One of the tactics my mother, father, and brother have used to coverup their mass 30 year targeting working with the police to end my life or remove me from society is the Hero or Vigilante tactic.

Yet, they cannot tell me, like usual as to what it is I’ve done. Of course, it goes from I’m a hero, to this, to that, to whatever in the 1000’s. Also, they seem to have leveraged the, your a liar tactic they’ve been using all my life on me to figure out ways to have people not listen and just go, No, I won’t listen, your a liar. This tactic has been used on me since 10 years old. Although to lie, you actually have to be asked something. And since my family has never really addressed any concern except one. Their have been no lies. My mother asked me at a young age, maybe 10, if I hit the neighbor kid in the head with a golf club I did not know, was friends with, hung out wiht. But at the age of 30 when I questioned her, she denied it. Well if I’m a liar, why would she back track and then deny even asking me. Then of course I find out about the endless setups from my family with the police putting bullet holes in cars and pinning it on me, to my brother running cars off the road and going on his “Runs” and pinning it on me. But of course, never asked about anything. So the “Liar” tactic doesn’t really make sense except for people to use to try to control.

As my family with the police sent countless people after me to end my life. From Teachers, Professors, Turned my friends, My brother sent every one of his friends after me, notifying the masses in a world wide campaign of 1000’s of lies in SECRET that I had done all these horrible things.

One of their coverups was that I think I’m a Hero and have taken the law in my own hands. The reason they have made up this one of just many lies is because they need to cover up the fact that they keep sending people after me to remove me from society. If you step back, this is just another lie to cover up all the other lies. They send people after me to try to set me up, cry wolf, smear my name, you name it. Why not then claim I’ve come after them to cover up the fact they sent the person after me to destroy me to begin with.

So as each person comes after me to end my life, they need to coverup their actions making claims I’ve someone done something to them.

The only thing I’ve done is when I turned 29, found out something was wrong and I was being hunted was that I asked what was going on. And this to them was a crime. Which makes sense because if a group of people are hunting you down since 10 years old, they sure as hell better have an elaborate coverup for hunting you down.

My father this last week actually is using my little brother Shane who is 14, and has told him every lie imagineable to turn him against me. Like my father does with everyone for control purposes.

My father actually gave me a book of lies, mostly by his office girls about what his mother supposedly did, wanting me to give this book, from the same people who have been smearing my name claiming, we are “Protecting the company” to shane when he was old enough to show Shane what a horrible person his mother was.

I threw the book out and later told my father who would not listen, that Shane’s relationship, with his mother is about how they get along, and how it turns out, and poisoning the well is wrong to do.

My controlling manipulating father could not understand this saying, he needs to know who his mother is. Now knowing that my family are paranoid psychotics who use psychology PHD’s to hurt people and try to remove them from society for irrational thoughts. I highly doubt what was in that book of statements was true.

My point was this to him. I cannot say if Janet, Shane’s mother is a good or bad person, I did not see anything that bad. Despite the things my father SAYS.  Therefore, I cannot make a judgement based on my facts, nor should Shane. He should make his decisions on what he believes from his experiences with his mother.

And knowing what I know now about my family and that they are setup and con artists, I wonder if she did anything at all.

But this is my point, a good person does not disseminate information to control or poison the well, a good person lets life take it’s course. And knowing that everything my family does has some sort of ANGLE, they are not good people, and 90% of what they say is lies to control people and situations, or create mental illness to do so.

So My father has been having Shane and his friend Sammie come in the office, and of course, Shane is working on me like he has for years after my family told him lies about me, and the latest ones are that he’s coming in with hidden messages about me being a hero and such.

The other suggestive hidden messages of course are that I suffer from paranoid schizophrenia which is not true except I have a family trying to create the hidden suggestive messages to create mental illness for control purposes.

Of course they will go through the hinting messages that I am a Hero, I am like batman, I have taken the law in my own hands, giving Shane this attitude like, My brother Kevin thinks he’s a hero and has taken the law in his own hands so we are going to make him mentally ill for his crimes.

Of course, knowing that this is just one of 1000’s of lies and scams which go from thing to thing, suggestive cowardly accusations from this to that. It is really just about creating mental illness and removing me from society and making it look justified.

Creating so much trauma and terror, then covering it up by saying I committed some crime is the ultimate goal.

I wrote this because Shane, and Sammie are 14 years old, and they don’t know what is going on because they are too young to realize that they are being used by my family for criminal activities.

And while I believe shane probably thinks his father is telling him that his brother is crazy and has done all these horrible things. Shane does not know any better that sick demented psychotics like my family will make up lies to manipulate people to do demented things for them.

Shane has his whole life ahead of him, yet, he has already learned from my own family, that it is ok to make people mentally ill you do not like or trust. This is the lessons my own family who claim they are good people and want me to have a normal life, have already taught him.

While my father preaches what a horrible person his mother is, I do not believe it As i’m watching my family teach Shane how to make people mentally ill. The things I’ve seen my family do to me since I was 10 years old claiming I’ve done something but won’t tell me what, and that I need to be rid of the world.

It is very sad for me to see. Their are points I want to tell him. “Don’t alwoays believe what you are told” but I know the family, and the brain washing. I know my families ability to con the world Just as Adolf Hitler did to his people.

It’s just very sad. and I hope Shane figures it all out before it’s too late and my family brings him down.

I’ve had several psychologists work on me with the Hero tactic with my family. And even knowing that the ethics of my psychologists, Like Karine Echigan, using my private information and watching her try to prove her Hero Theories is not only unethical, but she is taking random claims and trying to prove them which shows that Karine Echigan needs to have her therapy license taken away. Because therapists are to help people, and she, like my family uses it as a shield for corrupt activities to try to silence good people like me trying to speak out about whats going on.

Karine Echigan is not an ethical person who went from theory to theory with my family and this mass groups just trying to get anything possible to remove me from society since 10 years old.

But I can see their tactics, send someone after me, then claim I’ve somehow committed some crime and I think I’m a hero, because I found out something wasn’t right. And finding out something is wrong to someone who wants you dead is a crime.

Also today after lunch of course, shane comes out of the elevator then claiming with hinting messages that I am like Lorena Escobar which is interesting because first I’m a Hero, then I’m Lorena showing that he, like my family, just like to make people mentally ill they do not like or are different.

Once again, the Adolf Hitler in my family. I don’t trust you, you aren’t perfect, you are weak, you need to die.

And you really have to question the Moral, of a family who puts bullet holes in their cars, and runs cars off the roads, and pins it on their son or brother, doing endless setups such as this.

Ironically, out of all the 1000’s of lies my family with the police disseminated in a funded operation that probably took millions to smear my name, I am actually the only decent person in my family or amongst anyone I’ve ever been friends with. I seem to be the only one with good morals and ethics, which is odd that these sickos have all been working together for over 30 years to end my life.

for details on the bigger picture of this 30 year all day and night world  mental illness campaign started by my family working with the police, you can go to


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