Police 30 year target – Now trying to claim it’s my fault for speaking out about their crimes against me

Posted: June 29, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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The Police with my family and world wide mass mobs have been hunting me since 10 years old using every possible psychology mental illness tactic imaginable to try to remove me from society.

Judges, Police, My mother, My Brother, all my friends, My brothers friends, working with the masses world wide to end my life and rid me from society either my trying to push me out of control, make it look like I am out of control, make it look like I am crazy or think differently from others, which is not a crime, or torcher and terrorize me to either push me into a situation to arrest me and put me in jail or the opposite to push me to suicide.

My family all with PHD’s in psychology have worked every mental illness tactic imaginable for setups, smears, terror tactics, working with the police in a world wide mass mobbing to rid me from society telling me I’m imagining it, have to keep quiet, and do what I am told.

They will use elbaorate vague excuses like I have committed some crime to justify their actions while either trying to set me up, collect anything to use against me, or just smear my name with lies world wide on a funded operation with a hidden agenda.

when I approach someone, it’s I’ve committed a crime, we will hunt you down. Of course, nothing specifically is said about any crime because they know I’m a very good person and spent my life being kind, generous, giving caring and helping everyone in my path. If I compare myself to anyone that’s ever been in my life, I seem to be a much better person then any of them.

But this is not what they will tell you, or their world wide funded smear campaign in secret telling the world I am a monster. And the reason it is in secret, as well as not letting me defend my self with the elaborate smears and lies, is just that. They don’t want me defending myself and want control over me.

We all know we have a judicial system for a reason. So that people who are accused of crimes can defend themselves. While the police know I’m a good person, and have done nothing, this is why they can’t arrest me and go to trial. Not only this, but the endless proof of their 30 years of endless setups, smears, following me from place to place, illegal surveillance, illegal hacking, illegal spyware, people working with the police to try to set me up. and my documented daily 100’s – 10,000’s of terror, mental illness tactics shows that they have a mass 30 year hunt to end my existence.

Even if I did commit this imaginary crime they say I did, which these elaborate incidences start at the age of 10 years old. Then they would have arrested me. And hunting me down since 10 years old is the real crime.

So the police with the communities try to hunt, suggest, and send me hidden messages, not only to create mental illness, but to try to keep me quiet, having people tell me I’m starting fires by speaking out about the masses working with the police getting together to create mental illness and end my life is my fault, and once again, they are trying to brainwash and blackmail me quiet. As most criminals who want whistle blowers quiet do.

Aside from working with the fire department to try to scare me quiet by following me around blasting their syrans to send me hidden messages and try to make me mentally ill with all the other blogs I have shown proving what they are doing.

Their real crime is telling me that I’m somehow doing something wrong by telling the poeple I am being targeted and hunted by the police and my family with the masses since 10 years old.

An equivalnet would be saying, You do not have the 1st amendment. You do not have the freedom of speech. And the only reason why someone would take away your 1st amendment is because they are corrupt and want to control or hurt, or destroy you.

So what the police and the mass terror mobs working with them since I was 10 years old really are saying is. If you say something that exposes us and what we are doing you are committing a crime by riling up people. But the truth, AS WE ALL KNOW is, that is I am being targeted, hunted, pursued, etc, I am supposed to speak out. And the real people RILING up the masses are the ones with the FUNDED SMEAR CAMPAIGNS disseminating LIES to the world since I was 10 years old which is a CRIME called Defamation.

And anyone who tells me that speaking out and defending myself is a crime, then they are involved and want me quiet and have true motive to rid me of society. If I speak out about what is going on and the police don’t put a stop to it, they are GUILTY.

That is like saying we shouldn’t have news organizations because they rile up people. When it is the news organization who keep things in check sometimes if they are not corrupt.

Freedom of speach and freedom to tell the police and police protection which my own tax dollars go too means it is the polices obligation to not only stop this, but put whoever is responsible in jail for attempted murder.

If they are trying to say that one man being targeted by billions is committing a crime for speaking out and has to be quiet, pretend it isn’t going on and do what they say. Then they are the sick criminal tyrants trying to keep me quiet about their crimes.

common sense says if one man is sitting on a bench and 1000 people start hitting him in the head with a bat, it is not his fault for speaking out about it and riling people up. The crime has been committed by the police and my family riling up the masses for over 30 years. And that is the crime. Speaking out is my OBLIGATION, and anyone who wants to OPPRESS me is clearly part of the campaign to remove me from society.

The police will make up lies, I am starting fires, but the truth is, they started the fires with my family, and they have committed the crime. I am obligated to tell the TRUTH, and let the WORLD know the TRUTH. And any attempt to stop the TRUTH from coming out so that I can have a life is the crime and that is it.

Their is no justification to keep me quiet. And the news organizations should be supporting me, just like they support other people with no platform to speak while being targeted by the government.

Fox News or any news related is not only obligated to expose this mass world wide crime against one person and let the world know the truth. But keeping one person quiet while being hunted world wide is an attempt to silence if they don’t want both sides of the story coming out.

Peoples ACTIONS to keep someone quiet about crimes being committed against them is the crime and those are criminals. By protecting people and police who disseminate lies to the world and not holding them accountable is aiding and abetting.

And hidden messages that you are starting fires is basically blackmail, and intent to create paranoid schizophrenia, if done repetitively and not accidental, or coincidental.

Anyone who tells you that you are doing something wrong for speaking out is a criminal and involved, plain and simple and wants you silenced. And the police and everyone else knows that I have no choice to speak out while ACTIVELY being hunted by a campaign to remove me from society. That’s like telling a rape victim not to tell anyone or even try to stop the rapist. which means my Targeters have the same mentality as a rapist, they just do it with psychology PHD’s

So it is the police, my family, and those working with the world who are trying to terrorize, torcher, and coverup all the people they sent after me to try to remove me from society. I will never be quiet about what has been done to me and my life. I will make sure this never happens to anyone else, and I will make sure the people responsible for this sick demented endless 30 years terror, torcher, smear, endless setup, campaign targeting me since 10 years old, trying to make it look like it’s my fault with the intent to end my life and remove me from society.

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