Community Mobbing – 7/17/2014 – Home and work mental illness tactics to end my life

Posted: July 18, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today, leaving my house I noticed where the keep parking white pickups, and then people leaving and new people parking white pickups in the same spot there were more pickups. And as you can see, one left, another one parked around same spot

P1090881 P1100092 P1090879

When I get to the office, I notice there is a white pickup parked backwards with the same white shell that different people keep parking in the same spots

P1100027When I leave the office, on monday, last time I was there, a white Prius parked in front of my car

P1090100Today, they parked a grey one


When I go home, I notice that the Metro complex started working on their motorcycles in 2’s again. You never see a motorcycle on our streets but when you do, either in 2’s or 1 will park, then leave replaced by another in same spot


Around 7:00 pm, I take a walk, notice that Their is a white Lexus parked on my street, another man is just waiting in one. on the other intersection, which I didn’t take a picture their is another lexus with her blinkers on, and while walking a girl in a white lexus pulls up from the Metro complex asking me to flick a bee off her car door

P1100178 P1100176

These tactics have been going on since I was 10, trying to make me look hypersensitive or crazy to figure out how to remove me from society.  The goal is to try to push me out of control, to set me up to remove me from society, or to push me to suicide to remove me from society.

For details on this mass 30 year campaign started with my family working with the police, you can go to

  1. Steve erck says:

    Some of the license plates have doubles. Why is that? Is it a message?


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