Community Mobbing – 6/24/2014 – Teams of people come to the park wearing green shirts and black pants and pink shirts and black pants with intent to kill or remove me from society

Posted: June 29, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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I drove by the park on the way home about 6:00 pm, teams of people came out for maybe a 20 minutes window. These are the pictures I took, within minutes, not waiting around.

Their were a lot of the other color patterns they use, but the majority were these 2 colors.

Green and black

P1060702 P1060722 P1060745 P1060789 P1060804 P1060808 P1060817

Pink and black

P1060687 P1060689 P1060720 P1060733 P1060735 P1060755 P1060789 P1060802 P1060825

This is an all day and night world wide terror campaign since the age of 10 years old trying to remove me from society any way possible. Either by pushing me to suicide or trying to put me in jail or an institution with my families claims I have committed some crime or suffer from anger and rage to cover up their true motives

For details you can go to

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