Community Mobbing – 7/22/2014 – Metro neighbors park 4 grey honda civics and 2 jeeps together to create mental illness with intent to kill

Posted: July 22, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Last week the Metro neighbors pulled out 2 jeeps and parked them together leaving them in front of where I walk out to send hidden messages about a girl they had follow me up to college stalking me, and once I found out they wanted to cover it up by a mass mental illness campaign. This is just one of many endless setups which the masses want me quiet or dead for knowing so these are some of their mental illness tactics to try to immobile me and keep me quiet. You can see in my endless posts of them using these tactics all day and night to create mental illness to end my life.

P1100693 P1100699 P1100982 P1100983

Also, they pulled out 4 grey honda civics as well and parked them togethor. between the 2 pairs of honda civics are some random cars but they got them as close as they could to get them in a sequence directed at me.

P1100984 P1100987 P1100989 P1100991 P1100992 P1100994 P1100998 P1110002

This is an all day and night 30 year mental illness campaign to end my life with the intent to either push me to suicide, or try to push me out of control to put me in jail or institutionalize me.

For details on this 30 year murder/terror campaign you can go to

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