Gang Stalking – 11/23/2013 – METRO complex still parking cars in patterns of 2’s directed at me

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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This is just another post from daily METRO neighbors who are parking cars in patterns of 2’s with the intent to create mental illness. Not only are they parked in 2’s but they use the names of the cars to create paranoia, or schitzofrenia tactics.

For example, the honda accords started once I split up with my partner Mike Huntley who drove that car to send hidden messages about him. This creates similarities to someone who suffers from ideas of reference or obsessional looping.

This is done for the sole intent to harm.

these pictures are about 3 days of pictures and probably don’t come close to the amount of people really doing this directed at me with ill intent.


2 BMW’s without platesP1180020 P1180027 P1180036 P1180039

2 black BMW’s where I walk out and where other cars keep parking

P1180053 P1180041

2 honda accords

P1180045 P11800472 white pickups which is a common tactic with pickups for some reason. at one point had 5 or more on my small street over and over.P1180124

2 more accords across from each other. common tactic and done in this same spot as well over and over as seen in other posts.

P1180198 P1180200 P1180217 P1180220 P1180222

Once again, the two grey civic owners who keep doing this. But directed at sending hidden messages to me to create schitzofrenia as in tons of other posts.

P1180248 P1180242 P1180244

And another set of honda accords  in the same spot as the other one.

P1180258 P1180259

More details at

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