One of the 1000’s of tactics people all around the world are told to do is as they walk by me, hum.

This is a tactic a I noticed 12 years ago as one stranger sequentially after the next will walk by and hum. The motive is obvious, either try to push me into a situation to get the police to remove me

from society, and push me to suicide which is a common gang stalking motive.

These tactics have been used on me since my early teens with my family all working together, and riling up the majority of the world to try to end my life or remove me from society. When asked what this is about, of course, I’m told I’m imagining it  and I think differently. Common things these sick demented people will say to keep it covered up “Well people hum” or for the whistling where it was up to over 30 people per day, “well people whistle” which any rational person knows, 30 people a day don’t walk by you humming or whistling.

In the last month, every day people walk by me doing this bringing back some of the old tactics to create mental illness.

When I was around 10, I remember my brother telling me that he had put a bug in my room and was listening to me on the radio. At the time I thought he was just acting like an idiot, to find out at the age of 30 what his real motives were, which was to make me mentally ill and get rid of me. I remember him bragging that he and his friends in high school drove a teacher crazy and put her in an institution. Years later to realize that him and his friends were not only doing this to me, but notifying the majority of the world of every lie possible to rile the masses up against me, make me mentally ill to get rid of me, or push me to suicide.

I have no clue what his problem is, just like I don’t have a clue what anyone’s problem is. All I know is the my brother and his friends went around on what he called “Runs” getting people to chase him in cars, telling the world it was me, then having Mike Huntley, who later started a business with me to create mental illness, move onto chase street inviting me over to try to send hidden messages to simulate schizophrenia. Ideas of references which is where someone believes their are references about them from objects or music or various things.

In my case, they were sending me the messages over and over and building world wide armies to create mental illness. Not only do I not know why, but I have no clue why people are supporting him all around the world in this murder campaign.

This is just one out of 1000’s of elaborate setups, smears, and mental illness tactics to end my life. Working with my office manager, Lorena Escobar, she told the whole office to follow me around and hum, and whistles with these many tactics all day to make me mentally ill as well.

Their motive is clear, end my life. why people are helping, I do not know.

Lorena Escobar, Jason Perelman (my brother) all his friends, even if I was guilty of whatever this SOMETHING is, two wrongs don’t make a right, which shows their true colors and motives.

Details on the specific tactics are here:

The people involved are here

and everything

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