Community Mobbing – 6/28/2014 – My house, the Metro neighbors trying to create mental illness and coverup their crimes by making up lies about me

Posted: June 29, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today when I left my house, instantly 2 metro security guards came out at the same time, went from the complex and went into the adjacent ones while I went to my car. Immediately 2 people on bikes came out of their complex, and also 2 girls walking together one playing with her hair which was one of the terror mental illness tactics.This could have been coincidence, but I doubt it because they’ve been using these tactics on me all day and night for the last 30 years since 10 yrs old.

P1070256 P1070259 P1070262and I believe the security guards have been spending all their time following people like me around who are just trying to live their own lives spying on my place which is a different complex, then doing their actual job which is security for their complex.

Also, I noticed that a Mercedes C250 was parked where I walk out of my gate, with no license plate which is a common tactic


Across from the Mercedes C250 is a Green F150 Pickup truck, once again using the patterns of 2’s to send hidden messages

P1070268 P1070273

And of course, people start coming out in the Solid black pants, and solid Green shirts, and green shirt patterns and go by the truck


At this point I leave my house, and as I’m leaving I notice 2 different people, one on each side of the Metro complex which is very large and surround my place come out wearing solid black pants, and solid yellow tops one pushing a stroller. They are also both walking with people. Almost looks like both have black pants and white shirts although one might be grey, but it’s pretty obvious still

P1070315 P1070299

When I get home a couple hours later, In front of my gate where I walk out are 2 identical Honda Civics parked together and and across from them, where the Green F150 pickup was, there is a person pulling up a Gray Pickup across from the 2 Gray Civics

P1070331P1070326 P1070329

I then park my car and walk back to my place, as I’m walking back 2 ladies come out wearing black and white striped shirts about 100 feet from each other. As I only got a picture of 1 of them.


Once I get to my street, a man in a red pickup truck, as you can see they use a lot of pickups to try to create paranoid schizophrenia to create mental illness., is waiting for me to walk by and when I start taking pictures he leaves, and goes into his complex on the other side of the street showing he was just waiting around for me to make me mentally ill.

P1070337 P1070338

Later at night, the Metro Neighbors pull out 2 VW’s as close to my gate as possible where I walk out

P1070348 P1070350 P1070351 P1070355 P1070358

As you can see that these people who are making up CLAIMS that I’ve committed some crime are liars and the true criminals with a 30 year intent to kill, or remove me from society. These people are clearly taking the law, or have a hidden agenda conspiring together to end my existence.

For details on this mass 30 year smear, terror, murder campaign you can go to

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