Gang Stalking – 7/10/2014 – Metro neighbors park 2 grey civics together and 2 Chrysler 200’s across from each other to create mental illness

Posted: July 11, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today when I got home from work at about 5:00 pm, a lady was waiting by my gate playing some instrument. One of my families smears is that I’ve committed a crime by singing or listening to music which we all know is absurd but it is one of their tactics or justifications to try to end my life or remove me from society. So they have people walk by me sing and hummmm endlessly for their 30 year mental illness campaign.


Later at night, I notice the usual Honda civics parking their cars together.

P1080784 P1080780

Also, pulling out 2 Chrysler 200’s and parking them across from each other. One without a plate.

P1080790 P1080791 P1080793 P1080794 P1080796

This is an ongoing all day and night 30 year mental illness campaign to remove me from society and end my life started by my own family working with the police using every mental illness tactic possible claiming I’ve committed some crime which of course they will not say what it is.

For details you can go to

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