Gang Stalking – METRO complex still trying to make me mentally ill to get rid of me using their cars

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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This morning when I left my house, 3 of the METRO complex neighbors pulled out their pickups from their normal spots and parked them on my street right next to the gate I walk out of. This tactic is done on a daily basis to create paranoia, and schitzofrenia, a campaign that was unleashed on me since my early teens to remove me from society or to push me to my end. weather it be to push me out of control, or into suicide.

This is just one of the 1000’s of tactics done all day and night to me to end my life or remove me from society.

tactics that are used on me can be found here

these are the 3 pickups, and they’ve been using pickups on my street for quiet some time in patterns, just look at the other posts.

P1190839 P1190834 P1190835 P1190837

When  I get home, the 2 civic drivers park their identical grey civics next to each other in the same place by my gate. Tons of blog posts using this tactic as well

P1190856 P1190853 P1190855

These tactics are done all day and night. At one point, I was told my past caught up with me and I had to confess to something. Although I believe this is just another tactic to try to make me think it’s somehow my

fault that I am being targeted. And most likely the people targeting really might believe I’ve done something. But either way, it’s a crime non the less whatever their thought process is.

Details can be found at

from who’s involved, that their tactics are, the lies they spread to rile people up against me, etc..

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