Gang Stalking – METRO complex still networked with city trying to create mental illness with the intent to kill

Posted: December 30, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Tonight, I went to get some food at a BBQ restaurant  named “The El Paso BBQ” where after getting there, someone parks a raised white pickup I notice when I walk out. As I know someone keep parking one on my street and started one day when 5 people with white pickups decided to park it on my street trying to create “ideas of references” a type of schitzofrenia. this technoique has been going on for over 30 years started by my own mother and brother for some reason out of anger and rage.

This is a picture of the restaurant and truck

P1190602 P1190612P1190614

I leave and go directly home, about a 5 minute drive and when I get home, a very similar truck is parked on my street by my place. When I left, it as not there. This is not a coincidence because these tactics are done to me all day and night with people, clothing patterns, etc, you name it. with the intent to create mental illness and end my life or remove me from society.

Picture of truck my my place


These tactics have been used on me all day and night for 30 years as I found out around when I turned 30

tactics used:

everything including daily incident reports

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