Lady Stalker Posing as a homeless women

Posted: December 29, 2020 in Community Mobbing
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About 8 years ago I was at a Starbucks location by my house in woodland hills where they spend 10 years almost every day having 100’s of peopel mob and provoke me to death. Eventually having the Starbucks friend attack me, then in order for the employees to cover it up, wrote reports to the corporation saying I had attacked him. A common practice in this 30 year world wide campaign to remove me from society. As well as hiring black girls intentionally to endlessly provoke me and try to make it look like black people which my family and police have been working on that angle since I kissed a black girl in 4th grade or something and are ashamed of me because I like black women, so decided to smear my name. amongst 100’s of other things this location has been working on to rid me of the

The Lady


Notice the black and purple which she started wearing at the encino location, then told teams of people to come in teams doing the same to create mental illness. Also as she walks by me she keep combing her hair as she has a man a minute later walk by and do the same trying to provoke me into a reaction to sue or put me in jail.

Since I am generally a nice person, a lady came up to me targeting me and told me she needed $20 and she had no money for her medication. I felt bad, although extremely skeptical, I gave her the $20 either way and figured, since I believe in Karma, if she is lying, nature will figure out it’s balance. And not the people who have been hunting me’s version of Karma.

Needless to say, this lady posing as a homeless person was targeting me and has followed me to 3 coffee shops.

The first location where I gace her money

5422 Topanga Canyon Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

After this Starbucks tried to blackmailing me into signing paperwork they would not show me. Years later I found out it said I had attacked a man, which they turned around on me and he had attacked me and was the employees friend, they didn’t want me there and tried to trick me into signing this paperwork agreeing that I had done this and refused to show me it telling me if I don’t sign it, I have to leave. So I left and went to another location in Enino

16461 Ventura Blvd
Encino, CA 91436

She then proceeded to follow me here befriending me and working on trying to get any confession possible, which I would assume she wants to sue me because I was nice enough to give her money and predators usually pray on the nice and weak to scam what they want. And clearly, her working with this mass group saw opertunity by trying to troll me into situations to sue.

She is not working alone, but with these large groups that have been targeting me trying to continually and endlessly terrorize me to push me into a sitatuation where she can take my money.

Eventually after maybe 3 years of continual terror attacks, I’m guessing again about 100 per day in encino, once they found out that I knew what was going on, they asked me to leave this location as well. So I sat out on a bench in the shopping center because I liked the location and I knew this would happen everywhere world wide. At one point I found out they were working with a police officer who went by a fake name Officer Toro hinting about a person I knew in college, who told me “If I ever take a picture of a person, he will exercise the law in his own way” because he did not want any proof of this mass world wide mobbing.

This same lady would endlessly try to get me to come inside Starbucks because they told me they did not want me in there, and she wanted to set me up. She tried and tried, and so did the employees and people working with her. But it did not work.

Just recently, I ended up going to Coffeebean in Tarzana

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
18505 Ventura Blvd
Tarzana, CA 91356

And I noticed her showing up working the same old angles. As you can see in her other posts. It is clear what this women wants is someone to sue because she doesn’t want to work for a living. She’s exerted endless energy and never stops, from having black people harass me, to trying to make it look like I’m violent, you name it.

What is strange is that she is not working alone, and this mass group who has been working on me world wide since 10 years old are all helping her. From the Metro complex across from my house, to the people who come out and attack me at the park. You name it.

For all I know it’s not about the money, but it appears that way to help remove me from society, but a crime is a crime, and trying to set someone up, kill them or remove them from society, or provoke them into a station with a conspiracy is a crime any way you look at it and these groups have been working on me my whole life.

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