Community Mobbing – 7/13/2014 – Metro Neighbors showing their true colors

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Most of the Metro neighbors clearly are murdering thugs.

They want what they want and they do not care about right or wrong. They are MAD at me for some reason they have kept secret, which really means, their is no reason but hate and rage, kind of like adolf hitler.

They cannot tell me one thing I’ve ever done, yet since the first day I moved in 14 years ago they’ve been hunting me down with the masses in a world wide campaign that started when I was about 10 years old.

a couple of years back when my life hung be a thread with endless torcher and torment, they did not care. At the point I had to force myself out of the house to try to walk around a park where I could barely do it, then had communities come out with endless mental illness tactic.

They run around babbling about things like littering, loitering, the homeless, etc, but they themselves are the lowest form of criminal thug trash that exists mobbing one man endlessly with covert mental illness tactics world wide.

And when it comes to something like someones life, mine. It’s not important. Not only are the hugely responsible for destroying my life, credibility reputation with mass lies, they’ve been hunting me with every possible mental illness tactic imaginable.

They run around with their righteous thugging trying to kill me because maybe I think a car is cool and take a picture of it. Or maybe the lady will throw her dog in front of my camera as I’m taking a picture of a tree or a rock or whatever, then notify their mass terror groups to thug me until I am dead, clearly knowing what they are doing with premeditated systematic murder campaign.

And then they get mad because you pass out cards saying and showing what is going on. and DECENT person would look at was going on and do everything to stop it. They would never even question the trivial things like, it might fall on the ground, or even question it.

Well, the METRO neighbors have showed their true colors with a statement saying “We don’t want you to have the first amendment, the freedom of speech, the freedom to protect yourself from people trying to hunt you down and kill you. Especially when we all know the world knows whats going on.

The only POSSIBLE reason someone would get mad for someone speaking out about being mobbed to death is because they want to immobilize them and keep them quiet so that they can kill them.

The metro neighbors are actually going around collecting my cards, and after they collect them, tear them up and throw them on my cars, basically saying “You are dead”


Because anyone who reads it and sees what is going on, would never think about someone trying to protect themselves from a mass murder campaign.

I’ve heard every EXCUSE how this is all my fault for speaking out because people won’t stop or tell me the REAL problem. They just try to collect dirt, then try to use it as LEVERAGE but will not tell me why they’ve been hunting me for 30 years.

If you go to my sites, their is absolutly no question at all that the masses are taken the time and energy to stalk me and have been for 30 years. So clearly whatever excuse they use is bullshit to try to gain leverage and tell me I am dead.

I’ve heard them try to tell me things like I’ve committed a crime and it is what it is, which means they are the ones committing a crime. And even if they believe I have committed a crime, creating a world wide campaign is a crime which means they are HYPOCRITES and they are not hunting me because they believe I’ve committed a crime but for their own AGENDA.

I asked 13 years ago what this was about when I found out something wasn’t right and I was told I was imagining it, basically meaning, they really don’t have anything I’ve ever one, it’s just a HATE CRIME, plain and simple.

We all know their is nothing I’ve ever done, and them collecting things that don’t matter really doesn’t make sense. Some of the cirmes these people accuse me of is not sitting perfectly straight, resting my feet on chairs, or asking women out.

So what they are saying is, I’ve committed a crime by those things, but killing me is ok, and I’m not allowed to tell anyone. This is just another attempt for a bunch of murderers to keep me quiet.

For details on this mass world wide 30 year campaign to rid me of the world you can go to

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