Gang Stalking, using umbrellas and dogs to create mental illness with clothing patterns

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Today, the office was having some computer issues.

So around the end of the day I decided to fix them on my way back from an appointment at the doctors, as I even explained to him that this was these peoples doing who are trying to cover it up.

He says to me something to the extent that “I hope your pride is ok” is if this is some kind of 30 year game to end my life, and it’s somehow my fault that for 30 years millions around the world are trying to end my life. Will not tell me why, and are trying to not only keep it a secret, but tell the world it’s my fault for their actions of targeting a person, smearing his name, and raping him all day and night for 30 years, in the millions, and then try to cover it up saying weird things like you think differently and are not normal, and can’t see yourself.

As I get too the office, There are once again, two ladies with umbrellas, and one see’s me so she closes it and tries to hide it.

P1100630 P1100635

When I get to the office, all the cars are parked forwards, and not many in the lot, after about 20 minutes when closing when we have to leave, there are several more cars, and several backwards and one man waiting in a red and black chevy truck and a grey mercedes suv watching the entrance.

P1100648 P1100652

On my way home, when I get about 1 mile away from my house, 6 women come out with umbrellas within a 10 minute period on the way home.

P1100714 P1100711 P1100702 P1100696 P1100726

After going out and getting a Jamba Juice, at approximately 6:30 pm, People in my surrounding buildings, 90% called “The Metro” coincidentally the Microsoft tablet interface, who knows if there is a relation when talking about my life, but teams of people were notified to come out once again which obviously has been going on since day 1 of moving in to my place all walking their dogs. They were not outside beforehand, as I watched them all come out at the same time in another all day and night attempt to make me mentally ill. I count 35 picture om a 35 minute window and probably several more with a clear an obvious attempt to create mental illness and end my life without addressing any insecurities, or having any proof of their theries which are clearly lies anyways since it goes from one sequentially after the next for 30 years. And even If I was guilty of something, that would be a job for the police.

At this point around 6:45 p.m., someone at the Metro comes out, a stakes, 6 signed that say, place for rent. I go out to get food at this point and come back to take a picture of the signs, but within that next 30 minutes of me watching him put them in the grass, he then removes them thinking I saw them and am gone.

I didn’t mention the obvious which has been going on all day and night for about 10 years are the thousands walking around in specific color patterns as well, to create mental illness a day.

These are just 30 years of all day and night community mobbings all across the world to end my life due to people like my mother and brother, who want me dead out of hate and rage, and can’t come up with one rational reason why they have an issue with me. Nor do they have the ability to communicate their issues in any way, shape or form so you have no clue that they are even enraged at you.

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  1. […] Gang Stalking, using umbrellas and dogs to create mental illness with clothing patterns […]


  2. Denji Hajime says:

    People and things, they are setting by their unconscious. Japanese to operate from remote satellites equipped with HAARP technology is going to gangstalking.


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