After the original Paperwork was magically displaced and we went back to anarraignment whichwas already decided it was a infraction for sitting on the sidewalk, the court, judges, prosectuters, and corrupt police did everything in their power to keep me quiet about this 40 year crime to end my life for no reason or justification. not that it would be legal anyways.

In the court room, everyone there from the bailiff to the judge and prosecutors were working every covert angle to covertly get an outrage in the court to make me look crazy.

As I’m waiting to go in, a person sits down next to me and starts whistling to intimidate me.

The prosecutor says their more to the case, which in reality is a dirt digging scam to get anything possible to shut me up about the horrendous crimes that have been inflicted on me which is a mass coverup as the world knows to keep me silant about what has been done to me and my life.

two weeks prior I get calls from the police trying to intimidate me quiet so I’d plea guilty.

During the judge taking a brake, the bailiff starts whistling at me as well to provoke me into a fight to figure out ways to get rid of me.

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