Community Mobbing – 3/15/15 – Metro Neighbors parking 2 pairs of bmw’s to create mental illness with the intent to kill

Posted: March 2, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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In the last couple of days, the Metro neighbors have pulled out 2 pairs of bmw’s on 2 different days.

The first day, they pulled out 2 grey bmw’s and parked them across from each other where I walk out of my place.


The next day, they pulled out 2 white bmw’s and parked them across from each other.

P1170666 P1170664

These types of mental illness tactics have been going on all day and night since I was 10 years old with the intent to create mental illness, make me look crazy and try  to push me to kill myself, or push me out of control working with the my family, the police, government, masses around the world to remove me from society.

This is basically on ongoing all day and night extermination campaign since 10 years old.  This is a campaign to end my life clear and simple. The masses will be decimated endless lies that I am a horrible monster, to make their actions look justified but the truth is, it is a smear operation to end my life.

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  1. Elise says:

    those apartments look Really Ugly, And Boxy, And Honestly, it would be better to go live in a tree, as one of the (tenants) of these boxy and ugly apartments, (although I Doubt That Even living in a tree outside, would even Stop ANY of these Fat and Ugly Troll Losers, from stalking You, at all) (in the last page forum, or whatever, ALL Of These Troll Losers, WERE Ugly and Fat, Except for anorexic chick, in ALL black with the blonde hair in a pony tail, or whatever) (blonde haired pony tail chick, was the Only Loser Troll, in the picture pretty much, who wasn’t Fat And Ugly, but was Really anorexic looking!) (every Other Loser Troll in Those pictures on the Other forum page, Were Just Really Ugly And Fat Losers!) EW!


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