Community Mobbing – 7/11/2014 – Terror campaign at Coffeebean, psychologists office, and home

Posted: July 12, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today, I left my house, and went to coffee bean for a couple of hours.

When I got there, of course there were 4 cars without plates. 3 togethor and one on the other side of the lot.

1 at same place they park them every day I go there.

P1080846 P1080852P1080856

Other day

P1080290 P1080280

Day before


Day Before that


As I am there, people started doing several of the terror tactics as each person walked by. From subtly shaking keys, singing, humming, whistling, which are some of the tactics.

I then go to my therapist and when I get there, notice nobuddy is parked in front or behind me. except a Nissan Sentra just pulls up while person waits in car.


After my appointment, there is a black Mercedes c250 in front of my car, and a black Lexus es350  behind me


And behind

P1080877 P1080875

while telling my therapist what is going on, she seems to be working on the “We are trying to make you hopeless tactic” hinting about being hopeless after never ending 30 year hunt, Which for some reason, after this today, Alexis Amore, a porn star with this group online was trying to force me into saying I love her for some reason.

Karine Echigan, a previous therapist who was trying to covertly  manipulate me into getting me to go to a strip club to see her recently, while she tells everyone I’m obsessed with her and won’t leave her alone for a setup.

Today watching people try to get a confession the I love her. Hence the hidden blackmailing suggestive Lexus’s they park in patterns.

I’m assuming by the setup of trying to get me so riled up and isolated and lonely and they say I love a girl with “Amore” in her name makes it look like I do things with peoples names and I have paranoid schitzofrenia. to make their lies took true and coverup what they are doing to make it look justified.

when I get home, I notice another person is waiting in a Lexus, and when I get there, they pull in their lot


Not only this, but behind my other car, there is also another Lexus is250, once again using more Lexus cars to try to create paranoid schizophrenia, or make it look like I suffer from schizophrenia by trying to get me to do things that makes it look like I hear voices and do things to make me look crazy and remove me from society.

P1090003 P1080972

Of course, also, 2 people pull up Pickups and park them on my street they usually park if I flirt with women or messages about picking up women to try to make me look crazy


and the usual grey civics


This is an ongoing all day and night world wide campaign to try to make it look like I’m crazy and remove me from society with every possible, setup, smear, psychological warfare tactic imaginable to try to figure out how to remove me from society. Sending endless suggestive messages to try to get me to do things, terror tactics in patterns, you name it.

For details on this endless 30 year campaign to remove me from society you can go to


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