Gang Stalking – Called to work while mobbing me

Posted: June 28, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Today I was called too work to fix some computers, while at the office, apparently one of the office girls Fernanda Sime, made some claim I was smearing my blood on a door or something. While their cry wolf tactics go back 30 years making up lie after lie then wanting me around to tell me what to do while trying to blackmail me into control then abuse me, these are their normal tactics.

When I leave my house, just like yesterday leaving the office, there is one car on each side of the corner with people waiting in their cars to create mental illness.

Shown here from yesterday

Today at my house one on each street.

P1110033 P1110030On my way to work, I drive by the park where they decided they are special enough to decide weather or not I’m allowed to go to the park and if they disagree, the community gets together and tries to kill me for my crimes of having constitutional rights.

so on the south side of about a 70 yard street, they all sit and wait when I leave and come home, just sitting in their cars lined up all directed at me to rid me of the world.

P1110097 P1110098 P1110099 P1110100 P1110101 P1110102 P1110112 P1110123 P1110144 P1110146 P1110096

At work of course, the usual people trying to harass me to death claiming I am doing something to them for the sole purpose of trying to make me mentally ill until my nervous system gives out.

Even Lorena Escobar’s Mother who works there  starts harassing me as a family of sickos

A collector, Gwen Suazo will sit and sign all day following me around harassing me, then make up claims I am doing something to her.

Same with another employee Jorge Rodriguez.  while he keeps walking behind me whistling all day.

After I leave work about abut 12:00 pm, when I get to Winnetka and Roscoe, almost every time on the way home for about 3 weeks,  2 ladies come out with umbrellas who are notified I am leaving. This is a daily event, here and right by my house as you will see post after post of this.

P1110062 P1110070

After this I went to the Fed Ex to send an item as several employees kept verbally and visually harassing me over and over with tapping, and comments taken from my twitter and facebook micked back to create mental illness.

I then went to Fry’s electronics to purchase some items where several employee’s walked by spinning keys to provoke me into fights as well as the verbal tactics. And happened every single time.

As I get home, Gwen calls me with a computer issue and acts nice like usual. And once it’s fixed she will passive aggressively harass me every time with the entire office using the same tactic as well to try to provoke me into a fight, then tell everyone I’m crazy or have anger and rage. This tactic has been done to me since early childhood starting with my own mother and brother and escalates for 30 years from 90% of the people in my life  to try to use the system to rid me of the world.

These tactics are all day and night for the sole purpose of ending my life. They have been going on for over 30 years and will not be addressed, nor will it be stopped with the intent to kill.

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