As going to work on wed 6/19/2013

Once again, as leave my house, there are two identical VW, I think jetta’s parked on my street. One, on one side, and the other in the red with a man waiting in almost identical car. Once he thinks I am gone, he leaves. Because this is a daily event of creating paranoia, and schizophrenia that I found out was going on for 30 years and still is all day and night with the intent to kill, I know their tactics they have been documented online.I think this is about the 6th or 7th time in a month doing this. Most within a week or two.


Other times (not all of them)



(youtube here)

On my way to work, when I reach Roscoe and Tampa, there are, which has happened before,and using multiple tactics each time I go to work, this time  two ladies on opposite sides of street holding umbrellas in the sun. I got a picture of one, but when circling around to get the other, she thought I was gone as she went inside.


At office, I notice that on one computer, they keep leaving the CD rom Tray Open to send hidden messages about something, and as I go outside of the hall to get some water, Gwen Suazo locks the door forcing me to use the other door in the waiting room. When I go through the other door, they have also opened up a 2nd CD drive to try to create mental illness using their patterns of two’s tactic.


At this point, Gwen starts talking to a black man, wearing solid black pants, and a solid red shirt, like my other blogs showing this tactic all day to create mental illness. As she is talking to him, she is using the patterns of two’s and three’s to send hidden messages at me to get rid of me. When the black man leaves, as he walks behind me he whistles. Example videos showing similar office tactics here.

(u tubes)

When I leave, I notice Gwen Suazo starts texting, probably their notification systems to have people come outside on my way home to create mental illness, or the people who wait outside my house trying to make me sick as I get home each time.

On my way home, once again at Roscoe and Tampa, there are two more women with umbrellas. And again, as I went around the block to get their picture of the 2nd lady, as she immediately went in as I passed by.


On my way home, when close to my house and the park, a few women come out with more umbrellas as well. I was only able to get this one pic.


This is every single day, and just a few things they do with the intent to end my life across 30 years and refuse to stop, tell me what their problem is, making up claims that I have “done something” but won’t tell me what it is as they attempt to create obsession of me wondering what their problem is and knowing that I’ve never done a thing to anyone but by me knowing what they are doing, they want me quiet and controlled.

Specifics at

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