Community Mobbing – 7/14/2014 – Golden State sports mendical, Kushyu, park and home mental illness tactics to end my life

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today I went to the office to work. In the morning,

for a couple of hours it was quiet but then my father was working some scam where he said he sent me an email with 2 attachments then they dissapeared.

Then, the office employees pulled out an old photo of my father working some angle while Scott in the back put read only perms on his files, then wanted me to grant access. I don’t know what their hidden message was nor did I car because I know they just want to make me mentally ill and end my life.

When we went to lunchthey parked a government white Prius in front of my car. Also, next to it, 2 pickups backwards which I don’t have pictures of, only the Prius


When we went to Kushyu for lunch, which normally Lorena Excobar tells the employees to harass me, I noticed their were 2 Black Prius’s next to each other and 2 Lexus’s the rest of the lot was empty.

P1090136 P1090138 P1090139

After we eat there are a lot more cars, Another Prius, and to cars next to each other backwards without plates. And a later just watching me trying to intimidate me

3rd Prius


2 pickups with women trying to intimidate  me

P1090147 P1090154

On the way back to the office, their is a park, where a man with a girl in ugg’s see’s me at the light and starts spinning his keys which I didn’t have time to get on video and is one of the terror tactics.  Also, 2 women in black pants and white shirts are walking using the black and white tactics


When I get back to office their is a lady waiting in her lexus parked backwards with the lights on, because their were the 2 lexus’s at the restaurant which makes it 3 Prius’s and 3 Lexus’s


When I get home later, on my street, they parked 2 white pickups together


Later I go to the park to get some fresh are. It is very quiet for about 20 minutes, then they figure out I am there and all come out. Maybe about a lot of them dressed in the specific color patterns as well as some women with umbrellas


P1090218 P1090290

Black And White

P1090446 P1090283 P1090346 P1090351 P1090388 P1090391

All Blacks

P1090442 P1090297 P1090299 P1090349 P1090418

And a lot of Green and Black and Camouflage

P1090392 P1090413 P1090472 P1090484 P1090489 P1090500 P1090375 P1090377 P1090386

And one girl saw me sitting in my car, and really wanted to provoke me so she started whistling which is one of the older tactics. upwards of 10 – 40 per day for years.

whis P1090412

and late at night I went to get donuts and a slurpee, a girl pulls up in an escalade with someone just watching which I then go behind her to get a picture


This is an all day and night world wide campaign to remove me from society working with the masses, and mass notification systems to create world wide mental illness groups to end my life. either by trying to push me out of control with the police to figure out ways to remove me from society, or push me to suicide. The police are heavily working with the communities and have been since I was 10 years old. For details on this mass terror campaign you can go to

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