Community mobbing – 7/16/2014 – Harassment at home, therapist, Best Buy, and Jersey Mikes with intent to kill

Posted: July 17, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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When I leave my house to go to my therapist, once again the Metro Neighbors parked 2 Honda civics, a grey one and a blue one


There was an impala without plates, which is a common tactic. This one isn’t as obvious, and most likely they were trying to hint about my friend paul who befriended me with ulterior motives to remove me from society trying to coerce me into false confessions to cover up their crimes a lot of times their mental illness tactics are more subtle so harder to prove


On my way to my therapists office, a man and women sat at the table I was the day before mimicking me putting their feet on chairs which is a common tactic


I went to see my therapist who was I think hinting that she thinks me having a camera is a crime. or pretending like people don’t like people with cameras as I stated when you go to universal studios everyone has a came, and then I believe she falsely agreed saying yes we all have cameras on our phones.

When I leave, we then go to best buy to buy something and as I walk in, the employee sees me and starts spinning keys which is a common tactic.

This location did not have what I was looking for so I went to another Best Buy which did not have it as well. I needed food and in the same shopping center so I went to Jersey Mikes.

First, the girl makes the sandwich says hey, hot hi, because of a girl heather that was stalking me with this groups and I said hey to her which they say is a crime punishable by death in the grey areas of the law, amongst all the other insignificant things, Then they start mimicking the “No Worries” and “Perfect” of course not normally saying it but saying it because they want to mimic me to create mental illness.

I tell the lady I am going to eat outside and she coughs twice, which they started doing when I was in my house and they were somehow getting the audio from inside my house. which this girl was trying to intimidate me quite.

When I’m outside eating, a security car drives up in a Golf Cart and gets off it, and starts spinning his keys just like the best buy employee at the other location.

He sees me take his picture as he gets back on his cart and drives away


Also, as I’m eating a Versa with no plates and a “Universal City” dealer plate parks there.

Not 100% sure but most likely because I mentioned to my shrink the universal comment which happened at the next coffee place I went too in chatsworth

When I get home, where the 2 blue civics were, are now 2 grey civics


Also, 2 white pickups where they’ve been exchanging one after the next


This is an all day and night world wide mental illness campaign that has been going on since I was 10 years old. My family working with the police and community in masses have gotten togethor to try to either push me out of control to try to figure out how to remove me from society, or push me to suicide.

For details, you can go to


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