is to end my life any way possible with my family working with the police, government, social workers and masses to rid me of the world any way possible. either by creating mental illness, trying to push me out of control, or trying to push me into killing myself. the intent is clear. they just want me gone any way possible. The school systems, working with students, the police, my family and friends have been hunting me my entire life with this covert gang stalking campaign to try to make me look crazy to cover it up

for more details, you can go to

  1. kaylynn says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I read your blog and just want to give you hope that this will end as soon as you begin ignoring it and focusing on your self development. I am 21 and have battled gang stalking. I developed what looks to shrinks like schizophrenia after noticing many patterns in license plates on cars that would follow me around, people uses to torment me by saying the same things over and over again at work and etc. I lost my job after lies about me spread all over san francisco, to this day kids see me an say hey theres that lady, I heard a whole school bus nearly stop when they saw me, shortly after the teacher realized I heard them she told them to shut up. I just laughed. If there is anything I have learned its just to ignore the patterns and the people and eventually it WILL go away. Sure people think crappy things about me now, but I know in my heart that if I focus all my energy on myself and getting better, it doesn’t matter what they think or do or how they try to distract me from that. While youre focused on these patterns, you may forget who you are and the plans you had for yourself before you realized all this was happening. I believe every word, have witnesses cameras in my home, bullying at work and in public and family betrayal. If you want to swap stories, shoot me an email at Mostly I just wanted to offer you support and a friendly ear. I hope things get better. Kaylynn.


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