Community Mobbing – 5/8/2014 – Metro Neighbors using 2 mazda’s parked next to each other to create mental illness

Posted: May 9, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Just like all my other posts, The Metro neighbors today pulled out two mazda’ and parked them next too each other. One black and one white. These are common tactics as you can see the pickups over and over in black and white as well as in patterns.

P1020319 P1020321 P1020323

When I got home from work and parked my car, they were there, but not only this. within minutes after I parked my car and got out, a girl comes out of the Metro complex dressed in black and white and walks by me most likely do the usual all day and night passive aggressive provoking to figure out ways to set me up, make me look crazy and remove me from society.


The next morning when going to my car, another neighbor pulled out a 3rd mazda and parked it in front of my car


And of course another blue one a couple of cars behind me. This one wasn’t strategically placed, or I should say they had a problem finding a spot that was better for creating hidden messages.


These tactics have been going on since I was 10 years old with the clear and obvious intent to use the system against me to torcher, terrorize, smear my name to cover it up and try to either push me out of control to remove me from society, or push me to suicide to remove me from society that way.

This is a 30 year terror/torcher campaign to remove me from society any way possible and cover it up by smearing my name any way possible.


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