Community Mobbing – 2/7/2014 METRO Complex still using cars to create paranoid schitzofrenia

Posted: February 8, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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The other day, when leaving my house, two of the neighbors once again pulled out their grey honda civics from their complex parking spot and put them on my street parked togethor. A common tactic these two people have been doing with most the other neighbors to create mental illness and get rid of me. This tactic can be seen over and over in blog after blog.

P1200498 P1200489

Tonight, when leaving my house, right around the same spot, someone parked a white pickup there, where they keep parking different black and white pickups. As I left, and came back about 10 minutes later, someone had taken their black pickup out of the garage and parked it as close as they could next too it, continueing to do their mental illness tactics in patterns of 2’s

Notice just a white truck


10 minutes later neighbor pulls out black pickup and parks it 2 cars behind it


After going out for another couple of hours, when I get home, on the other side of the street, Metro neighbors then pull out 2 almost identical BMW’s

P1200584 P1200580 P1200581

These type of mental illness tactics are done all day and night. Ranging from the way people talk, type, objects, cars, you name it with a mass world wide mental illness

mobbing to remove me from society making up elaborate lies that I have somehow done SOMETHING, yet won’t say what this fictitious something is, all for the sole purpose

to create mental illness to remove me from society, and of hate and rage, just like Adolf Hitler hated the jews for no actual reasoning. I have been hunted since early teens starting from my own brother going on committing crimes and then telling everyone I did it and I needed to be put away.

For details on the whole situation, go to

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