Police Intimidation – Spinning a flashlight to provoke me into a situation to remove me from society

Posted: June 1, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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This might look like nothing, but the police want me dead or silenced about their 30 year campaign to remove me from society and all the specifics I know of what they are involved in since 10 years old.

First off, what looks like nothing, isn’t, and it is done over and over by the masses. Also, the events of the night before are important to understand what they are doing.

After going down to hermosa and manhatton beach to buy some weights, then grab a beer on the beach. People were notified where I was, although since I am known world wide and told I’m imagining it. It’s not hard to spot me. And once anyone see’s me, the masses will be notified where I am, and I will be attacked to try to set me up, so they can work with the police to try to provoke me into a situation to remove me from society working with the police.

While I was getting a beer, the bartender kept provoking me. First he flashes a peace sign, then takes out his keys, stands in front of me, and starts spinning them around his finger endlessly. eventually he hides by the bouncer to cry wolf how I’ve wronged him by sitting at a bar, watching tv, and sipping on a beer.

When I go to my car in the lot, someone has parked their car next to mine and intentionally left the inside light on.

When I get home, another car in front of my gate where they park cars in 2’s and patterns everyday to create mental illness, is parked with the inside light on. and behind him is another car with 2 people talking and when they see me, they leave giving me the spot so it is done twice.

Tonight, when leaving coffeebean, the police were waiting for me at the Starbucks in the same shopping center that has been trying to set me up. even made false claims about their friend who attacked me, saying I attacked him, and then they had a security guard attack me a couple of years later trying to beat me to death with I luckily stopped.  


As you can see, when I let the police officers walk by, the second one pulls out his flash light spinning it hinting about what they did the night before. Also, trying to trigger me into a reaction so he could try to set me up. You will also notice the police officer parked backwards, leaving when he see’s me to try to intimidate me.

This is an ongoing all day and night mental illness/terror campaign to try to figure out ways to remove me from society since 10 years old.

The fact that they know where I go every day, and try to provoke me with mass world wide communities is to rid me of the world and has been going on all my life. Now I know what they are and have been doing my entire life and they want me scared and quiet.

For Details on this 30 year campaign to end my life you can go to

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