Places and people who have threatened me for just having a camera

Posted: January 3, 2021 in Community Mobbing
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I’ve been to endless places where I have been hunted harassed and threatened because I have a camera on me. Where normally. No buddy would remotely care. Especially with someone they don’t even know or are not friends with.

The reason these people have such a problem is simple. They are involved in one of the largest crimes in the history known to man. Riling a world wide campaign to kill one man with all day and night psychological torture tactics since I was 10 years old. Some days as many as 10,000 harassment’s per day.

The reason they don’t want me with any photo equipment is they don’t want proof of such a horrendous crime they have to keep covered up. Of course, I got into photography to create art, but when billions of people are trying to kill you for trying to have a life, of course your going to do anything to stop them. And they know this and want to end my life refusing to take responsibility for their 30 year all day and night actions.

At first, they will all say “You have a nice camera” then they will proceed by saying stupid things to try to get diss information. Then they will threaten me. But I know by now, it doesn’t matter what I say, because no matter how much sense I make, they will spin it and threaten me, basically telling me that it is not about fact or what is or isn’t. It is about a hidden agenda to dictate my life. While this is one example, this happens with each detail of my life. From my hobbies, jobs, who I date, you name it.

And while if we look at any other persons life, this does not happen, unless you are in a concentration camp. In other wards. My haters are like Adolf Hitler. But since it is a world wide united campaign, it is really about brain washing someone while trying to remove me from society since 10 years old due to my families endless hate and rage working with the police and social workers with some delusion they accuse me of around the age of 10 years old.

Cupids Hot dogs

– starts selling me raw hot dogs and telling me that is how it is, because he didn’t like hearing that I don’t care what he thinks about me being into photography


– Bus boy harassing me because I have a camera

Dans Super Subs

– Herman and other person

Rite Aid

-Blonde employee

Coffee bean employees – Tarzana

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