Gang Stalking – 7/10/2014 – Metro Neighbors with police try to blackmail me quiet about a girl they sent after me to try to remove me from society named Kelly Hatch that now need to cover up the police and government crime working with communities

Posted: July 10, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Tonight, when walking outside, I noticed that the Metro Neighbors working with the police and world wide communities to end my life have once again parked 2 jeep Cherokees outside my house because I know that they had this girl follow me from high school to collage in Oregon to try to end my life anyway possible in the grey areas of the law. My brother and his friends, Were running around singing weird songs in front of me when I was in High School. “Because her name is Kelly, kelly, kelly, kelly, K E L L Y”

I did not pick up on my brother setting the stage for a mass setup to try to figure out way to get me to go after her, which he could not until my mid 30’s. But this is just one of 1000’s of setups they were trying to get me involved in to remove me from society.

Kelly hatch drove a White Jeep Cherokee, and Coincidentally, the other person that was my friend and hunting me down, tom Farley drove a green Jeep Cherokee. So they park jeep Cherokees in front of my house to try to terrorize me quiet for finding out that they were hunting me because they don’t want the truth coming out about what they were doing as a cover up.

P1080621 P1080641 P1080643 P1080647

They have made of every lie and claim how I’ve done horrible things to this person which are blatent lies, just as claiming I didn’t hold my fork straight at dinner and it is a crime, trying to make things that don’t matter like like crimes by putting my life under a microscope, taking things that don’t matter, taking them out of context and disseminating them world wide on a funded operation probably costing millions, to end my life by riling the masses against me.

They know that I know what is really going on and have decided that ending my life makes more sense the the truth coming out that I have done absolutely nothing to anyone and have been the nicest person possible to everyone in my life.

But since it is a wold wide smear campaign with the motive to remove me from society, each detail of my life will be taken out of context, given to the world riling the masses while told I’m imagining it, to end my life.

This campaign was started by my own mother and family because I said “Fuck You” to my mother around 10 – 14, and she could not take it claiming I committed a crime devoting her entire life with the rest of my family trying to rid me of the world claiming I suffer from anger and rage.

Also, of course, parking 2 civics together

P1080441 P1080443 P1080444 P1080445

For details on this mass cover up with government, police, and world wide communities trying to remove me from society, claiming I’ve committed some imaginary crime and trying to blackmail or coerce me into any false confession possible to remove me from society you can go to

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