Community Mobbing – 7/15/2014 – Harassed home, doctors, Coffee Bean and park with intent to create mental illness and kill

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today when I left my house, there was a man in black and blue just waiting around next to a black and blue moped parked in front of my car


When I go to my doctors appointment, of course their is a black Prius just like the 4 or 5 yesterday. When I come out, there is a car parked backwards as well.

Of course, I forgot to take the picture of the black Prius because as you can imagine this goes on all day and night world wide to end my life with systematic coordinated terror campaign  so you can only imagine.

When I get in the office, there is a man wearing the same clothing colors I wore the day before, Red shirt, and black pants, not only this. The secretaries are mimicking “No Worries” and “Perfect” from an appointment I had the day before at  a different place.

They call the man Anton, which is the same Name as the movie I watched the night before called “Addicted to Love” where they terrorize the man for dating her X’s, to use movie references to try to make me crazy or make it look like I’m crazy with the masses which has been going on since I was 10 years old.

I then stop off at Johnny Rockets to get some food where I’ve been harassed every time I’ve ever been their just like every one in the world.

Johnny Rockets

16901 Ventura Blvd
Encino, CA 91316

The employee plays nice at first like usual then when he brings the food out, he makes sure he brings out the Shake afterwards which he intentionally does backwards.

Not only this, but the night before,  I Bought pink and chocolate donuts, where the Donut place, the Hispanic man has notified all the restaurants to mimic what he says to me to create mental illness and last night I had several people on twitter, and the Indian restaurant all mimic the same things back saying “My Friend” to try to push me into a situation working with the police to remove me from society

So the Johnny Rockets employee Makes the chocolate banana shake and then in the leftover container puts in strawberry. The same donuts I ordered to create mental illness. Not only this, but a man in pink and black is waiting around, not sure if for the bus or pretending to be,

P1090550 P1090552

When he gives me the bill, he does not give me the Bill in the normal Bill case, he puts it in a desert menu to send more hidden messages

P1090561 P1090563

I then leave and go to Coffee Bean to get some fresh air, and some work done.  When I get there, their are 2 black Prius’s just like yesterday at Kushyu

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
18505 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356

P1090570 P1090567

When I go to sit down in the place I normally sit, they took 3 chairs and put them facing the street using the pattern of 3 tactics


When I sit down outside, a Black man walks by and whistles at me, and immediately after a girl in Green and Black pants walks by except yesterday at the park it was the girl in Green and Black who whistled, but still working very subtle terror campaign.


After this, a Girl in Black and Blue comes and sits down at the bus stop with an umbrella wearing black pants, blue top.


But at the same time next to me a girl wearing opposite black and blue. Pants are blue and top is black sits next to me waiting for her ride.


Then more people keep coming with umbrellas

CYMERA_20140715_184840 P1090579 P1090588 CYMERA_20140715_183748

After this, teams of people start coming in Black pants, and White shirts, as well as Red and black, which is a common tactic

Black and white

P1090573 CYMERA_20140715_192603 CYMERA_20140715_184920 CYMERA_20140715_185913 CYMERA_20140715_194040 CYMERA_20140715_174525 CYMERA_20140715_193202 CYMERA_20140715_175208 CYMERA_20140715_193835 CYMERA_20140715_174622 CYMERA_20140715_175133 CYMERA_20140715_181641 CYMERA_20140715_193325 CYMERA_20140715_193152


Red and Black

CYMERA_20140715_192934 CYMERA_20140715_184851 CYMERA_20140715_190401

Then a girl in black pants and purple shirt comes. A girl pretending to be homeless but this is the 3rd coffee location she has followed me to, after being nice enough to give her $20 claiming she had no money for her medication. But she is working with these mass groups playing victim and targeting me.

She walks by me combing her hair, and another man walks by a couple of minutes later combing his hair. She is in purple and black which was an older pattern, but it was just her this time. Most likely they will start having teams appear in the same Solid Purple top, and solid black pants.


When I go to my car and leave, their are even more black Prius’s, and the person who had a black truck moved it and parked it backwards by another truck where the original black Prius was.

More Prius’s

CYMERA_20140715_194614 CYMERA_20140715_194323

2 Trucks moved where prius was and black and white pattern


On my way home I pass by the park and once again, their are teams of people in the same color patterns as yesterday.

When I get home, in front of my gate is now a White Prius


also, to people pull up as I’m going in, One just waiting in an all black Porsche and one waiting in an all black SUV even the wheels. And a Metro neighbor also comes up the street in a all black pickup with black wheels but pulls it in their lot.

CYMERA_20140715_201228 CYMERA_20140715_201430

This is an ongoing all day and night world wide mental illness campaign to end my life any way possible, to either push me to suicide, or try to push me out of control to make it look like I am crazy and have the police arrest me for something.

While this is at at Starbucks in Tarzana, it is also done at Coffeebean and all other coffee shops world wide for simply trying to go in, relax and get some coffee or get things done, The same tactics done to me at each and every place worldwide

For details on this campaign started by my family working with the police to end my life, you can go to

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