Gang Stalking – 6/27/014 – City mobbing – people coming out and waiting for me at parks, restaurants, my house to create mental illness

Posted: June 29, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Yesterday when I left my house and went out to another city, someone parked a Red Ford Explorer on my street. This is a common tactic when I go long distances. And for about a year someone was parking a blue explorer doing this over and over.


Today, when I walked outside my gate, right in front was someone elses red explorer

P1070221 P1070222

As i Was leaving, I also noticed like usual 2 people parked honda civics together to send me hidden messages


As I drive by the park where they do the same mental illness tactics because they don’t want me to exercise and get healthy, they parked 3 identical vans


I went to the store to buy a part, and when I came home, 2 cars were waiting for me both with blinkers on. It is obvious because a street like this people wouldn’t even normally use blinkers. They waited around for about 30 minutes, then left. This is very common, especially in 2’s to create mental illness and paranoia directed at me.


I left my house to go to the computer store, and when I drove past the park I noticed not only 2 people in pickups and a lexus waiting in their cars at the park, but as I drove down the street, all day, tons of people just sitting in cars for extremely long periods of time

P1070108 P1070111


(video of cars waiting slowed)

I then went to flookies to get some food, and when I got there, the 2 outside tables had 2 people both wearing caps, one at each one.

P1070167 P1070168

after I got food and they left, when they walked back to their car, I noticed they were both together and got in same car and left, but pretended to be separate when at restaurant


When I ordered my food, the manager said, “Hello, Hello” once again in patterns of 2’s. While I ate my food, I noticed several people kept coming in wearing Solid black pants, and solid blue shirts. This is a common tactic done as well.

P1070180 P1070188 P1070172 P1070179

I go to fry’s electronics on the way home and as I leave the employee says “Have a good one” which every business world wide is told to say as I leave endlessly to try to make me look crazy.

I then go home, and when I get there, I noticed tons of cars parked in patterns like usual. First, I noticed 3 very similar SUV body styles. Not the same model’s like usual, but 2 parked together and one down the street on my small street.

P1070229 P1070230

Also, Their are 2 differentidentical gray Civics parked togethor

P1070232 P1070233 P1070235 P1070240

2 pickups parked together

P1070238 P1070247

And 2 Honda Accords parked together


These tactics to make me mentally ill and remove me from society have been going on since I was 10 years old. Each person that comes after me makes up elaborate lies to cover up their crimes with criminal accusations directed at me to cover up what they are doing. This riles up the masses against me each time and builds larger and larger world wide groups since I was 10 coming after me.

There is nothing I have done, nor would it even matter because if I did commit a crime, the police would arrest me, and not try to kill me with a mental illness campaign. But they try to make it look like this is jutified with their ulterior motives working with the police, communities, and my family to either try to push me out of control to remove me from society, or try to push me to suicide making it look like I just couldn’t handle life.

For details on the 30 year campaign to remove me from society since 10 years old claiming I have committed some crime which they would tell me specifically what it is to create obsession by wondering why I am being hunted by a world wide campaign, go to

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