Gang Stalking – Metro complex still trying to end my life using jeep Cherokees to send hidden messages to create mental illness

Posted: December 30, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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In this last week, all the Metro tenants got togethor everyone with jeep cherokees and told them to park on the same spot to create mental illness.

The jeep cherokees started when a girl from high school I didn’t know or was not friends with followed me up to southern Oregon state college. Moved into the same dorm complex, and befriended me while working with professors to try to set me up making all sorts of lies and criminal allegations about me as I thought it was just a coincidence until my neighbors working with the police were trying to destroy me by riling up people to end my life or remove me from society.

This person, Kelly Hatch drove a white jeep cherokee, and when I turned 30, not only were the police trying to get a confession I had stolent her keys, moved her truck, and left the keys in them for her so she could have them back.  Even though the chances of someone stealing a car and giving it back is slim to non, most likely is was some fabricated story she made up then notifying the masses that I had done it amongst tones of other lies and accusations.

After that, I found out, people were told to have neighborhood watch groups to keep me in line. or clean me up. Now knowing that not only have I never done anything to anyone, but that this was just people using the system against me to destroy me back making up lies I did something, then sending people after me, and then moving on to the next one and next one with the real INTENT to kill or make me look crazy and rid me of the world out of their hidden demented hate and rage.

This week, all though the week people have been parking jeep Cherokee’s in the same spot and across, which they do on and off in patterns to try to freak me out.


This is just one out of the 1000’s of tactics to create or simulate the effects of Paranoid Schizophrenia to make me sick, end my life, or have me removed from society



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    This is the most bizzare thing i’ve ever heard of and for the past 2 years ive been going through the same thing.For a long time ithought i was the only one going through this but since i know im not the only person in the world i figured atleast one person was going through it to. I recently watched a snipet of the dr.phil show with the guy talking about gangstalkers i had no idea it had a name. And yes they were successful with me because i did try to commit suicide but i made it through. And realized that thats what they wanted for whatever there reasons where. im only 20 years old and dropped out of college because of this crazy phenomena. Do you have any advice for me you can email me at i would love to hear from you


    • Hi, I’m sorry that you are in this situation, I know how horrible it can be. One moment you are living your life, then you find out people are conspiring together to push you to suicide or figure out ways to remove you from society telling everyone you have a problem, and that you are crazy while are doing everything possible to make you mentally ill. It is scary, I know. Especially to find out people are conspiring together in large groups to make someone mentally ill. The one piece of advice I can give you is to do what’s known as normalize the situation. Tell people what is going on. I know this sounds scary when all alone, isolated, being attacked by the masses and told you are imagining it for the sole purpose of CONTROL. Gang Stalking is basically black mail, thugging to get what they want. Do what I want you to do, or I will make you mentally ill and push you to your end. Once you get past this. That you are not alone. That tons of people have come forward in the same situation. That people do get together, smear your name, try to make you look crazy, alone, isolated, and scared and realize that exposing them for the truth, and the real crime and attack on your life is the most important thing to do. At this point, they loose their power and control of making you look crazy, making up every lie about you, and leaving you scared and defenseless. First thing you must realize, is any decent person would not take part in something like this. When approached ant told to make you mentally ill, they would say “I don’t want any part of it” so you know all the righteous thugs hang together. And they want you scared and quiet. If you ask them what their problem is, they will either do things to make you sicker for questioning them, or tell you that you are crazy and need help. This is the nature of the beast. The people that you know are good people, let them know what is going on. You will most likely be able to sense how they react, and whose side they are on. One thing to pay close attention too. Is to notice how they will hunt you, then play victim. They will try to get a reaction, then publicize lies that you did this and that about you if they get a reaction. Remember, when someone provokes you, attacks you, never stops and if you react, you are defending yourself. Especially if they never stop. They will use the dirt to publicize to make you look like it’s your fault and you have a problem. Provoke, collect, smear, isolate, push you to your end. Make a mental note of how these people work when targeting you. Then most likely the brain washing. example, Your too sensitive to life, You have anger problems, you suffer from obsession etc. One of the things my x business partner and 20 yr friend (Michael Huntley) so I thought said to me as I was confused and falling into panic “We are using the system against you” from what I’ve said here, now you understand their motive. It did not matter I spend my life being kind, generous and helpful to everyone in my path. He just wanted me dead or in jail because he was a sick demented murderer and had spend over 30 years building armies to do so.

      This is what they want. You scared, you quiet, you doing what they demand.
      I hope this helps. You can go to some of my other sites for information on your situation. and if you search “Gang Stalking” in google, you will notice several targets have come forward in the last 10 years which were afraid to in the past because the situations in general sound so crazy, but they do exist, and most of these people never stop until they get what they want.


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