3/26/2014 – Officer Jenson working with My Brothers BBQ and Judge Shellie Samuels, and my therapist Karine Echigan to try to set me up remove me from society to keep me quiet about their 30 year targeting

Posted: December 29, 2020 in Community Mobbing
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Today I went to court on what was called a progress hearing in regards to an incident that happened at the restuarant My Brothers BBQ.

I was harassed and provoked endlessly in a 30 year campaign with my brothers BBQ until the point I had to protest about the continual lies and 30 year terror campaign to remove me from society since early childhood.

I was harassed and provoked by officer Jenson until I asked for his Badge number because of his actions, he decided to write me a misdemeanor ticket for sitting on the sidewalk because he was not successful with setting me up.

When I went to court, the first arraignment was ple

aded to an infraction because they knew they could not set me up and had nothing on me. The next court date, the court MAGICALLY lost the paperwork and the arraignment had to be redone while they knew I was going to plead not guilty.

After that, Each time I plead not guilty, I’m guessing 3 or 4 times, they kept setting a new date, and in between writing up false allegation after allegation to keep me quiet. Not only were there false accusations but they were the things that were being done to me by the employees

At this point, I realized, they were not going to stop piling on fabricated accounts and they said they would have an officer help me put a stop to their crimes. I took the deal regretting it, but I figured maybe they would stop what they were doing even though that does not right the wrong they did.

Of course, this officer did absolutely nothing but harass me to get rid of me and they did not hold up their end of the bargain.

But the plot thickens, in the initial court session my attorney found out I was seeing a therapist and they spoke, and decided to try to collect anything possible to not only use against me to give to the public, but also find any dirt possible as my therapist Karine Echigan was working with my judge to get anything possible to keep me quiet about this mass 30 year campaign to end my life started by my family and the police.

Karine Echigan, Johnathan Franklin, Officer Jenson, and Judge Shellie Samuels are are not only guilty of keeping a 30 year targeting to kill a man going, but also trying to blackmail me quiet about ti.

The judge ends up telling my attorney to tell me that under this years time for the plea, I have to go see a therapist for that year. Which is not in any documentation or sentencing  sheet, and i don’t think it’s even constitutional to do so. But I do it anyway to honer the agreement.

At this 6 month hearing, in front of the judge, first she does not even know why we are there because it’s not standard. once you take a plea, if nothing happens for a year it’s taken off the record. But my attorney and the judge want to scare me quiet about the mass targeting,

So the only reason I was in court was for the judge to try to blackmail me quiet. She proceeds to tell me that I have committed a crime. But of course, I’ve been hearing the same thing for 30 years, I have committed some crime, I need to be killed because of it. Yet, not one person when asked what this crime is, that is so horrible a 10 year old can do is, I’m told I’m crazy and imagining it.

In this instance it was said directly in court

(show transcripts)

Not only this, the judge then proceeds to tell me, I have to go to therapy my entire life, which is unconstitutional especially since they’ve been trying to get dirt to keep me quiet about the targeting and give lies to the public to mob me to death is I speak out.

I tell here, I don’t know anywhere where it says I have no civil rights.

the Judge Shellie Samuels flat out says “You have no civil rights”

This shows what is going on exactly what it is. At a young age my family and the police decided they were going to kill me or remove me from society. So they hunted me always using the excuse, I’ve committed a crime. But of course, nothing specific and no actual crime. It’s just what they say to justify their crimes to hunt me down.

Why? I do not know. I spent my life being kind, generous, friendly, open, etc with everyone in my life.  I have no clue why my own brother and mother have spend every waking minute since I was 10 trying to set me up and hunt me down.

But with my website which shows less then 1% of this mass murder campaign all day and night to end my life and her flat out direct statements with video of police thugging and harassments, as well as everything being sone, it is clear, they are riling up the masses world wide to end my life or remove me from society.

Shelly Samuels probably thought this was the point I’d stay quiet about their 30 year murder campaign to end my life or remove me from society sending every person imagineable after me for the last 30 years, but it will not.

It just proves beyond any doubt what is going on. Like she said “I have no civil rights” I am the victom. No matter how nice I am to people I will be hunted because they want me dead for knowing what I know. That just like adolf hitler did, they hunted me down since childhood out of whatever reason, fear, or whatever.

The truth is, it does not matter why, it just matter that these people like Karine Echigan an unethical therapist, Jonathon Franklin, an unethical attorney, Judge Shellie Samuels an unethical Judge will do anything as they think they are above the law to kill someone or coverup crimes for personal gain disregarding the law.

These people should be fired immediately and never work again. they should also go to jail for hunting someone for 30 years violating every law imaginable with a never ending terror and torcher campaign using every psychological terror tactic imaginable to end someone life or remove them from society.

The only person that committed the crime, is them, and all the people involved in trying to rid me of the world. Even if I did commit a crime, which I did not, I would be protected by the constitution and their is no excuse as to what theyve done to my life and the damages involved.

For details on my targeting go to


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