Community Mobbing – 5/7/2014 – Neighbors in the neighborhood and park all come out wearing Black and blue, All Black, and Black and white

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today on the way home from work, I decided to stop at the park and get some fresh air because it’s hard to get out when you have a world wide campaign in secret hunting you down, then making up lies to smear your name and make their actions look justified. Especially when it is world wide and you are told you are imagining it so sick demented psychotics can try to control you since 1o years old with claims that you are somehow out of control because you have drive, motivation and passion.

When I left my house in the morning I was wearing black pants and a blue shirt.

I sat down at a table and tried to relax and mess with my phone or just get a glimpse of my surroundings. But of course, like usual, the communities were being notified of what I was wearing and my location in mass world wide neighborhood watch groups using technology to stalk and terrorize with their false allegations that have to be in secret because they know they are lies and don’t want the truth coming out.

Today it was busy at the park. They do this, not because these people want to be healthy and walk, but because they know once I am on to them, they need to cover it up by having the masses do it and say. Look, your crazy, this is how it is and what people wear, etc. Your just too sensitive. And if the masses are doing it, and you say, “It’s directed at me” they will say, “Your crazy” which is exactly their MOTIVE since I was 10 years old.

After sitting down at the bench, a person in the same exact colors sits down behind me at another bench.

P1020024 P1020072

Not only this, another person sits at the bench in front of me in solid black pants, and solid blue shirt.


As I sit watching people walk around the park, a huge majority were wearing, YES! Solid black pants and solid blue shirts. I took 22 pictures, but I’m sure there were a lot more as I was only their for maybe 40 minutes.

P1020168 P1020169 P1020171 P1020173 P1020176 P1020198 P1010973 P1010984 P1020022 P1020026 P1020030 P1020049 P1020081 P1020083 P1020090 P1020105 P1020110 P1020113 P1020121 P1020133 P1020137 P1020163

After about 20 minutes of sitting there, I noticed most of the black and blue people in clothing had left, but all of a sudden, people started coming out in reverse colors. Blue pants, with black shirts.

P1020039 P1020046 P1020048

this is a common tactic that is going on. Hidden messages like it’s over, were the opposite, etc But really it is just people sending hidden messages to create mental illness to stalk and kill which has been going on since I was 10 years old started with my own mother and brother with her psychology degree in attempts to CONTROL her supposedly out of control son which had done absolutely nothing, but be like every other kid, minus my passions like building cars, etc. Harmless things that any rational parent would be proud of.

After this, people started coming out in Solid Black, which is a common tactic they had cities doing prior. At one point I’d get 100 pictures every 20 minutes at 1 Starbucks location in Encino which was trying to end my life with the masses.

P1020120 P1020115 P1020092 P1020045 P1020025

and of course, people coming out in black pants, and white shirts.

P1020111 P1020087 P1020063

After this I went to a Starbucks and of course a car pulls up, guy gets out in all black, and girl in black and blue.


I know what your saying. You looking at everyone, etc. Your waiting for it, etc. But I’m not. These tactics are all day and night and never ending with the masses.

Most people don’t wear colors like this, and if I were to go somewhere else unkown, which I have, people are completley different in what they wear or say or do, etc. It’s not until they start notifying the masses where I am to hunt me down and try to end my life for whatever my mother and brother accuse me of since I was 10 years old. Which is probably nothing but, We don’t like you and will kill you in the grey areas of the law.

This is why at the age of 14 my brother started telling me things like he had bug taps in my room listening to me on the radio and bragging how he and his friends made a teacher go to a mental institution, because I cam from a family of paranoid psychotics and that is basically it.

And just a reminder from a past post where Fox News Brought out about 10 News copters and had employees on the ground doing the same things and the ones who spoke to me were trying to intimidate me while then talking on the CB’s to the people in the helicopters instead of doing what was right which is using the media to tell the truth and let the common man being hunted by the masses speak out

For details on this world wide murder/terror campaign to either remove me from society or push me to suicide, go to:

    • twig says:

      For a year and a half i have been mobbed by people from a small town in alaska and any where i go in alaska i get mobbed by these same people or their friends.I have lived in alaska for almost fourty years and it wasnt until the last 14 years that these things started happening either to my family or my friends or to me what is happening?


    • I can’t tell you what is happening, but if it’s anything like my campaign it could be police targeting like mine. using the people against you and smearing your name. I don’t want to give you any ideas, because I don’t know. I just know my situation and that there are several Gang Stalking Targets out there


  1. Elise says:

    the ugly witch, (putting it nicely) in the light blue floral stretch pants, And PUIG 66, Are One of the Many Fat, Out Of Shape, Ugly Losers, In ALL Of These Pictures! (too much fast food, you Ugly Fatty Losers, PUIG 66, And The Ugly Fat Witch, in the light blue floral stretch pants?) moo! by the way: ANY Of You Fat Ugly gangstalkers, Bothering This Poor Guy, KNOW My Cyber Abuser, Producer Lindsay Show Troll, That MIGHT Of Known Me In Seattle, Washington, Many Years Ago, You Ugly, Disgusting Loser Trolls? (and YOU ARE Disgusting And Ugly Trolls Too, Losers!) I’d Like To GIT Into YOUR Uselessly Brain Washed Heads, But There’s Probably Nothing Of ANY Use In YOUR Empty, Rotted, Useless, Brain Washed, Ugly Fat Heads, You Pathetic Losers! Leave The Poor Guy ALONE, If YOU Haven’t Already Killed Him, You Fat Ugly Pathetic Losers……..


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