12/13/2016 – Woodland Oaks Neighbors throwing cat liter on my car to try to keep me quiet because they don’t want the truth coming out and more and more people are seeing what is going on

Posted: December 14, 2016 in Community Mobbing
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Greg Koneig, Neighbor in #2, heavily involved in contacting as many people world wide and trying to collect dirt on me to rile the masses against me in apt #2 at 21620 burbank, woodland hills.


Tonight when getting home, of course watching world wide groups all day and night try to end my life to keep me quiet about what I

found out was going on and their endless attempts all day and night to try to set me up or frame me to remove me from society since 10 years old.

When I got home I noticed that there is litter box remains thrown on my car, with a note that says “Marry Christmas”

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I also believe if I recall that my jaguar was parked close to Greg’s house, at the time of the slashings with his, You park, date, eat, go to wherever they say or they will kill me.

Also, Greg on coming on my property making a mess throwing turn up cards everywhere because they didn’t want me talking


It’s difficult to know which low life did this because I have a world wide campaign hunting me down since 10 yrs old trying to create mental illness, end my life and thug me quiet while then telling the world I am a horrible monster and making up endless lies about me to cover up the true motive to remove me from society since 10 years old with endless all day and night 24/7 paranoid schitzofrenia tactics, obsessional looping tactics, and any way shape or form to figure out ways to end my life. Weather it be to get me to kill myself or try to get a reaction from endless provoking to set me up to remove me from society.

But my guess is that my neighbor who was told to go after me with the police, government, and these world wide groups in apartment 2. Which is one of their tactics using or doing things in 2’s to send hidden messages or create mental illness who’s name is Greg Keonig, who is part of this campaign to do things like.

Tell me I am not allowed to park my car on the street, or tell me if I am allowed to take walks and things like this. By working with the community to mob me to death every time they say I did something they don’t like, Which is now a 35 year campaign. Telling me I am not allowed to date women, have relationships, have family, have friends, have hobbies, make money, you name it. By attacking me with world wide groups in everything I try to do since 10 years old.

Obviously, the bigger picture is to end my life and remove me from society. While Greg says I should move to China, where news is controlled.

Now I don’t know if this incident is from Greg Koenig, but I know this other one is which leads me to believe this one was him as well. And probably the car top and tire slashing were him as well. Especially finding out around 15 years ago he was going through my garbage and such.




Here is a video of him cramming things in my car which he has done for years every time I have to defend myself from his endless mass mobbings which they seem to make up lies that this is somehow my fault. But the truth is that it is a campaign since 10 yrs old to remove me from society and they will say and do whatever it takes to create world wide armies to end my life. Then try to turn it around on me.

Greg Keonig Also seem to be involved in the attempted Jen Hess and Julia sophia Reynoso setups of sending internet people after me and telling them to play victim while then telling the world I was somehow doing demented things to them. While this is just two examples in my life, this cry wolf tactic is given to every person that comes in my life since 10 years old and the lies SECRETLY given to the world so I cannot speak out and defend myself. 

And the more people I tell what is being done to my life, the angrier they get because they don’t want the truth about what is really going on. Which is very strange, showing how illegal and deep this government operation is.
Greg states that they will only leave me alone if I have to sign something confessing to what they want to hear so they can remove me from society. Or better yet, anything they can use, to try to remove me from society, to try to cover up their all day and night 35 year campaign with world wide support and try to make it look like it is my fault and I am a bad person to keep their psychological warfare, murder campaign going.

This seems to relate to him working with these mass groups and Mike Huntley slipping weird things into my adult website contract to sabotage me, smear my name to the world in his so called LAUNDRY LIST to clean me up while making up endless lies like this, and I supposedly tried to choke him. As these world wide secret lies, are endless and in the 1000’s to the world to rile the masses against me and end my life.


While this world wide terror operation has been going on all day and night since 10 yrs old, these people don’t seem this mass world wide witch hunt is wrong, Starting with my families endless childhood lies to cover up what they were doing working with the police and government.

For more details on this now 35 year world wide operation to end my life, smear my name with lies to cover it up, and end my life any way, shape form possible with every person and resource world wide known to man go to



Updated: 5 17 2017

Greg Konieg, My neighbor in #2 at 21620 burbank, woodland hills, ca everyone, hard at work. Earlier today, I told him he needs to stop. He then tried THREATENING me. Telling me I should not worry about anything but someone mad at me who is big and going to beat me up. Then doing this after. Trying to scare and thug me quiet like usual, while the COWARD, notifies masses all around the world to stalk me. While his COWARD ass sits at home being the pathetic pussy loser he is.Who can’t get along with others. So he goes after them hoping he can get a big penis.

Not only this, he asked me if my cigar was marijuna, I said it’s a cigar. He then asked me if I smoked weed. And I said. Hell yes, it’s Legal, although my family thinks it’s a crime.

After this, when the food deliver person at Crazy Tokyo came by, he started calling me BUD over and over. Showing that Greg is contacting everyone I know, and every place I go, on this mass world wide MURDER networks since 9 years old.

And you can see what he has been doing to my car, and then making up lame excuses that it is somehow my fault. Which we all know it is not. And they have been doing these things to me all day and night for 35 years. And it got really bad world wide, at 29 when I started telling the people around me, freaky things were being done to me, and I was HINTED to, that I had better not say anything, accept it, and DIE!

Greg Konieg everyone! in CONTACT with my own mother, and probably being PAID! to stalk me by them to “KEEP ME INLINE” with their idea of PERFECTION, or more importantly, dictate my life. Who I date, who I talk to, what I do for a living, the art I am allowed to create. Etc. But with the larger and bigger picture to just torture, inflict pain, and figure out ways to end my life.

He has also been in contact with Valley Auto Motive
Valley Motor Center – Main Facility
14954 Oxnard St.
Van Nuys, CA 91411

Who fixed my car after they had someone in Hollywood throw their car in front of me thinking they can somehow get the signs off my car. Then working with them to harass and try to thug me quiet.

They will do whatever it takes to avoid addressing what they are doing, and try to find reactions or lame reasons to justify their murder operations. But they however will not address the big picture and what is going on. Nor will they STOP. Showing I am not the problem. I am the victim and Target.

Psychotic Murders don’t address issues, they just  try kill you. Greg Koneig Everyone, trying to find dirt on me to justify their MURDER operations. and figure out ways to IMMOBILIZE me so they can EXTERMINATE ME.

More at
My World Wide Targeting info



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