Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know

Posted: March 1, 2018 in Community Mobbing
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This Blog is still being written but it is vast and I think it is extremely important the information gets to the world ASAP.  This will be a very long detailed blog with lots of fragmented thoughts from this company, my family, and aspects of my life which apply to the endless terror operations. I am first going to just spit out my thoughts, and then clean it up later. So bare with me.

Also, it should be noted that I have been arrested multiple times, in order to thug me quiet with all sorts of false allegations. But not only this, I have been attacked, and assault and battered y multiple people. Police attack dogs given to citizens to have attack me as well in order to try to keep me quiet. And lawyers worldwide contacted with Detective Angela Stewart and Officer Sean Dinse to stop me from getting help. Because they don’t want the world knowing anything truthful. With Sean Dinse trying to make website as leverage to say I am a violent paranoid schizophrenic to try to lock me away in mental institutions. My brothers original threat to me at around 14 that he and his friends were going to put me in a mental institution after stopping him from bashing my friend Greg Waugh;s head in with a crow bar.

LAPD and Officer Sean Dinse, working on their mental illness tactics to try to make me look crazy, then wanting a psych evaluation, which is really an ANGLE to remove me from society to cover up their endless crime spree against me –

Illegal Arrest for distribution on Vehicles –

LAPD setup attempts and Arrests case re-opened for more intimidation –

So you can check back as it updates. The spelling and grammer will be corrected when done, but their is a lot in my mind that needs to get out. And I feel it gets to the world. Sorry for that.

Also, Read about Aubry Fisher, and Traci Anna Koval, some of the people involved in destroying my name and reputation in the Photography industry and Entertainment Industry

Aubrey Fisher

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Traci Anna Koval

Up until the Age 29 I was out living my life, not knowing what was going on and being done to me trying to do the things that normal people do. Be social, make friends, Relationships provided people weren’t being approached and told endless lies about me to stop me from having them. Possibly a family is met the right one and it worked out. Went to College to get a education and degree.

Lots of learning, Studying, Pursueing my passions and future. Always about how to make money, and how to achieve me accomplishments so I could say I did something with my life, was proud of myself for pushing past the struggle.

Especially someone like me with some learning disabilites. And push past that, and make things work out, while giving back to the people who I thought, were there for me, as well as providing ways for people to make money with me, instead of being greedy about it. While I admit, some of my endevears of but on a large scale later on in life. That does not mean your some kind of mean controlling tyrant like my family, friends, and mass groups are trying to paint me to be to the world.

What you need to understand that before 29 years old. My thought process was completely different. And the same as most people. It wasn’t until over 16 years of all day and night world wide torture that my thought processes shifted from watchign me being hunted for extermination and took years for these mass world wide groups to change inflicting every mental illness tactic known to man. And me needing to udnerstand what was going on which no one will address. And watching these things being done to you all day and night over and over changes the way you think. Their is no medication for world wide psychological extermination campaigns like this. Because no matter what you take. You know it’s going on, and they never stop. You may seem paranoid. But you are actually not, because you know and have proved what is going on to the point you even know what is going to happen from their patterns of terror, before it happens. Because they are consistant in their anger and rage. and all working togethor.

While I was just some random person trying to get his feet off the ground and make something happen for himself.  I never had that oppertunity and everything, I tried to do in life was sabotaged starting at the age 9 before I could accomplish anything in life on any level.

For me, after college it was about business ventures and new and creative ideas to achieve this. Like most capitistic people who want to do something and need to figure it all out.

Also, while people run around trying to make me look like I am some super powreful billionaire, or better yet, try to make me look crazy and a narcisist saying it. I have always been fairly quiet. Kept what I thought were some good friends around me. And liked to be fairly social. But never the life of the party type. And while gossip, or talking behind someones back in my cicles could only go to a few people. In other words. I didn’t spend 30 year going from elaborate parties filled with government officials, and famous actors. I have always had a simple quiet life with a few people I thought were my friends. Which brings out serious questons like, how am I probably ten times more known the the president of the united states, and why? And it isn’t because I’ve ever really done anything wrong, different then anyone else in life. I am not going to say I am perfect. But I can’t imagine remotly anything close I’ve done in life to start what is going on. And I can name off everyone I’ve ever known was a lot worse then me. Basically taking stating. You are not allowed to be human. You better be a perfect robot.

Along with a few smaller jobs like an Animation company in Thousand Oaks, and Interning at Modern Video Film trying to figure it all out.

While my growing up I achieved a good amount on my own such as learning how to rebuild engines at the age 16 by myself from books and things like this. It was all being sabotaged showing the more I thrived, the angrier the people around me got to stop me from having a life.

While people will play mind games with me trying to make me look like a Narcisist, think I am some superimportant person to make me look crazy, and tell the world every lie known to man about me. Then telling me I am imaging it, their claims that things like I think I am the president and crazy are just dissinformation given to the world to try to have me running around looking like a crazy delusional. But the act of telling these lies to the world does not make me important. It does however make me known world wide. And what I know that has been done to me and my life, especially with police and government involvement. Does have importance in regards to who is next in line for this type of targeting and demented things that go on. Just as Edward Snowden proved to the world about all of our insecurities. And for that, he is an enemy of the State.

While I am not a government employee, never have been. I am not bound by the same laws, however what I know about what has been done to my life explains the amount of time, and energy being exerted to keep me sick, quiet, and trying to censor anything I say about it.

So Little did I know what was going on, and being done to me before 29

About 16 years ago, I was 29 years old,  after Mike Huntley, Originally my brothers friend who was involved in hunting me for over 25 years with my brother and all his other friends to remove me from society, which I had no clue was going on. as he roke from who he was pretending to be, and showing who he really is and is involved in after contacting me in Colorado to start a company with him, and finding out the only reason he wanted to start a company with him was to try to get me closer to him to try to set me up or frame me any way possible to give lies to the world with clear and obvious intent to create a world wide mobbings to kill me and or remove me from society in such ways as it looks like I couldn’t take it any more. And say I either snapped and would try to hurt myself or someone else, or try to get a reaction working with the police to arrest me and lock me away or in a mental institution. Making claims, I am angry, Full of rage, Violent, He was going to derail me before something happened with his hidden messages to me.

Which ironically was some of the things my brother told me around the age of 14. He and his friends made one of their teachers mentally ill, and put them in a mental instition. Then started in on me telling me they had a bug in my room and were listening to everything I did. To try to create paranoid schizophrenia.

While I didn’t really understand that, he, working with mass groups, and my family growing world wide was actually happening and their motives. I just thought he was being weird and playing his tough guy routine. I could never imagine that his childhood terror and bullying actually had motive behind it. As I just figured. It’s just some kid who is a kid, and does these things and is normally a common family situation. Kids fighting his not really that strange.

Little did I know as Mike’s composure broke after me falling into a paranoid state not understanding what was happening. And noticing all the freaky things that were going on around me, and had been going on my entire life that I was not sure of or could believe. And being done too me were starting to come to light. Like weird reactions from strippers, like from this one Bentley “You will get yours” and noticing that the people in my life were not my friends but trying to set me up and frame me, over and over endlessly since you childhood. Or things like Tim Thompson pretending his X Girlfriend got cancer and died (Hinting about Jen Hess). Then me taking him a while later to strip clubs to cheer him up. While him then notifying the masses that I am trying to get laid is why I took him, and not a friendly gesture. As well as him having Porn Box covers in our office, pretending to work for Hot Body International, with of course Alexis Amore box covers on on top of the stack for me to see. And that is for another blog about those situations with Rodie Morales, and Brian Longbotham, Val Morozav, Tom Farley, Eric Christianson strip club frame jobs.

Tim Thompson in our office, which I was kind enough to give free space, also regurgitating my Instant Messager conversations to a girl in Arizona Named Christina Stalkinsky also part of these operations. And also Tim Thompson saying to me. “Well your building adult websites aren’t you” in a stearn, you screwed up, kind of voice, Showing that the person who kept telling me we whould build adult websites, and pretending to work for Hot Body International, not only magically didn’t want to take part on the projects he said he wanted to do with me as I initiated doing them and taking charge. But also he was mad at me after I was doing it. Showing that he was trying to set me up. Except the problem is. Building adult websites is not ILLEGAL Now maybe my father doesn’t approve of it. And when I tell me. He goes for the Jugular saying. “Well maybe you will get laid” trying to make it look like fraudulant operations. Which he and Lorena are so good at. Especially seeing what Lorena, Tom Farley, Rodie, and having Aubrey Fisher befriend me and spread lies to the masses. Especially with their Model Mayhem involvement, on mass social network mobbings. on that site of millions alone. Mike Huntley putting freaky things in my contracts for adult websites like he did for one Stripper named Venice, who was setting me up anyways with them.My putting my hands softly on Mike Huntley’s neck joking around with someone I’ve known for 25 years in that context. And him telling the world I tried to stangle him in rage. You know those half truths again to rile the world wide masses against you. Those are a few things. Now you might say that I have associated with some shady or unkosher poeople. Even shaking his hand he managed to turn into something to give the world if you want to understand who this psychotic is. And I would agree to some point. But what is going on here is way beyond what the adult industry or even the world of mobsters probably sees. And there are all funded white collar cirmes way beyond anything imagineable. And then like usual. I am playing Games with these peoples lives because you know. Mike Huntley contacting me in College, having me drop my life for him. Starting a company with him. My taking my own personal money when the business would not sustain and giving it to make so he could stay around. Shows that I am playing games with his life right? or maybe he will say I am made of money and playing games with him even though I make close to nothing and have never had money. the FACTS, just don’t add up once the target is allowed to speak. But in my situation since 9, it’s always been about attacking my credibility, isolate, and destroy, then rid of the world. With mass world wide information dissemination tools. Everything in one sided and obviously designed that way from the start. And mike and this mass group will try to cover it up as, I snapped, I’m crazy, Violant angry rage, can’t be trusted, and need to be removed from society. But that is the opposite from the truth of his Anger, Rage, Violance, And investing his entire life with these other people kill me in covert mental illness and terror tactics since 9 years old.

And at one point, At lunch with my father, Lorena Escobar says “Who’s doing this too you” while taking part in their world wide extermination campaign. As if someone is making her do these things to me, and she is not in control of her own actions. Because it does not matter who started it. She is Aiding and abetting in a murder campaign. And they are all told to take part and say the same types of things. Showing it is an organized conspiracy.

But when someone in such a freaky unheard of situation with world wide support your entire life starts coming to light. Unlike a movie. Your reactions aren’t instant. You don’t just go from day one of living a normal life at 29, to the next day, going. Oh, I know everything about everything. It took me years to realize and understand what they were, are and have been doing for over 35 years now. While being endlessly attacked upwards of 100,000 attacks per day to simply try to mentally batter me quiet and rid me of the world.


Mikes reaction, and coincidentally, Mike Huntley, my middle name being Michael, and HUNTLEY ironically from a man hunting me down for over 25 years. Is most likely not a coincidence due to the fact that these paranoiad schitzo, obessional looping tactics, and every other psychological warfare tactics has been used on me all day and night since around 9 years old.

Mike Broke from a normal, I’m your friend and business partner state to: At first it was “Your Ok” like he was checking me out for some kind of mental profiling, then it was after they didn’t get some kind of confession or something.

Quoting lines from Crocodile Dundee. When I asked what is going on.

“Nah – – back there, if you got a problem, you tell Wally. And he tells everyone in town… brings it out in the open”

“We are using the system against you”

“Have a good life now”

It’s Your Behavior

as he was singing “World of paranoia”, and dropping papers about Korea using mental illness tactics to control people.

Then telling me “You had better live a careful life”

Saying that I am Careless, especially when talking about imperfection or his frame jobs. Example to these people. Being friends with somone who is married is somehow a crime when that is a situation everyone is in, in this world. Not only that, Careless is not a crime, so his arguments don’t make sense in regards to what he is invovled in.

He at this point told me I had better go speak to my father. Oh course me not having a clue, not realizing my father wanted some kind of confession like usual. Now knowing, anything possible he can use to give to the world to remove me from society.

Around this time, of me wondering what was going on, things coming to light, me falling into a paranoid state Mike like usual would invite me over before I am sure accusations I am trying to steal his wife Tracy away from him and such. And he would show me movies. Around the Time I told Mila, a stripper I liked her. Off the top of my head.

One was “The Game”

Image result for the game douglas

Another was

Image result for Don't Say a Word

A girl is being watched, Servailnced, and is being psychologically tortured and blackmailed. Kind of like my situation. And the endless all day and night things being done to me with mass groups world wide.

Other things that were going on, while in our office, is the Bob Sandler and Mike Huntley wanted to play World of Warcraft, In the office all day, and I said that, we need to be working, not playing games.

Image result for world of warcraft

Little did I know, that they were trying to send me messages about playing games with people lives.

Also, I can recall a point when sitting in our office, and Bob Sandler saying to me. That he does not like Paul Humphry, he annoys him, and we need to cancel his hosting account. And of course I told Bob, that it does not matter that Paul annoys him, he is a paying account. But of course, like usual, when giving out these endless lies to the world. Things like who I am and my actions, are always left out.

And even when Elsie Sandoval, and Golden State started hinting about playing games. I told her Mike Huntley in our office was the person who played games. Told her that all they did was want to Play World of Warcraft. And that is when Elsie Sandoval,


working with the Police, and Starbucks, told them that I had hit her. The same Claim a person that they are involved in sending after me named Jen Hess was involved in. Saying I hit her in the face with a mask on. After trying to get a gun confession which seems to be about my father putting the bullet in his merceedes and telling the world. While Ironically, Jen is the same name as Jen Yang, my brothers girlfriend in High School, he is telling the world I tried to steal. And his Wife, Jen Pilcheck. Who claims I moved into the same place as hers in Colorado which they were working with my X roomates who sent some people after me with them, and then supposedly moved into her old place. But of course, they then say it’s me.

Another thing they were working on with Jen Hess is that while not only was she trying to lock me in on some scam saying she was pregnant with my baby, and telling everyone else I would not leave her alone. I also found out she was Married, and at that point they started blasting that I was a trying to steal his wife. But yet once again. How does the world havev this information? and why isn’t any of it communicated directly so that I can address the situations, like these other 1000’s and 1000’s of accusations to the world I am supposedly imagining.

After my brother sending a person named Jason Baum after me to try to scare me into a gun confession. Obviously linked back to my fathers Mercedes.

Showing that this whole operation was designed in such a way to create mental anguish, and psychological torture while telling me I am imagining it and crazy. This was all well thought out from childhood from people with psychology degrees.

At this point, a black person in the Rite Aid, next door to the Encino Starbucks who all were working on me, and a black person hit me. And when I called the police, they were mad at me trying to get a  confession, and even knew about it before it happened or at least. Knew exactly what was going on before I told them. Hence afterwards,

A police office who walked up to me freely giving his name Officer Toro, which clearly was not his name telling me if I ever take a picture of someone he will exercise the law in his own way. Showing that these were all tugging to keep me quiet about what I was finding out. That lnked from college to college, and starting at 9 years old.

And of course, a lot of this seems to come from a Simple art project, for an Art class with this picture which is insignificant to anything at all. And while I have a world wide campaign to rid me of the world for just this one simple private college project by a professor and Jim Johnson, which this goes much deeper. It’s nothing anyone would care about while they are all telling everyone I am schitzo, hit women, and I think I am black. Yet, it’s just a simple piece of art in a painting class. And they are also using my Dungeon and Dragons Devil or Demon picture saying I think I’m the devil. Showing that their accusations, just keep switching and changing to give to the world. Showing their are lieing and saying these things systematically and in secret to rile the masses against me. Because not only is this way above and beyond gossip and drama. But the information is being funded and disseminatd in a world wide defamation, slander campaign. With clear and obvious ill intent. And in such a way, I cannot defend myself or even know what is going on.

Using my art to smear my name –

Also, while in our company Signet, Mike Huntley, Tim Thomson, and Bob Sandler, were all showing me this website by Joe Cartoon, which before I understood what was going on, seems very entertaining. Until you find out this is what they are spending your entire life doing to you doing these things to you, with this intent.

Now this seems to stem from the fact of me building cars at 16, and peeling out a few times. Big deal right? well not to a psychotic who wants to kill you saying that you had better be a perfect person. And around this time of getting into building cars. My brothers friends would want to watch a lot of Horror movies while I was 16 years old. And I mean a lot of them. And while I am not going to lie. I enjoyed watching them, and most of the world does too. They had this big thing with Toxis Avenger. By Trauma FIlms. Which Odly enough, while Starbucks Corporation is heavily involved in this, one person at a Malibu Starbucks was trying to give me Dissinformation that people who watch Horror movies are crazy and shouldn’t be in our society and things like this. While watching the entire city of Malibu, and the Starbucks have 1000’s of people per day come in attacking me with these covert terror tactics.

And keep in mind that Mike Huntley was a couple years older then my brother and his friends, introduced to him by Mitch Viner, which Mike lived down the street from. Also, I do not believe Mike was with his friends all watching Horror movies. Yet, he knows about them. And is mad about them. As he walks around our office in an angry rage saying weird things that. “It’s Your Behavior” and clearly his is the problem. Not mine.

Image resultAnd

I think their might be a correalation between that, Trauma films making “Class of Nukem High” at my High School Calabassas High.

Related image

Him naming his Sphinx Hairless cat Nukie.

Image result for sphynx cat

Not the actual cat, but same kind

And the fact that for some reason people are trying to collect my childhood imperfections. While my brother and friends around his endless physical bullying around 10 years old or so, he and his friends would go out to our back yard, grab frogs by the pool, throw them up and watch them splat on the ground and things like this.

But what gets weirder, is, then they would go through such art, like I created for one of the people sent after me named Julia Sophia Roynoso, Collect imperfection in the art. Like all my other art, turn it into Fiction, that I am somehow doing things to people with my artwork. But also them saying I am schitzo from my artwork showing their inconsistancy with their endless accusations. And turning the world against me with their Lies, Defamation, Slander, and intent to Kill.

Now why would anyone care so much, especially my brother or family, or the police, or government, that I know my brother and his friends did things like this or making their little video movie called Psychos where I road around on a 50cc motorcycles and Darrin put a knife up to my throat saying “Lets make him the 5th member of the BeeGee’s” things no one in their right mind would care about. Unless he was involved in something highly illegal, and didn’t want me ever knowing or saying anything in regards to it.

After this, I noticed everywhere I went world wide. People would grab their keys, spin it around their fingers when they saw me world wide. With tons of other spinning hidden messages, from people world wide about spinning me. Which all really seems to come from a 16 year old who peeled out. As them suggesting to me and trying to make me think, that I was somehow such a horrible teenager, I deserve to be killed.

Here you can see, when the Police saw me, they started spinning their flashlight because they didn’t want me talking about what I found out was being done to me. Especially since 9 years old.

People spinning keys when they see me. Keep in mind, this isn’t a one time thing. I have seen this from endless people world wide over the years when they see me or obviously, I wouldn’t know to be prepaired  video it beforehand.

For example, they would try to coverup their crimes by stratagically trying to take this simple black and white design out of this simple harmless teapot art picture of mine, and fabricate a fictional story from it, and give it to the world how I have committed some horrible act.

But as you can see. It isn’t this one picture. It is almost every piece or art I have created, or every aspect of my life turned into accusations and given to the world that no rational person would care about showing their obsession, and motive.

Now this elaborate information collection from every piece of art created to every aspect of my life collected, taken out of context, turned into accusations, and given to the world in secret has been done to my my entire life to poisen the well bfore any contact with any person in the world. And is in secret so I cannot defend myself or say anythign in regards to anything. Sound Strange?

And I can recall, all these freaky things coming to light, but I could not process the information and sort of pacing around makes House a little, while Mike Started in on me thinking I had some kind of guilt I guess about the movie or what they were trying to prove or make me look like to the world as he starts telling me things like.

“I can tell you the year of any movie”

And I think what he was trying to do, like usual, is show me who he thinks I am, as if I am like him. Or more importantly Brainwash me into thinking this is for me. But that is just one of their terror scams to try to tell the world that they are somehow trying to help me. To make me think their terror operations are somehow for me. Kind of like Adolf Hitler telling the jews the Showers are for them before killing them.

Of course you cannot process what they hell is going on because things are being done in such a way unheard of. Unphatheomable. Here is a guy you’ve known your whole life. You thought he was your friend and always did things with him, growing up. Or afterwards, BBQ’s always over his place. And all of a sudden his demeonor changes from, I am your friend your whole life to, We are going to rid you of the world and have been working on you your whole life. Realizing that he befriended me with the motives in mind. He contacted me and started a company with this in mind. And he is not working alone, but with mass groups your entire life. Is beyond any level of freaky and uncomprehendable. Especially with no one world wide thinking this is wrong. WHICH IS UNHEARD OF! yet it is happening.

But ironically, these two movies alone are things that have been done to me my enire life starting around 9 years old. And possibly even have subliminal aspects taken out of my life in them or used to for me.

After this, I noticed everywhere I would go world wide, people would whistle at me, and we are talking like 40 – 100 times per day on and off for years. And even my father would invite me over to watch movies and start whistling over and over. And of course Shelly his wife, and the rest of the family would do that same but I had no clue what it meant, what was going on, or anything else except I was noticing freaky things going on all day and night world wide.

Noticing endless anger and rage at me which I see from every person I am in contact with world wide. And not one simple answer to what is going on. And still to this day, 16 years later of finding out. I have no clue why around the age 9 years old. I just started to be HUNTED with world wide support in secret.

Now knowing that my family friends, with just one of these 1000’s of tactics to create mental illness were using all sorts of media to try to create mental illness. Things from movies would be taken and people told to do things out of movies to me to try to make me think that I am in the movies to try to make me look crazy. As this progressed, actors, directors, producers, writers were told to actually put things in media from my life to create mental illness. 80% of the media I see, along with blog, forum, social network interactions are all based around my life, things I’ve said, done, you name it. And then I am told I am imagining it.

The Media TACTIC to create mental illness and remove me from society –

Also, another one of my families and these mass groups is the argument that I committed some kind of crime and am creating pronlems for simply walking into a store in Oregon, seeing this shirt, being it and wearing it saying I am a nausence, causing problems or whatever.

Image result for lord's gym

While Lorena Escoaber is saying weird things to me. “You would give someone the shirt off your own back” I have had endless people basically tell me that I am jesus and or that I am being killed for everyone else and things like this for some kind of punishment or revenge on somethign that is perfectly normal. Last I checked, all sorts of people buy funny joking shirts. And not only this, you can buy them at the

And it basically says on it. “Lords Gym” “His pain, your gain” which is just a joke. And if the Christians don’t have a problem selling it at their own store because it’s a joke. Can you imagine what Kind of people, Especially Lorena Escobar are that hunt you down and try to kill you and spend your entire life trying to crucify you over it. I also had some comments from someone in the office named Gwen Sauzo in the office.


While she was working with mass groups for years following me from place to place in my private life trying to endlessly attack, provoke, and end my existance. Especially after I started hiring people to write a book about my life.

And keep in mind, I had this shirt and 20 years  old. And I was hired maybe 34 years old. And lived in Oregon. So once again! HOW DID THEY GET THIS INFORMATION! And yet I have a world wide murder operation, not over just this, but things like, maybe I J-walked once. You get the idea. Things no rational person would remotly care about. And running around. 14 years ago, kevin had a shirt I don’t like so we are going to torture and kill him. And yet, no one seems to have a problem with this which is unthinkable.

Now maybe Lorena Escobar is a radical religeous psychotic murderer. But not really. Because nothing adds up and she goes from thing to thing that doesn’t matter showing their true colors, Ulterior motives and Intent to exterminate for whatever they are so mad at, around 9 years old.

So was this why Mike Huntley had me Join the Gym with him, introduce me to Rodie Morales as he helped hunt me down and try to kill me? With  my step father sending me Arnold Schwarzenger Guerilla shirts, at the time as Jen Hess was saying “I can’t get this monkey off my back” and telling everyone I am competing like Arnold Schwarzengger? And Victoria Walker and Matt Von Malaki taking me to Shotzi’s Arnolds restuarant every month trying to get gun shot confessions. A restuarant Arnold, my step father showed me beforehand which is kind of coincidental?

Showing mass world wide information dissemination and communication from mass groups and strangers to set up, state these frame jobs, and paint an imge of me to give to the world in secret. All these situtions are being set up, manipulated, information collected, packeged out of context, and dissimentated to the world. Non of these sitautions actually exist except like normal life in random events. But they are taking this, adding it to that, putting an elaborate story behind it. And also sending me the shirts, or buying me the cars. or having my fathers realestate agent choose Juliana Pl when finding a place for me. These are all frame jobs. And normally nobuddy would think anything, unless the well wasn’t being poisened to begin with. Especially world wide. Showing Hidden Agendas and huge amounts of money invested to do this.

So who is the Crazy one? the person who buys a joking shirt which we all do, or Someone like Lorena Escobar being paid to hunt down and kill the doctors son over things like this? Which no one would remotly care about normally. I have seen other people wearing this shirt, and I didn’t see them having problems.

But the real question is how my family is orchestrating these frame jobs to try to make it look, like this is my fault is very complex, takes a lot of time and energy across 35 years with mass group conspiracies to do this, and it is clearly being done, and everyone in my family has psychology degrees. Seem to be Paranoid psychotics, pathological liars, obsessed with proving theories, and demand complete robotic perfection. And of course then project themselves on you.

So when does a lot of this start? Around the age 9 years old. Which you’d have to say I was such a bad person that I build a massive bomb, and put it in a stadium and killed 100,000 people. But we are talking about psychotic behaviors which don’t make sense because these people don’t have much logic, fact, common sense, or self control behind them, and so for me. If off the wall as this sounds. I am guessing that my father flipped at the point around 9 years old that we were at the dinner table living in hidden hills.

I did not want to eat some liver, and he said to me. If I don’t eat the liver, I cannot leave the dinner table. And I think I sat there for like an hour. It is a pretty vague memmory. But I do recall it. And now understanding my families personalities. My guess is that I disobeyed him. And that was it.

Most people would say that, that is absurd. But a lot of people that go out and murder isn’t because of anything big a lot of times. They are just crazy. Hence when the endless tieraid of lies, smears, mental illness tactics, setup attempts, frame jobs, you name it to the community, and every community I’ve ever been around.

While I can go through thousands of lies, smears, setup attempts, Frame jobs, Pinning everyone elses things on me and giving it to the world on funded operations with full police and government support. I will try to get back to the topic of this blog post. But this is so you kind of get an idea without much information and specifics of the types of people were are dealing with who want to remove me from society.

Ok, so some years go by of me watching billions of people who want me dead. Following me from place to place in mass groups. Waiting for me at every place I might go world wide with endless psychological warfare tactics. From clothing colors, to people doing things in 2’s, to cars parked certain ways, and people I talk to, using their SPY GAME tactics to try to create mental illness and wondering what is going on.

My father tells Lorena Escobar to approach me and ask me if I want to do IT for their company. Well, here is someone who has no clue why there is a world wide murder operation. His family who claims the LOVE him refuse to address any of their insecurities about me. And refuse to tell me what is going on. And what it is even about. With my father telling me such things showing he is a psychotic saying things like “You don’t address issues because people can lie, and they are not going to tell the truth” Showing that the accused, isn’t even allowed to know what he is accused of to defend himself.

The other things my supposedly loving Father told to me was

“You think the world is against you”

“You think differently then everyone else”

Then trying to collect any possible defense reaction to use against me. Well I can tell you that not only does he know what is going on. That is like me saying I’ve never heard of Donald trump, and him being president is not going on. I am attacked world wide by almost every person I am in contact with. And it’s absurd to say he is the only person who doesnt’ know what is going on.

But it is about trying to Gaslight me and make me look crazy. Of course, then he will then exert the packaged disseminated psychological abusive terror tactics, showing that he clearly knows what is going on. And chooses to be on the side of the people hunting me down and killing me or ending my existence, and giving me disinformation to help keep it going. Just like the rest of my family.

So of course, at this point, I still have no clue what is going on. What it’s about, Who is Orchestrating it, Probably still in denial, and Lorena Approaches me with a job. And of course, I need to eat, and pay bills. And no one is going to hire me anyways anywhere else, or admit to a world wide extermination campaign. So what am I going to do?

I need money, and I need to eat and it is that simple. Now the question of why these controlled situations are happening where I don’t have choices, and am then HUNTED by world wide groups in secret is the real question. Where normally there is outward spoken controversy over these types of issues.

For example, Rodney King, was spoken on the news, and all sorts of people talked about it. Picketed about it. Some said it’s right, some said it’s wrong. But rodney King was never told it never happened, he is imagining it, and crazy, while he watched millions doing weird things in his name. Then to be told his is crazy and it isn’t happening.

To give you an example of just one of the daily types of things being done to me. Which is extremely heard to believe, yet it is happening, and most of the world knows it. Is lets say I walk into a coffee shop. Or Starbucks for this matter. And this happens over and over. Now their will be one or two seats open and the whole place filled up. Especially if it is one I go to on a regular basis. And their might be a gorgeous girl that if I sit in the available seat. Obviously facing her, or I will sometimes be looking at a wall. But it really should not matter how I sit. And I shouldn’t even have to think about it. If I look up just once for a second and think, she is cute. Or something like this. I will be followed from place to place with mass groups hinting I am stalking and provoking her. And then it is about terror and psychological punishment for my so called BEHAVIOR as they and Mike Huntley are trying to pitch to the world.

If there are two seats open, then a lot of times it’s about profiling to see the choice I made. To use against me. But really, non of these are crimes. And non of them are uncommon showing this isn’t about me, my behavior, who I am, anything I’ve done. Maybe about family and friends hate, just like adolf hitler.

My point is that, walking into a room with one seat open, endless types of frame jobs like this, and then telling that world what you did not only does not leave much choice, you didn’t do anything wrong anyways for the world to be told these things in secret, then told you aren’t allowed to say anything about it to defend yourself.

Now if you didn’t know what was going on, you’d say that unheard of and impossible. And it took years and years of me watching and observing and documenting, and taking photos, and videos and proving it. And then seeing other targets like myself it happen too. Which now, more and more are coming forward.

Other related links to people in my situation on a smaller scale of course

This isn’t being done to me because I am a bad person, and it isn’t being done to me because I’ve done something wrong, but that is a complex issue I think for another blog about demented people with power, with government and police support.

So, now taking this job, and while having years of computer experience in things like Graphics, Web Design, Mostly art oriented which is another thing my family seems to have a problem with, which my mother is an Art Therapist who anaylizes people art and applies it to their Personalities or analyzes them., which is or was her job.

Is also a disastrous mix by the way.

So getting into IT, is did not know much in the begging, but learned a lot on my own, especially with most groups trying to sabotage me, for posting blogs, and learning. And I did a lot. And also am very competent at it. Although will never claim I know everything. Because IT, just like 3D animation is so vast, that no one could know it all. For example, there are millions and millions of lines of code in windows operating system alone. And if you asked some guy to randomly spew Registry paths out of his head instead of having to look them up on the internet. It is not possible. This gives you an example that even though you know what you are doing, a lot of glitches still need to be researched. Especially with technology constantly changing. New programming languages, OS updates, you name it.

And the reason I am saying this is because of Lorena Escobars constant lies to the world that I don’t know what I am doing, and they can’t work. And things like this, which just keep changing from daily claims to. I stink, They can’t work, I am a stalker, I am a pedaphile, I am masterbaiting in their bathroom. YOU NAME IT! Showing that it’s just about ridding me of the world. Not a single concern.


I will get into more of this later.

So Lorena approached me, and asks me if I want to work there. While they seem to be pitching that, I am like Tyler Durdan, and I just barged in taking over.

Yet the reality is. They came to me. And KNOWING the situation. Meaning that, if I am this horrible murderer. Then why would they want me there? And gave me a job.

Also, Lorena is my brothers age, and most likely is in contact with him and Mike Huntley, and everything they are doing to my life.

Lorena has all sorts of information of all the people who came after me in colleges. Especially University of Colorado. With all the people trying to set me up or frame me. So if she has this information which they are trying to cover up. WHY WOULD THEY WANT TO HIRE ME? Just like Mike Huntley did.

Well, maybe they are working some scam, that I am like my father, and a mobster and they don’t want me there because I am like him, and they need to protect themselves. Especially with Leonor Calderons statement to me “You are the doctors son, and you are the boss” And me telling her that is a load of shit, and her still taking part.


Or the fact that every time I go to the office to work, on the 40 hour a week Salary, and the desk and computer they wanted me to have then saying I shouldn’t be in the office because I just fix computers is strange. While the IT persons job is to keep things stable, and make sure the systems are running from servers to desktops, especially with one person.

But the fact that when I go to the office, the police follow me from place to place trying to intimidate me. Starbucks works with the employees to stop me from getting coffee on the way with mental illness harassments working with the poice. When I get there, 1000’s of cars in the company parking lot there to create mental illness. And me being forced to pass out cards which say. Non of this is true. And them IGNORING that fact that the cards show proof, tell what is going on. They magically pretend it isn’t happening. And somehow I am the Boss, and doing all these things. Doesn’t really make much sense. Except, they are all involved in a 35 year murder operation. And will do and say whatever it takes.

If you want to understand the level calculated setup tactics against my reputation. And how deep and well thought out this goes.

A lot of these coming after me seems to stem from a point at early childhood where my mother got her Art Therapy Degree and job, then started in on me with asking me to draw a tree. I thought it was absurd and jokingly made a tree without leaves, and think there was a hole with a witch or skeleton in the tree joking around with my mother. I really didn’t understand that they were paranoid psychotics without any sense of humor. So you can imagine. It’s Kevin is playing games with people lives and he needs to be killed and things like this.

Anyways, My father choose to make the Golden State Logo, a Tree Before he hired me. And at one point, asked me to Redo the Tree to make it better, so he could tell the world that I choose to make his Logo a tree.You know, those half truths with information taken out of context and given to the world with endless funding in secret is how the world works. We were out the lunch with Lorena, and he was talking about the Logo I created for him. But no where was the wording anything about his logo he choose and asked me to redo for him to clean it up.

Old Golden State Logo.jpg

After this, he worked on some scam with his friend Eric Fidler. Who’s belief system seemed to be Apple computers are good, and Windows is bad. No middle ground debait to try to make me look like their was no middle ground in my personality. Of course when you have conversations about this topic alone. They do not care about how my conversations go, and saying things like. Most computers or operating systems are meant for different things, and there are pro’s and con’s to everything. And what you want to use it for. That type is thing is INTENTIONALLY ignored as if it was never said in my life and the people told to come in it.

Anyways, so at one point my father starts saying things to someone about my logo, for Golden State, which is really his. Which you’d normally say. As I did. Who cares about some logo anyways. Weather it is a tree or anything else. Unless maybe the logo is a stripper with big ol titties. Ok, now maybe that is strange like the Character in Ghost Busters named KEVIN which there is no doubt was written up satirically after me. The only problem is, I am told I am imagining it, and nobuddy knows me. And this isn’t being done in movies and media. And that I am not being accused, or nothing is being said.

So once again, another endless situation of something I did not do, or was sort of manipulated into a frame job situation and information secretly being disseminated to the world with endless funding which is somehow my fault.

Because you know, I don’t know how the world works which I believe was said to me as some kind of disinformation.

So before my father and Lorena Hiring me. And him wanting me close to him, When I started Signet with Mike Huntley contacting me in Colorado, and me eventually coming home and starting it with him. My father MAGICALLY had some really good rental space above his office which was Shelly Humphrey’s old space, his wife, and someone who he dated on and off while cheating on my mother, who also claims I have done horrible things to her my entire life. But like usual, nothing at all has been done to her or anyone else. Seemed like a good idea not knowing who my father was. I mean cheap rent on ventura blvd property. How can you say no right?

Needless to say, one of the things they did is have the network switch in one of the Golden State offices next door so they could just plug into our network and all working togethor focus on trying to set me up, frame me, or try to get any dirt possible on me. While making hinting references about friends going to jail for for being on the web trying to figure out how to kill people and things like this at Amgen. But there was a lot more going on. Such as All the things I was working on were being taken off my computer and put on AOL accounts. Immediately when I saw this. Someone in the office on our network shutdown my computer and then they started deleting things on the internet they were taking from me. This seems when Mike Huntley, Tim Thompson, Bob Sandler, Patti Googin, My Fathers entire office really started to get aggressive on ridding me of the world. There were a lot of other things going on, such as people who became our clients working with Mike Huntley using their business names directed at me to try to create paranoid schizophrenia and things like this. People at this point from my wrestling team in high school taking jobs with my father to try to get confessions from me, when they sent a black girl on my wrestling team, had her practice with me, then told her to quit, saying I hate black people and abused her. Also Damon Riggons, a black high school football player I was sort of friends with came in, who we would race around. Him in a camera and me in a trans am at 16. Just being kids. Trying to get confessions about me hating and competing with Black people. My father had one of his employees named Frank who told me he was once a cop and got shot, working on confessions about the bullet hole my father put in his Mercedes with the police. Things like this that there are way too many to talk abut.

Basicall the same used 1985 trans am I bought around 1988 and changed the engine which upset my family so much they tried to make me look like an out of control reckless driver, by having people try to launch their vehicles at me. Which I avoided most of them. Except one lady while I was driving my brothers Mazda 626 and she threw her car perpendicular to the fast lane in front of me which I could not avoid. Then got out and screamed “You tried to kill me” working with the police to frame me. At this point there has literally been something like 6 people actually trying to cause accidents to try to make me look like someone driving and causing accidents. And then people hinting that I have to leave the country for some reason over and over.

Image result for fast and furious tokyo drift

Now this weird Leaving the country things ranges from. At 29, my mother telling me “My past has caught up with me” then hinting I need to leave the country. Which she denies ever saying.

But before I realized these things were being done to me and worked about my fathers office, Obviously his frame job of trying to make it look like I was coming after him, since like usual. It is him approaching me with the bait, then telling the world on funded operations different stories. They hired a girl named Adriana Olivarez to send after me. Now your thinking. Your father and Lorena Approach you saying I want my son to meet people, and here is a cute latin girl. And they kind of hint they want you to meet her by randomly calling you downstairs and introducing you to her for no reason.

But then she isn’t who she appears to be. She is running around their office saying “I am going to get the doctors son” but of course, I think, not knowing what is going on that she means, she likes me and I am like a trophy, and the personality kind of turns me off. And I just didn’t want to deal with that kind of childish behavior. But what was really meant, With all of them was that they were going to rid me of the world. Especially to coverup all the people they sent after me in my past to try to remove me from society. Jen Hess, Julia Sophia, Stephanie(Skyler), Kelly Hatch, CU Cheerleader, Heather(Yankee Doodles) there is just a couple off the top of my head.

Anyways, Adrianna Olivarez is for another blog which could be a book by itself she alone is involved in so many setup attempts while taking part in spewing these lies to the world, and working with my family to try to get anything possible to give to the world she could take out of context to remove me from society.

Oh, and another girl Lorena Escobar was told to send after me was some X-ray tech that worked for my father named Crystal which apparently I didn’t call her in the prompt amount of time. So however she she took it, seems to be a criminal act that I play games with people lives, and need to be exterminated with world wide support. But it’s obvious the like Usual, Lorena Escobar is just trying to use imperfection to take out of context, turn into criminal acts, and give to the world on funded smear operations to attack character and create world wide anger mobs to remove me from society. I didn’t know I had to call anyone for any reason or it’s a crime. And by death.

Anyways, so this leads to the question of why I was Approached an hired after this, if I am such a horrible monster? Am I supposed to believe that his is how my father is, and everyone accepts that and I am just too sensitive like Lorena Escobar tries to con me into? That’s funny, I don’t see my father doing this to anyone else? Not even my brother Jason who is helping him go after me. So if it’s all against one person, and it’s not his or any of their personalities, then what is it? Because I am sure as hell not the one with the problem.

And to try to tell me this is how the world works, and I think differently is a load of bullshit and we all know it. Which show brain washing, motive. Just as Adolf Hitler probably tells the the jews the showers are for them while getting them go to their deaths.

So now you get an idea of just a few of the people sent after me, before hiring me to get me even closer to the source of these operations. Although because each and every person since 9 years old is involved in removing me from society, California, Oregon, Colorado, anywhere in the world. It is hard to know where it all starts. Especially with no reasoning behind it, or anyone coming forward saying anything which is unheard of.

So at the point I am hired to work at Golden State Sports Medical maybe 14 years ago, I am met with anger, rage, terror, provoking, endless setup attempts, endless lies, smears, you name it and to the world.

I can see in my fathers secretaries face Denise, Complete and utter fear. This seemed to be real fear, not the fake scam fear I see from most people. And after this, they decide to put me in an office with her. Like usual, there is nothing at all I did to her. But she was working on me all sorts of ways, but I can’t remember specifically.

But my guess, is that when I was around 16 years old, I started working on cars. Which I read a lot of hot rod magazines, and bought books on how to rebuild engines. My family apparently despised this. Despite not saying anything to me. Or my fathers innability to trust saying I am out of control. Which is bullshit and my family knows it. Especially supporting all my brothers things like going after Greg Waugh withw crow bar. Lighting our back hill on fire, going on out his Runs, Coming after me. Calling limos to Darrin Moiselle house and some others. Which I did once too to taylor Amick’s I think big deal. So when he see’s I am building a bigger engine for my trans-am he sends Brian Weaver is contacted. A friend of mine in High School, to copy what I am doing, And work with people in the community to try to set me up or frame me. This goes from Brian working with Pineapple Joe at Hawaii racing to bait and switch me into buying a blown Hemi which is no big deal, to them working with people at the street races to launch their vehicles at me to try to set me up, and things like this. They were also contacting mechanics to have them manipule me into situations to try to make me look like a bad person. One I fell for which was the mechanic saying I could use a better cam shaft, and he would tell my parents this. And being a kid. Sure I fell for that one. But would you miss is that my family datamines imperfection and gives it to the world to paint a certain image of me. So if my life is 98% good. The 2% imperfection if it is even true, is given to the world with 100’s of millions invested. Hence, a smear campaign.

So at this point. Joe says to me, this engine was sold to him by a drug dealer which is irrelevent to anything. But for me, a 10,000 blown hemi that came out of a front engine dragster could be detuned and put in my car. No big deal. And later on, I think I changed my mind and bought a $800 1971 barracuda for it, that it would have fit perfectly if my father didn’t toe it away and junk it while I was at college, telling me someone in a pontiac hit it on the curb and totaled it.

Now in order to understand the type of person I am. You have to understand that at 16 years old I took a job at my fathers office he offered me, and all I did was brutal filing. And I did this to support my car engine building. And you can only imagine the endless work I did. And off hour work I did to make enough money so that I could work on my cars. Something that most parents would be proud of seeing that someone has a vision, and will do what it takes to make it happen.

So what did my family do? And most likely having Denise back him since she manages the money. Well instead of saying that I worked my ass of to make money to work on cars. They told the world, I stole 10,000 Dollars from him. And of course, maybe 12 years later, saending Rodie Morales, Victoria Walker, Mike Huntley, all endless other people after me. To basically end my life. Over 10,000 that he damn well knows was never stolen. Because he damn well knows I was working for him. And giving me pay checks for my work.

And while this is just one of 1000’s of these setup/frame jobs, or whatever you want to call them. It shows that these things keep happening over and over and it isn’t really about me doing anything wrong that really matters.

There are several events that happened in my life with these peope trying to scare me into confessons about 10,000 and just like Mike HUNTLEY was using his name to create paranoid schtizofrenia for confessions. So was RODIE MORALES in the sense of someone who is building cars and has no morales. Especially with him keep asking me to call Hawaii racing about my engine. And him saying he stole 10,000 from someone. And things like this. You get the idea because these things are endless from person to person.

So, while me not understanding Denis’s fear, then watching her take turns on me pretty much shows, her involvement, Guilt, And Coverup attempts. While in that office across from mine was a Lady named Elita. And she was Black.

At this point, they started working on another tactic. Elita was pretending she was paranoid. And asking me to do things like lock her word files because other employees were doing freaky things. But ironically there was a lot more going on since black people have been involved in trying to remove me from society since 12 years old and I kissed a black girl. Then my brother and family telling the world that I am racist, hate black people, hate asians, hate persons, you name it! And this all starts around the time I kissed a black girl, and around the time my father took us to see a movie called Wizards, by Ralph Backshi.

A movie about a good vs Evil brother who are wizards, and the Evil Brother wins world wars by projecting Nazi imagery into the other people minds. Which seems at the point why my brother and these groups keep getting different races to go ballistic on me in groups. Then call me racist which doesn’t make any sense from the person like me who has been as nice as he can be to everyone he has crossed paths with. But it does make sense in respect to a group of people who want to Gaslight you, or make you look crazy, then tell the world you are crazy to off you. Which is exactly what is, and has been going on since 9 years old. Pretty much since I told my father I wouldn’t eat the liver. Or maybe even reacted to my brothers abuse. But they are one and the same things when it comes to insignificant things you are being hunted by world wide groups for.

There is also a Robot Assasin in this movie named Necron 99 which is mentally tormented by the Good Wizard in a state of pain, and ironically that seems what is being done to me my entire life with this psychological warfare campaign. But while these so called terror gossip and drama is done to me. The strange things people say about me seems to change. For example, then it’s I’m Chuck Norries from an Eye for an eye, and take the law in my own hands.

Image result for necron 99

Necron 99 (Later they call hom Peace)

Image result for Chuck Norris eye for an eye

Or then I am like the Hulk and people are trying to get me to change because according to my father I suffer from abandonment issues and he has seen my physical appearnce change in Anger, just like he says about his X-Wife Janet who after this supposedly hired someone to try to kill him. Hence the movie Split whiich has the Character Kevin with 24 Personalities (which says on my website, I went to 24 shrinks, and they all tried to cover this up) with tons of parallels from my life in that movie alone.,0,182,268_AL_.jpg

This is done in probably 80% of the media out there.  I cannot tell you when they switched from using things out of the media to send me messages, to actually starting to put things in the media to create mental illness, But the point I am making is that while not only are people running around calling me a robot, it is strange that since around 9 years old. And I cannot specifically say when exactly this starts. But around this time. And am now 45, every psychological warfare tactics by world wide angry mobs, is being done to me, all day and night 24/7 world wide. Told I am imagining it with such vague comments from my father or mother.

My father “You know what you did”

Mother “Your past caught up with you” With hints I need to leave the country.

While people keep coming in my life, Like Adriana Olivarez who was sent afte me by my father and Lorena Escobar, and her big thing was that her brother went crazy, got paranoid, and moved to Japan abd became a teacher. Which I am pretty sure has to do wit them having Paul Humphry, Paul Schaffer, Brian Weaver in High School, trying to frame me over and over in front of treachers and principles. Especially with Ms. Garcia’s Spanish class. Because if you fall asleep in someones class, you need to be hunted and killed for a crime in their eyes I guess.

Adrianna Olivarez

Connie Reya, in our office when me talking about how I don’t like music on the radio because it’s all fed to you, and I like to make my own choices. Her telling me that her Brother is Crazy, and too logical, and had to leave the country.

And of course one of my brothers friends in college, who got paranoid and had to leave the country. And it just seems like oddly enough. Their are a lot of poeple around me with friends or brothers that went crazy and had to leave the country, like this is a common thing, and it councidently is being done to me as well. Especially with people like #Paranoid on IRC befriending me and trying to make me paranoid. And done from person to person since around 9.

Michael Huntley

Showing intent to create obession by me wondering why their is a world wide mobbing and people refusing to leave me alone. And not knowing what it is even about.While no one will tell me what is going on, leaving me in the dark. All carefully and calculated done to intentionally create mental illness.

I don’t know if any of this sounds strange to you. but maybe one person with a situation like this. That sounds normal.

And world wide rage against me. Yet. When asked anyone world wide what this is about. It is, I am imaging it. And somewhere down the line got sick or I turned into a schtizo at 29. or got paranoid schitzofrenia. Or can’t let go of the past. But up until finding out. I led a perfectly normal life. But of course, I am such a horrible person, not one of these things can be addressed. Doesn’t really make any sense.

Now, in the 45 years of my life. I have only been asked one thing of significance. By mother enraged mother. Whatever she is really enraged about. I have no clue. But we are dealing with psychotics. So it might be something like. Some lint fell off my shirt and hit the gound. And I need to be exterminated.

The only thing I have ever been asked. And I guess this is around 14 years old or so. Was if I hat hit the neighbor Kid in the head with a golf club. Named Josh Burnem. Now, Josh was younger then me. In a lower grade. I was never friends with Josh, Never really spoke to Josh. And don’t really know anything about anything about him. Except I was asked this. And pretty much looked at my mother like umm, is this person serious? Of course, I told her the obvious truth. No, I did not. And honestly, I have no clue if Josh Burnem was even hit in the head with a golf club. But I pretty much know in my mind. It never happened. Being that I have been accused of over some absurd like 1000’s of criminal accusations, or abusive accusations to the world in secret. And non of them true. Meaning my family and everyone they are working with has shown that they are just pathological liars who just want me dead.

After this, my mother did things like, while in my Socialogy class. I was writing a paper. She took it away from me, and finished it. I didn’t even really ask for help. At this point, my Socialogy teacher asked me if I wrote it. And I lied. I am not going to tell you I am perfect, and am like Abraham Lincoln and never told a lie. But what I will say. I’ve always been a damn good person, helped everyone in my path, and well, I have lied on occasion about insignificant things. But what my family, with government and police resources leaves out to the world is the 99% honesty and good deads from my life.

Now, you might ask why this strange behavior on my mothers, and teachers part? Because they wanted to frame me, smear my name, paint me to the world as someone who is a liar and bashes other kids heads in with golf clubs. But like I said before. These tactics of their start way earlier.

Such as Christy Reynolds in middle school, and Tom Farley. Showing that, Josh Burnem was just the next of endless frame jobs and accusations to the world.

Ironically, Like this Robot, Necron 99.

So, while Elita is pretending to be paranoid, everyone in the office is telling the world I am trying to make her mentally ill and kill her. How do I know this? Because patterns of behavior from oddly enough this situation happening over and over for no reason which is unheard of. I supposedly tried to make Jen Hess mentally ill, I supposedly tried to make Julia Sophia Mentally ill, I supposedly Tried to make Val in our office mentally ill, I supposedly tried to make Shanna Brianstseva in our offiec mentally ill, I supposedly tried to make tons of people on IRC mentally ill when I lived in colorado!

Ok, so lets trace the back to the roots, who’s involved, and where a lot of these operations from from. So you can see the patterns of targeting me and who is involved.

Why did they choose Elita? For two reasons. One is because she is back, and my family is saying I am racist and hate black people. Most likely because they want to dictate who I am with to control the situation. And because when I went to University of Colorado. The internet came to be around 1994, and my family with these groups found a new resource to use on me to remove me from society. My brother instantly swept in calling me up playing both sides of the fence and introducing me to TELNET, FTP, IRC, Basic web technology, Email, when it was pretty much only college based systems.

Now, I started talking on IRC, which you can imagine coming from an anal retentive super radical right wing family as far as conservatism and control. To the point, NSA is working on you for thinking Christy Reynolds is attractive and you can’t take your eyes off her in middle school which your mom thinks is a “Death Stare”

Also believes that talking on IRC is shady and asking for problems and I need to learn my lesson. Just like creating art in art classes is somehow wrong. And I am careless according to their thug Mike Huntley. Well, I can tell you that now, or then, non of these people are having problems like this for being social on social networks, and no one ever had problems like me for being social on IRC. Or in art classes. It is UNHEARD OF!

Especially like people like Greg Gutfeld working on me with the Right Wing Government and Fox News Resources world wide saying. Indirectly, Kevin Perelman is shady and he deserves to be hunted with covert world wide mental illness tactics and killed because he chatted on IRC and is shady. Really doesn’t add up much except a Government Coverup.

Ok, upon getting into IRC, and being social in College. I belive at first, it was in the School library before I had a modem. Where Chad Bowers swept in on me working at the Library as IT person, and had some motives. Then at home where I believe I lived at the top of the Hill in Builder Colorado just moving out with a person my family sent to spy on me, Noah Schiller who was a friend of my mothers friend. And Instantly they had a girl that I thought was attractive in my Astronomy class the was dark skinned, long black hair and Gothish, Kinda like Kelly Hatch. But not twin like. You know, Mila was Italian dark skinned and long black hair. But that is like a good 30% of the population and that means any time I see a girl with long black hair and dark skin I am crazy and did something wrong according to the way my targeters want to world to perceive things.

So what they do is have her move above me. And her and her roomate start getting in the same classes. And of course, She starts doing things like Kelly hatch who followed me from calabases High to Southern Oregon state college before I transferred to University of Colorado. And Kelly hatch among many of her lies one of them is that I stole her white Jeep Cherokee (also hidden messages about moving indians, once you understand how my family and these operations work) And Kelly tell the police and world that I took the keyes to her Jeep Cherokee and moved the car to the city, and left the keys in them.

And since the parking spot of this girl above me is right at my balcony, she leaves the keyes hanging in the door in hopes I would steal her car. Me not knowing decided to be the nice person I am, take the keys out of the car, go upstairs and give it to her telling them they left the keys in the car. While later on, the roommate was in my Philosphy Class, found out I asked the teacher for a paper extension and she went all made like who do I think I am. Which isn’t the biggest deal but seemed very angry about something, that most would not care about.

Needless to say, once my father staged me moving above their office they tried to work there, Kevin was abused so now he is doing it to us magic. Except the problem with this is that these situations are all being controlled and orchastrated. And they are not really about my decisions, or at least decisions, that most would make not knowing what they are doing. It seems pretty harmless to me to get a good deal on prime realestate, and move in, and thinking your family loves you. But to the world beign told every lie in secret. It looks different. And the fact that the world is being told I hate my family, and me being told, nothing is going on. Means that the entire situation from all aspects is being controlled as to how people perceive me. What is said to the world. And what I am allowed to say to the world in my defense. If I can even figure out what is going on. Because I am told I am imagining it and crazy, and clearly I am not. With the amount of proof I have.

So, at the same time, I am starting to chat with people on IRC, be social, try to meet people, frieds, relationships, like most day. Which back then might have been a little different then now. But still, so what? I mean people use the Internet, Chatrooms, Social Networks, all the time to meet people on every aspect of life and well, maybe I was at the forefront. And maybe their was a little paranoia about it. But what is going on here, is not that. Especially with a world wide coverup operation and no one admitting people fucked up. Showing that they have other motive. Especially telling me I am not allowed to say anything about any of this.

So I start meeting people in chatrooms. And they have IRC parties and Gettogethors, where people would all meet. Ok, so, not knowing these people were being approached and told to remove me from society, I go to some parties. And of course you are in a room full of people of all ages.

50’s 40’s 30’s 20’s and I can even Remember Lin Junken 16. Now, the name Lin Junkin is very important. Because while being around chatrooms and parties where there is a 16 year old. While the big picture in my life is always ignored. They decided to send Lin Junken after me to try to make me look like a child predator. But of course like usual. Aside from some IRC chatting, and seeing her at parties. It is not like I dated Lin Junkin, was friends with Lin Junkin, went out with Lin Junkin. Or anything but anything but someone being around a group of people being social. Which I have done nothing wrong.

I mean if I met Lin Junkin, she is 16, we had sex. Ok, now you have something to talk about. But aside from this. There is nothing but thin air and people like Lorena Escobar probably paying her off.

Ok, so your saying so what right? Well, the plot thickens! BOY DOES IT! Ok, so, I am invited to an IRC party at someones house. People show up. And so does Lin. Now not knowing that they use movies to try to get confessions, or try to Gaslight me. She comes over talking about something about a stolen laptop. And also Brings the movie Hackers with Angelina Jolie

And at this point, she seems to be telling everyone I am hacking her, and others, and trying to make her mentally ill. Which is very strange to me because after this hacking groups start contacting me digging for information to use against me. And a software hacking group contacts me about cracking software. But of course, some computer artist guy really wouldn’t know how to do that, or why would I even want too is beyond me. After this, People start calling themselves names like #parnoid become friends, work on paranoia tactics to make me mentally ill. And of course cover it all up like usual. Given the packaged tactics to the world saying that it is because I am doing this to people, and so it is ok.

Now around this time, a lot of this seems to also stem for the simple fact that after my brother showed me how to log into college library systems using their white pages and library listings. Which is not hacking. These are open systems, which is how the Internet was built before web based browsing. I simply logged into the University Colorado Internet based systems through telnet, as well as the Open Southern Oregon State systems. Which were built this way, and how the Internet Started. There was no hacking, Getting passwords, or breaking in. These were open telnet systems for telnet users to “SURF” before web browser based systems came to be. These were menu based systems for people to log into with information. Just like the web is now. So you have to ask yourself why my brother would introduce me to these things, then take the information out of context that I am hacking and trying to do horrible things to people by simply calling them up.

And of course, then jumping to being a child predator with manipulation setup attempts, definatly shows the type of people these are and their real motives. Especially when it keeps going from setup attempt to setup attempt with anything possible to rid me of the world.

And when my so called friend, Kelly Hatch who I had no idea was involved in a mass campaign to remove me from society. Nor did I realize that Kelly Hatch was told to follow me from Calabases High School figuring out way working with the police to remove me from society. I though I would call up an old so called friend, and Log into the Oregon College system in the white pages and get her new phone number. This is not HACKING. It is equivalent to pulling out the old White Pages, and looking up someone you know’s new phone number. But because I am involved in a campaign to be removed from society. This information, like everything else the world is getting in secret will be taken out of context, put into fictional felonies. There is absolutly nothing going on, but someone taking the initiative. And then being hunted by world wide campaigns. Not only this, but a blog on the Kelly Hatch (Also using Hatch) as a mental illness tactic against me from Tom Farley’s egg mobbings against Eric Johnson in middle school needs to be written about her alone and her involvement with these government operations to stalk me and end my life.

You will also notice on the box cover, “Boot up, or shut up” is most likely a reference, to my life and Kelly Hatch. Showing that media is being created. All the way back in 1995, which probably starts way earlier directed at me, and taken from my life. The boot reference is for another blog but I am sure most of the world knows the lies about it. But this gives you an idea of the covert mental illness tactics being done to me world wide and who is involved since 9 years old. Even people like Nikki Six who moved two doors down from me at 14 is heavily involved in this.

Also of course taking my Screen Names, Vertigo262 which really doesn’t have much meaning and making up lies about that. But of course they had been working on me from childhood from every car, CB Name, Screen Name, Computer name, You name it. Annnnnnnnnd a lot of this seemed to be coming from Tom Farley following me from place to place introduced to me around 8 years old working on me for over 30 years to remove me from society.

While following me from place to place like Yankee Doodles Pool hall saying I hate women and and harassing them. While trying to manipulate me and set me up to go off on them or treat them like shit which he could not get me to do.

Ok, if that isn’t bad enough, it gets even worse! At this time. My brother who graduated from University of Colorado, and has some kind of mobster territorial issue seems to have some kind of problem with me going to the same school as him. Even though this is off topic and irrelevant. I will just state it here so people understand a little about me. Even though any rational person with common sense should understand this.

In life, people do things that rub off on you. Maybe the have ideas that spark a sub idea. Maybe they bought a car. And you said that is a really cool car, I want one. Or maybe they got into a business showed you how it operated and you said. That is really cool, how can I get into that. And most of life or peoples knowedge is based on what they see around them. Meaning that some guy might make a movie about something which sparks subset ideas for other writers. You get the picture.

For me, Southern Oregon state was a extremely small school, ad Ashland Oregon was a town of 5000 and I wanted something bigger in my life. A University. A school of 30,000 and a town of 150,000 an hour away from Denver. Now I choose University of Colorado because I knew about it visiting my brother and it was a really cool place. And when your in the middle of college you don’t really have the time or money to fly to college to college choosing the perfect one. And also, wondering if they are going to accept the transfer.

And so, it was just a quick decision based on what I knew. Well, my brother does not like me or this, and so he pitched it as I am somehow hunting him down are trying to get dirt on him. But that generally does not happen unless that person is involved in something highly illegal if you get my drift. Because why would he remotely care? Especially when he already graduated, and is like in Indiana, and like married or something.

So Jason, my brother introduces me to someone he says was his friend Mike Wexler, which I am guessing at this point probably tells the world I am schitzo and hunting him down, and befriending his friends. Except that little detail of him calling me up and giving me his number and getting us togethor working both sides of the fence like my family does so well.

And at this point, while Mike Wexler has no knowledge of my IRC life from me. He starts getting into trying to get confessions from me, or not only this, but trying to manipulate me into situations. For example. He starts telling me that statutory rape is under 16 in Colorado. He also shows me his Lock Pick set talking about breaking into places and weird things like this. And he also starts telling me weird things that it is ok to hit someone with a car if they are in the street in Colorado, You have the right of way working on some kind of confession about me hitting a homeless person or something like this they had been working on my my entire life about. From people dropping motorcycles in front of me saying I hit them. To other colorado roomates saying they hit this squatter with a bike wheel. Weird things to try to scare me into confessions that never happened. And then the police and mass groups coming after me in angry rages for these lies. Mike Wexler was also working on some weird angle, telling me that. If someone door is open, it is ok to go in. But like usual. I did not reply to Mike saying. Yes it is. And once again, Mike Wexler with my brother and family telling the world that I think it is ok, to break and enter and things like this. Which also seems to stem from some of Kelly Hatches frame jobs when I asked her if I could barrow an Exacto knife of hers to fix finish the car stereo installment, and I knew she had one in her art kit. So she tells me. Go in my room and get it, the door is open. And of course, this is no strange situation and I went on got it. Then her telling the world I broke into her room. This seems strange me me. A so called friends saying go into my room and get it. Then hunting me down. Now Mike Huntley will try to scam it, saying I am careless and it is my fault. Like everyone in this world should be afraid to blur any lines at all. And we live in a black and white world. Where anyone who has a friend who says “Sure go in my room and get it” or you are friends with someone who is married. Needs to be hunted and killed for blurring the lines with excuses like “It is you behavior” Well, last I checked, I seem to be thinking normally, and they seem to be thinking like psychotic murderers which they clearly are. Demanding robotic perfection or they will kill you for punishment for your crimes of being human, normal, and not afraid to just be a person. But just remember one thing. When it comes to anyone else in their life. They are not like this! What does that tell you?

While interesting enough. Lin at the same time was 16, there is a manipulation lies to try to set me up. And, back in Southern Oregon State, Eric Christensen sent after me showed me a band called Cherry Poppin Daddies which is a good band, but is using the name to try to make it look like I am a pedophile. And things like this. With all his other frame and setup attempts.

As you can see, all of these situations, and information are connected, and these are not coincidences. And, in 1994 once the internet came to be, you can only imagine the tools that were being built around me to remove me from society

So at this point, they were working on the Kevin Plays Mental illness Games with peoples lives. He is hacking people and trying to make him mentally ill, and he is a child predator. With hackers approaching me and trying to get me to help. And of course, my screen name supposedly says it all. Which I have no clue how many screen names I’ve had over the years from IRC, Blogs, you name it. Just as I have no clue how many names I’ve named different computers. And each and every insignificant detail is being collected, taken out of context, fiction written, and it funded to the world.

And on this note, how many of my brothers friends did he introduce me to working these tactics?

  • Mike Huntley
  • Jason Baum
  • Mike Wexler
  • Paul Humphry – Joe Humphries Younger brother who was in my brothers grade
  • Some Red head Mike Wexler introduced me to playing hot cold possible date games
  • A Red Head my Brother introduced me to in Florida (Not Stephanie/Skyler) who they were trying to make me look crazy with

THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN! Unless like you are an Enemy of the state and NSA wants you dead because they think you know something. Or you found out you were involved in something on this level of criminal acts. Kind of like Edward Snowden finding out what our government was doing.

So, ELITA, which is even hard to believe for me. But after their patterns of behavior have been established of what they have done to me my entire life. Elita is a reference from the movie Hackers. While they run around and the best hackers called themselves ELITE!

While it is a question of weather or not her real name is Elita, who knows. Maybe they hired her because of her name. Maybe she just pretended it was. But the fact that black communities are hunting me trying to make me mentally ill over just this one lie alone, with all the others. You kind of understand what is going on.

Ok, so at this same time, In Comes Fernanda Sime. The next person in line to remove me from society. I don’t think I was at that office, in Ventura Blvd and Tarzana, for every long. And after Hired, Fernanda comes to me, how she works from home, and needs her home computer worked on.


The first thing you need to understand is that my family plays these mind games with these world wide groups that they are a stickler for perfection and things like helping a co worker out with home equipment is blurring the lines. But what they leave out, like usual are the important things in life like the context of the situation.

For example, it is my fathers company, and I’ve known some of these people for like over 20 years, and my thought process like anyones in this situation is that, I am going out of my way for my father and his company, and simply helping people I think know me. Not knowing what they are involved in, and the endless 35 year tieraid of lies against me is very strange behavior. Especially to this day since 9 years old not one person world wide is going to tell me what this is about. So ya, sure, I went out of my way for my father to make money not realizing the type of people these are. But they will then try to tell the world I am like the president of the united states, and just walking out of the white house in unacceptable or something. As if I am going to believe this, then telling the world I am a Narcisist and think I am the president on their secret one sided information channels to the world.

And of course, it’s, Now I’ve done something to her, Spying on her, Trying to make her mentally ill. All sorts of elaborate frame jobs for simply going out of my way to make sure she can work, and make money. Also with my father running around saying “No good deed goes unpunished” which is something we say all the time when you do something nice for someone and the shit hits the fan. Of course for some strange reason, each and every person in that office who asks for any help. Each and every time passive aggressively attacks me for either helping them out. or more importantly fixing a problem. So employee after employee will pretend something doesn’t work which might be something like they don’t know how to open their web browser or delete a desktop icon. Then once I fix it, they will provoke me with their passive agressive terror tactics.

For example, they might say “Thank you, Thank you” each and every one. Which was one of these global tactics being done to me. Why are they doing this? because they want to provoke me in anger, then say, look this guy went off on me. he is crazy. What has been done to me over and over since 9 years old and I didn’t even realize it until 29.

Of course, then my family will, not even say, but hint, so you cannot defend yourself that it is my fault for blurring the lines. Like we live in some kind of mathmatical equation. And since it isn’t directly said, you cannot talk to them about reality. Which is more about them trying to immobilize, and punish in such a way you just have to sit and take it. And then they will say. You are imaging it. They said nothing. Only somethign a psychotic murderer would think of. Especially being punished for being a good person.

So here is Fernanda now running around that I have done all these things to her computer, and most likely telling the world I am watching everything she is doing, with world wide tools to make up whatever lie she wants with everyone else sine 9 years old.

So at this point, Like Elita, it is now, I am doing things to her computer, playing games with her life, and making her mentally ill. As she spends something like 14 years on me. Not only at the office, but working with the police to try to set me up, frame me, you name it with this mass group.

Where have we seen this before? well, people have been playing this card on me my entire life, but we know that some bigger players in this is when they sent Jen Hess, and Julia Sophia Reynoso after me. And there were working the same tactics. You are as nice as can be to them, and they are running around with mass world wide groups trying to set you up or frame you any way possible. And the more you move on, the more people come after you trying to reel you in, and make it look like you are going after them. Like Rodie Morales sent after me saying. Lets go to strip clubs to make it look like Kevin is Hunting down Jen Hess or Julia Sophia Reynoso, which weren’t even strippers. However they might know some. Well that is like saying. Never go to any parties in the United States, because someone might know someone you dated once, and you are hunting them down trying to kill them. Like usual fiction created from fragments of truth, and not even close to gossip or drama since people are accusing you of crimes and hunting you down trying to kill you with world wide groups in retaliation. And not one person thinks it is wrong or even will speak openly about it.

At one point, she even wants to go out to lunch with me. Sure, no big deal when you don’t realize these people are part of an extermination campaign, and I can’t remember much, but I am sure it was probably her digging for information to use against me.

And I am sure my family would tell me, Co workers don’t go out to lunch togethor. It is unprofessional and unnaceptable while they all go out to lunch togethor. And kissing each other on the cheeks when I am not around.  Because that is blurring the lines.

They also work on the dating office employees angle. While I have not dated any office employees they have peopel following me from place to place parking pickups backwards, especially at restuarants as guilt hints that I either might have done something wrong, or might be thinking about it. You know, the Mike Huntley, we are going to derail you before you commit this haneous crime.

This was done today, at most food locations around my city where I live. You will notice most of the pickups only are parked backwards. Also, this seems to be related to a phone conversation last night with my mother. And for some reason she brought up two things. One was my father trying to coverup him telling waitresses at every restuarant world wide to terrorize me. And for no reason, not that world wide mobbings are justified even if I was rude to someone or something. Which is why I told my father since he was going to sit and watch what was going on and lie to me about it. I didn’t want to go out with him. But also, her bringing up dating co workers where I told her it is done all the time. But sometimes not recommended. She talked about some companies having policies of not dating people at work. And I am sure their are some. But a policy is something stated and you are either fired or not fired for. People not telling you dating is not ok, and having mass groups hunt you down and kill you with psychological warfare campaigns for smiling at someone have nothing to do with dating or policy. It has to do with someone or a group of people trying to kill you for no reason, or they don’t like you, like Adolf Hitler.

Can you imagine, if someone told you that you committed a crime by asking a stripper out, and their was a world wide campaign to hunt you down and try to kill you because you blurred the lines and you might do it again with psychological warfare and Gaslighting tactics as punishment. Would somethign sound strange to you? Any other person, their friend would say. “Well, what did they say” or “Did you get any tail” or something like this. So non of this adds up except ways to torture and torment with hidden messages. And people generally don’t g around sending other people hidden messages to begin with.

While going to one psychiatrist. Instead of her saying, Sending hidden messages to someone is what crazies do. She tried to tell me that, Some people are trying to help me. But nothing is being said. And it never ends. So not only do I know their secret psychotic lingo. They never stop. Now for 35 years. So this isn’t about anything but trying to create mental illness which any rational person can see. And also showingthe shrinks attempts to cover up the crimes and keep them going.

So there are several things going on here. Why if I have a harmless conversation are world wide groups hunting me own over them. Why would these people even care about it. And the fact that it is systematic information dissemination on the SPY GAME tactics to have peopel send hidden messages about it to create mental illness and exterminate.

But also showing that these people professional, about work, about making money, haev ulterior motives. And following a person around in his private life just trying to collect anything possible and make up lie after lie to give to the world in covert mental illness and terror operations. And then turned around on me, that I am a bad person and it is somehow my fault.

Also, around this time, Fernanda is walking around the office, speaking in Spanish, and since the context of the situation is, this people know me. I’ve always been fun, open and honest, and have a sense of humor. I jokingly say. “No speaking in spanish” joking around. But of course, she starts running around telling everyone that I have bossed her around and have told her what she can and can’t do. But of course, her actions are to have people for years who are around me speaking in spanish. Now obviously. I don’t care what language anyone speaks in. But watching some paranoid psychotic get mass groups together doing things like keep speaking in spanish over and over and realizing it is to endlessly irk you over some insignificant joke, shows anger, rage, obsession, and psychotic behaviors.

Of course then it’s the old. You can’t say things like this in an office scam. Well, that has been applied to everything ever said of insignificance. I mean if you can’t joke around with these people in any way shape or form. Or even Thank Them, or say “Tada” after fixing a computer. Then hunted and killed for it with mass world wide mobbings. Something strange and highly illegal is going on.

But of course, them making jokes, kissing each other on the cheeks, you name it, is all ok! So if that isn’t discrimination I don’t know what is.

At this point. They have some girl Claudia hinting about Soda’s over and over as she walks by Elita’s desk which is a reference back to me thinking Kelly Hatch saying Soda sounded weird to me in Oregon, because we always said pop, or coke, or whatever. Yet the issues like how she or anyone else world wide would even have this insignificant information doesn’t seem strange to anyone that my life is being datamined, taken out of context, given to the world on every minuet detail known to man. With probably NSA resources.

To put it in perspective, these psychopaths probably have documented every single parking spot I’ve parked in since 16 years old and are probably analyzing each and everyone and trying to put it all together as some kind of crime to tell the world.

After this, People would walk by my and Elita’s desk clicking their pens over and over. But of course after trying to address the situation with my family, friends, you name it. And going to the so called office manager Lorena Escobar who approached me and hired me. Not only did she refuse to stop it. But started working the mental illness tactics as well showing that she was part of it, and was not going to stop it.

Also, while my father would invite me to dinner at his house every weekend, I would tell him what was going on and he would lie to my face belittling me every way shape and form trying to make me look crazy. Also, shelly would sit there whistling at me over and over hinting I am a whistle blower, and my father would say, Lets watch a movie, whistle at me. And Shelly’s parents would come over and whistle at me.

While all of them just sat there ignoring it and telling me I was imagining it. Also, my father was getting all sorts of information from my so called friend Tom Farley who befriended me at 8 years old and spent 30 years hunting me down and trying toset me up or frame me like the rest of this group.

And my father would regurgitate fragments of my conversations to Tom, trying to irk me.

So now, eventually with who knows how many provokes per day. Every day, for maybe 5 years at this point, and world wide. And not one person being honest, telling you what is going on, and address their issues since 9 years old.What are you going to do? Just sit there and take it until you buy a gun and blow people away?

Clearly, that is the motive. So the question of why? Who knows Adolf Hitler comes to my mind. The why is never going to be told to you unless your psychotic murderers are in jail and this is world wide. Going from 9 – 45 so far.

So just incase someone wants to pretend they cannot comprehend the situation. I will explain it here. Imagine you have a friend. And he walks up to you and every few minutes he gives you a dead arm. And you tell him to stop. But he says “No, it is what it is” just like Elsie Sandoval was hinting to me.

And it just doesn’t ever stop. And then you walk away. But he keep following you. And keeps doing it. He won’t stop. Then you run out of the room, and lock door. The next person takes over. Then you leave the building. Strangers take over. Then you leave the city, strangers take over. Then you leave the country, Strangers take over.

Eventually, what is going to happen? You will start swinging for you life right? Now, everyone world wide clearly knows this is going on, and just INTENTIONALLY ignores it. The moment you start defending yourself they go to the News organizations, tell the world. Some guy gave another guy a dead arm, and he just went ballistic and started swinging out him. They completely leave out what is going on, and knowingly doing so. And this is world wide.

Even more people start following him. 100,000 per day with mental illness tactics with some hinting you are violant, done something, and won’t stop. But not one will actually come forward world wide and say this is wrong. Which is UNFATHOMABLE! But it is happening. Not one person in a direct sentence will state what has been said to them, how they are getting the information. Going to the police, giving you information to defend yourself. Or hold people accountable. Literally a world wide conspiracy to remove you from society.

Then you start going to therapists to deal with the pain. But they don’t want you talking. They are taking part every way, shape and form. Some are trying to manipulate you wish lies to get you to check into a mental instition saying it is group chat. And not only this Lorena Escobar is getting the contents of your sessions and being given to the world of any dirt she can use against you.

One tried to tell me things like “You can’t defend yourself” like anyone could. And what was she trying to do anyways? Get me togo buy a gun and go ballistic blowing people away? Things like this? But not at any point is any of this wrong.

Some, actually played mind games with the. It is not wrong for mass groups to follow you from place to place making you mentally ill and killing you. Because you cannot control people, and non of that matters. So if people are trying to make you sick. You do what they say, and not stop the murderers.

So, if you can’t comprehend what has been said in these last few paragraphs, to me, you might be a danger to society, and I wouldn’t want you around me.

So at this point, I know I need to do something to try to stop this mass world wide murder operations, with nothing on my side, no world wide resources like them, all alone, and no means to defend myself. But when people keep giving you dead arms so to speak, it is human nature to start giving them back.

So I started pen clicking back. But of course, like I said before on their one sided internet based news operations to the world in secret which no one thinks is wrong and any person who doesn’t like me can give the world any lie they please without any sort of accountability, which is not normal, and well thought out since 9 years old. They say. Look what Kevin is doing. And not mass mobbings are wrong. So not only are we pretty much talking about a billion to one. Who just woke up at 29 finding this out. But somehow a billion to one is a fair fight, especially from the guy who spent his life avoiding fights and helping everyone in his path.

Not that, that is what the world is told in secret. They will try to leverage their lies by collecting art, saying I can’t see myself, saying I am a paranoid schitzo. You name it. It has been given to the world to control the situation instead of letting me have a life.

The more I find out about what has been done to me growing up, the more lies they made up about me to coverup their endless crimes against me.

I’m not sure what the time period this was but I can recall Lorena Escobar either saying something to me, or my father, or hinting with their innuendos about me writing blogs about people on the internet. But like usual, I could not understand why they were saying this but now it all makes sense. In order for them to blast lies to the world, just like pretty much every lie they blasted about me. And in order to try to ruin my credibility. This is how they operate. Lorena Well tell the world I am writing blogs about people, and then blast to the world every lie known to man about me. Then everyone will be pissed off at me with her lies, and then when I have to defend myself. She will say. See, I told you so. This is strategically planned out with these types of tactics to just figure out a way to remove me from society. And planned with full government and police support. Using world wide resources. This applies to pretty much all their accusations. And they are ENDLESS!

Not only have I ever written anything about anyone on the Internet, until about the age 38. When I realized, these people were not going to stop and the world needed to know the truth. Which I can assure you Lorena and my family went BALLISTIC trying to stop me. With endless threats, thugging, saying I am trying to jam car doors by passing out cars, car tires slashed, top slashed, tires slashed,Car egged, me egged, People threatening me if a card was on their car, then mass groups following me from place to place. Especially Black Groups, That is about 9 years after finding out at 29. Watching billions working on me world wide.

After going to Private investigators, Police, News, Lawyers, with proof. I was pretty much threatened and thugged by all of them. All working togethor. And if I called one PI, all the others would be contacted world wide not to help me. And they would do things like be told to say the same identical things to covertly let me know. They would not help. Example. Maybe each and everyone would say “Good luck with that” or “Bye Bye” over and over in sequence so you know they are communicating. But nothing is directly said.

It also means that they know one person is being hunted by billions in secret and they don’t think this is wrong which is unpheomable.

So at this point, they start telling the world with their lies since 12 years old since I kissed a black girl. That Elita is black and I am makingher mentally ill. Because I hate black people. But of course this is just the next racial lie, in a list of endless lies to the world in secret. And of course, like usual, nothing is said to me so I have no clue what anything is about until people start trying to kill me in mass groups with angry innuendos and hints. But like usual, not one person world wide can strangely address the issue with a direct sentence. Like I said. DESIGNED THIS WAY.

Also, my father is telling me, a few years later from this. That people are afraid of me. Which does not make any sense that the kind, genereous, fun, open minded, accepts everyone, person who is the nicest person people would be afraid of. Because that is like saying.

Some guy spend his life helping everyone in his path. Spend half his life flying to other countries, helping feed the homeless. And things like this. And people are afaid of him, is like waking up in a twilight zone episode. It just doesn’t make any sense. Especially if no one will tell you.

Of course then it’s the schitzo scam.

But then finally realizing that all sorts of weird endless incidences growing up to frame me were going on. For example, around the age of maybe 14, my mother asks me if I hit Josh Burnum, a neighbor kid in a lower grade on our street, which I had no association with, if I hit him in the head with a golf club.

Which she denies saying. A bullet hole got in my fathers Mercedes when I was 16, and when I was in College, my brother was working with introducing me to someone named Jason BAUM, and the name might be important on their schitzofrenia tactics. And they sent a squater into my house and he tries to manipulate me into profiling confessions asking me if I want him to scare him with a gun, to get a confession about my fathers Mercedes. Then of couse his dissapears. At the same time, the Police, to cover up what they did, tell the world I hit the homeless guy in the head with a Bike tire, and got rid of him. And I am sure they probably didn’t mention that the guy was not even paying rent. Probably saying I just didn’t like a roomate or something.

Of course, the only really factual evidence of this situation is that Eric Feely sublet a room to a homeless stoner who sipped everclear and smoked a bong and didn’t pay rent. Moved into my room to push me out. And after the police were called a few times, turned out he was protected by paper for some time to remove me. Me then moving out.

But coincidentally, my mother knew the Schiller Family, and had a spy and setup /frame job artist for me named Noe Schiller. But little did I know what was going on. I was just trying togo to college and get an education.

So you can imagine what is being said to people world wide. I tried to kill my father or scare him with a gun, I hit some homeless guy with a Bike tire. Hence my brothers other friend he introduced me to Mike Wexler working on the hitting homeless people confessions. And these types of things given to the world in secret. All I am told is. “Your past caught up with you” “You know what you did” and yet these accusations to the world are endless.

Now you might say, According to my family, I am a crazy, psychotic, schitzo nut job, with no self control, and have done such horrible things that the world needs to know in secret and I have world wide neighborhood watch groups right?

So if your son was like this would you walk up to him and say, or have Lorena Escobar his thug say “I want you to work for us and do the IT?” Of course not! No way in hell! I am a danger to myself or others according to them!

So the act of hiring me shows PREMEDITATION! This all started at 9, but lets say it started at around the time 5 years prior I was on the second floor above them, while they were plugging their Golden State network cables into the switch in their room on our network. It means they knowingly hired me that I am crazy. Really meaning that it is just another setup. Because no sane person would hire me if these lies were true.

Then of course, it’s some scam how I am the doctors son,and the BOSS, and I am taking other. Probably because they were dataming all my music and going from song to song in literals.

Like Lorena Escobar putting plants at my desk and only my desk and when we would come back from lunch she would sing. “welcome to the jungle” because they seem to be mad at me for buying Guns N Roses albums another crime of mine.

If you don’t know the beginning lyrics “Welcome to the Jungle, we like fun and games” also, I believe they were using the movie Deadpool to either take things out of, or maybe in. to try to apply to my so called schitzo profile they were telling the world.

Image result for guns n roses

Image result for dead pool 1995 clint

Scene From the Movie with Jim Carrie, but all sorts of things were taken out of the movie and sort of applied to me to try to trip me out and scare me into some kind of schitzo confession, or try to make it look like I was taking things from movies and conforming to them.

Just as the new Dead Pool movie has all sorts of parallels taken from the writers perception of my life. And fragments used in this movie, just like many others. Who knows their reasoning.

Image result for Deadpool

So around this time, the Office is set up with old Windows NT 4.0 Servers maintained by Tim Thompson a person who was involved in one of their elaborate scams to get this person in my life. What happened wast that, I played a lot of pool, because growing up my father had a pool table in his house and I loved to play pool.

Went off to college, played a lot of pool and felt it was a challenge to strive to be the best you can be at something and get good at it. Well, I guess my family watched some pool playing movies about Hustling and in their black and what psychotic thinking with no middle ground, to them, Pool is a shady sport and that is it. And you are supposedly around shady people.

But of course like everything in life, that is not true unless your actions are shady. For example, if my entire life consists of hustling people and taking their money, and sharking them or treating them like shit. Then yes, I am putting myself in a shady position. But if I am just playing pool for no money, making friends with pool players. That is not relevant to the argument.

That is like me saying anyone who works out is on steroids. And most are not. So going to the gym can land you in jail. No absurd as this is. This is their thought process, or at least what they try to convince me. While being different with everyone else. Most likely to try to make me look crazy. With the Motives to remove me from society.

So needless to say, when I lived in Colorado, and went to University of Coloerado, one person sent after me to befriend me and work on some angles which I had no clue was going on name was Steve Mckpike. Now I can’t remember anything of significance. Maybe he was just one of the more passive, you can’t see who you are and showing you ones.

But after I moved, Steve McPike called me up. Said he wanted to fly out. Show me how Microsoft ASP works. A programming language, and we went out and shot some pool.

While shooting pool, he noticed a man he knew from Colorado, named Tom Thompson who moved here. We all met, and got along. Steve left, and I became friends with Tim Thompson, who supposedly worked with Hot Body International doing their IT.

But little did I know Tim was sent after me. And I gave him free space in our office and wanted to make money with him and everyone else and do things with my life.

When Tim Showed his true colors in the end with Mike Huntley and everyone else working togethor, one of the things he was mad about was something about how I did something wrong to Steve by him coming out and teaching me what Microsoft ASP was. Who knows, is there argument that I used Steve by planting subliminal messages in his head and make him call me and come out. Something they would probably tell me to try to make me look crazy.

At this point, I believe I stated earlier that Tim was involved in putting on spyware on my computer and working with my fathers office to cable into the switch they had in the room next door to us. Which my mindset was it was my fathers office. And trustable people. Lesson learned. Although Mike will try to make me think this is my fault by saying I am careless. And it’s my fault somehow. And I had better not say anyting about it. Also, Tim was spying on my computer and as I was talking to people on Instant Messanger, mimicking back to me my private conversations, showing that they were mad about something. And I can assure you this something starts at around 9 years old. Or around the time my brother started bullying me as kids. And not any of their world wide lies, Setup attempts or frame jobs to the world.

Needless to say, this pattern of behavior with everyone in my life has always been the same. Me being as nice as possible, and person after person targeting me. Then telling the world I did this or that to them or others.

So, My father, before me Hired Tim to maintain their networks. No big deal to me really. At that point Tim Put her personal servers in their office. No big deal to me either.

So coming into that office, the Systems were Windows NT 4.0 Server. So I decided to do my job and restructure the system being that we were past Windows 2000, and on around Windows 2003 Server. And what they had was a fossible.

Image result for windows nt 4.0

Well, Lorena Escobar, the person who goes out to lunch and orders Salmon for every single meal. Which is most likely an OCD scam. And says that things like Using email instead of using normal mail, we should not be doing. It causes problems and isn’t efficient. Or does not believe in things like server maintenance, or touching anything until it breaks. And of couse, like usual, I did not say anything mean to her about it. Maybe some friendly jokes like we all do with each other, and not in a mean way.

Ok, so imagine by 2016, updating the operating system to something like Server 2016, or even something older like 2012 R2. And all of a sudden huge amounts of money is used to disseminate to the world that you think you are the Boss, and trying to take over the company while being attacked by mass groups calling you BOSS, over and over until it’s inuendos and not random events. To try to terrorize you for doing your job. While then Lorena Starts trying to cover her ass with empty accusations that you went after women, are a pedaphile, you stink, your a car thief, She’s offended by a shirt I wore at 20 yrs old in a different state she should have no info of that no sane person would care about, you are violent. On and on and on and on and on and on.

And of course, of the who knows how many lunches I have been approached and invited too with them. on the couple of councidence, of ordering the same thing, have been passive aggrssively retailated upon by my father, restaurant employees, and mass world wide groups by simply ordering the same thing once in a while. Showing their motives.

Which not only any IT person in the world tell you that computers have all sorts of problems. Need maintenance, updates. And as newer technology comes out. You need to update the systems.

Not only this, but any home user can express their computer glitches issues which need to be fixed, or maybe they just give up and buy a new computer if they don’t know what they are doing.

An example would be. Adobe stops supporting windows XP with adobe reader. So in order to use Adobe reader, you need windows 7 at that point. While this varies from software to hardware, and the manufacturers decisions. You get the point that everything is changing and evolving. Not like Lorena Escobar, My family, or the people who befriended me, and want to try to tell me how life is and I think differently to terrorize, control, dictate my life with the bigger picture to just create sickness and remove me from society.

So, while nothing was directly said about this. I am sure this is probably around the time she started telling the masses I think I am the Boss and taking over the world. Working with Elita, and Fernanda. Tony, George. Patti Googin, and Denise, all working on me with very subtle passive aggressive terror tactics to try to provoke me into a reaction to use against me.

At around the same time, I decided I was going to build some web servers and learn the internet side of IT. And like Tim, being that it was my fathers office, and did not think he would mind. Especially with them not minding some strangers servers in the office. The doctors son should not be a big deal not realiing the people that I was surrounded by. Especially my family. While I cannot tell you if my father minded having some simple windows web servers in his office. I can tell you, now knowing, he would never tell me, and just rid me of the world. Instead of just saying something like “I don’t feel comfortable with those here” But of course, he will then probably tell people that he is scared of me, playing the victim, and tell everyone that I put a bullet hole in his mercedes and things like this from one of there endless frame jobs.

And of course him telling me once, That “People are afraid of you” something I cannot process because that comment seems to be based on his lies to the world and keeping me in the dark. Of him telling the world I am like his X-wife Janet, suffer abandonment issues, and will physically change into the hulk, or like Kevin in the movie SPLIT made from someones perception of the lies about me.

While my servers were in there, I noticed several times, people hacking into them, and uploading media into them, and trying to turn them into media repositories which I had to redo several times until I got into Firewalling.

But I can tell you that the 14 years I was there, they were trying to get confessions about those servers. And right before taking them out. Noticed they even had cabling going into my switch which they left the cable hanging. And an IT guy going through them which I am sure is the same one they hired to sabotage the systems I was working on across this 14 year period.

From things like logging into client computers and turning off their network connection in such ways they could all come after me and locking files on the nas with Read only access and things like this which they figured out with George Escobar how to do. But if your asking yourself if someone was sabotaging the office and making people paranoid and them coming after me. This isn’t the case. Everyone in the office knows of what is going on and being done to me.

There were all in on it. So no matter what you tell anyone. They will hunt you down anyways. And if it’s not about the office computers, because you proved your case. Then they will jump to trying to find things out of your childhood to give to the world.

Around this time, Lorena Escobar wanted me to install software that tracked files being copied across the network. Which is basically corporate spyware software and started to do some research.

These types of packages are very similar to the home parental control software for recording every aspect of your computer. From keylogging (recording your key strokes), internet web surfing documentation, Taking screenshots of your desktop, whatever minutes you want and archiving them. Appication usage, and for how long. You name it, it’s recorded.

The same types of things they were doing to my life. Accept even if I did implement it. technecally it would not be wrong. And would be used in case I was asked to get information like my father just did a Week ago to me about Fernanda Sime, where they were trying to set me up. He asks me If we can see what is on her computer. I say, we can check the firewall logs. After he gets logs of her blasting out endless adds of her computer by something she got on it. He says to me. And Fernanda kept pretending something was wrong with her computer because she could not go to personal websites to monitor her son in school. And when I go to login to fix it she yells at me that I am spying on her. Well, how can I fix a computer and not work on it at the same time or I am spying on her? Also, when I say, well, this isn’t even business related. She texts me how I am playing games with her and of couse, which they all get togethor and do and say at the same time is “We can’t work” saying I am playing ggames with them. She texts my father these things which clearly already knows this is being done to me. And he says lets see why she’s so defensive and wants to see the firewall logs. But Fernanda has spent over 14 years working on me with the police and these mass groups trying to set me up. Endless harassment from her saying things like “Don’t worry, you will get your will” and random angry statements towards me. On some imaginery will I have no clue I have because my father isn’t dead yet. While sabotaging me going out and trying to make a life for myself. Does this sound odd yet? She has been involved in police following me to Starbucks simply grabbing a coffee and things like this. And the firewall logs even show her going to police websites over and over.

Fernanda Lapd.jpg

Also, one of the things I found strange was that out of all the computers in the offices, Fernandas always got the most exploits on it. And her not wanting a firewall, or demanding the Administrator passwords for things like installing adobe Acrobat, or having calmed Login with LogMeIn instead of contacting me without harassing me, or allowing me to do my job was strange.

But, I would always have to redo her computer once it got to the point of a corrupted operating system each time. But where things get really strange is that, when I started finding things like Spam Servers on her computer blasting out, thousands of emails per minute. This type of things doesn’t get on someone computer by surfing bad websites. This type of thing involves people logging in, and installing applications and such.

Other insignificant things that didn’t matter so much is advertising adds blasting out like 30,000 sessions per day. Things like this. Which usually get in from weird exploit websites, she could be going too. But who knows what she is involved in. Since she is working with this large group of people to figure out how to remove me from society.

Of course these things start in on me at 9 years old and it just goes from accusation to accusation world wide from one thing to the next. But lets just indulge this will thing for a moment. While around 16 years old we have my father coming up to me asking me if I want to go to a seminar called “Where there is a will, there is a way” Also, hints put in a movie called ENEMY with lots of things that are sort of supposed to portray my life with my brother in a surreal method.

Image result for enemy

The movie the Evil Brother is in, in this movie is called “Where there’s a will there’s a way”

And it probably has a tangent to a childhood movie my brother and Darrin Moiselle made with me in it they called “Psychos” where he put a knife up to my throat and said “Lets make him the 5th member of the BeeGee’s” nothing that I really thought of or bothered me. Until sort of connecting the dots years later.

And possibly the reason their is so much people in the Entertinment industry coming after me might be from Jason, my brothers friend Darrin Moisselle taking part because he writes for Hollywood.

But we have Lorena being paid to rid me of the world with who is supposedly an office manager who does absolutly nothing but get paid something like 150,000 a year. And women keep coming into my life while in college and such trying to set me up any way possible. And all my Brothers friends are introduced to me. While trying to make me mentally ill, set me up, frame me and help. Lorena is my brothers age. And we worked above her at Signet with Mike Huntley My brothers friend getting me close to them stretegically. So they could exterminte me easier. Now, one could theoretically say that at the age 9 years old, my successful Doctor brother wants some will that does not exist and you don’t know what it is, or if there is one, unless someone is dead. And it wouldn’t be that much anyways. And of course, my brother is telling me that, he and his friends made a teacher mentally ill, and put them in a mental instition and then started working on me telling me. That they have a bug in my room and are listening to everything I am doing, trying to turn me into a paranoid schitzofrenic. While him and his friends, and my friends with his friends are all going out doing these things and pinning them on me.

But where all this seems to fall apart is that this is a world wide campaign. Not one person thinks this is wrong. The police, government are involved. Endless Teachers and professors in college are involved in these mental illness tactics. I am attacked upwards of 100,000 times per day. Fox News, Every media outlet from Adult to Mainstream is involved. Every person since 10 years old weather friends of my brothers, or random people I meet are involved. And your telling me that this is because my Brother or Lorena wants some imaginery will does not add up. Because people would come forward with what they know.

One could also say that since Lorena is like my fathers silicon breasted daughter who he keeps around for no reason and pays a lot of money too. This is the type of person that doesn’t want to work for a living so comes after me for this imaginary will, but it still does not add up.

Now maybe they are trying to say I’ve somehow done something wrong and I want the will to try to make me look crazy and violent. But who really knows. Because like I said. It goes from one thing to the next since 9 years old. And this seems more like an Adolf Hitler hate thing. Kevin is differen’t, EXTERMINATE HIM!

As well as the police following me to the office trying to thug me quiet.

Also, while Aubrey Fisher is trying to get child molestation confessons and things like this, she keeps mentioning she has a will and is jewish. Which isn’t much there, but being she and all these people have establishing a pattern of behavior. And Fernandas involvement in having a friend co-sign for a house and say she will move in for a couple of years, and then screw them over and take the house.

Or the endless attempts to get togethor and pretend she and everyone can’t work, and then DEMAND I give her the Administrator password. And my father tells me to do it. Finding out they hired other IT people to come after me with mental illness tactics sabotage the network and try to pin on me. Which I do not have proof of. But you can see when working on the systems. Knowing the systems, and seeing the things that happen in such a way that doesn’t make sense to the way computers work.

Also, I believe their was an incident where she was working with the polie and Starbucks, and people waiting at my house trying to indirectly scare thug me quiet. And coming in the office she basically threatened me “This is not a game”

Example. this is just one of 14 years of this done to me.

In the “Change Adapteor Settings”

Image result for Network Connections

The Ethernet connection keeps getting disabled on multiple computers to specific people at certain times that are meant to make it look like I am doing something to people. And any IT person will tell you this adapter is slim to non that it gets disabled. It may not connect. But doesn’t get disabled unless their is a driver issue. And then usually disapears.

And also, at the same time Fernanda, George, Lorena, and others all have done everything known to man to get me to take down the firewall, making claims I have blocked them and stopped them from working. All lies. Or doing such things as clicking on an email link that goes to some spam violation site the firewall picks up on, and says, this site is not safe.

Then people like Leonor will say. Kevin is blocking me from going to And I will will show her and make her read the link on the bottom where the firewall shows it is something else. She will keep working this tactic, and then I will say, like I did a month ago. Well send me the link in email and I will check to see what it is.

Well guess what. She did not send me the link.

Also, this tacic might be done be several people at the same day. All prepared with their violation links, and then  they will all say Kevin is blocking us.

Image result for untangle website block

Sample violation screen showing they have the ability to see what they did wrong and conveniently ignore each time. This sample one says “”

Also, they will do things like all get togethor saying they cannot login from home in the remote desktop. And when I try to help them they will say. “I am not giving Kevin my ip, he is hacking me if he has it” or spying on them. But any rational person knows an IP is an IP like a home address is a home address. And thing like hacking and spying involve seriious knowledge of how to break into a system, which I have been accused of back in 1994 with Lin Junkin. Yet they are trying to claim that some guy who learned 3D Studio and some basic HTML is some ultimate hacker.

Non of it remotly adds up.

And my father will lie through his teeth saying things like this is how offices are.

This is a picture of the Police waiting for me to come into the office trying to scare and intimdate me about one of their coverups of sending someone into my house in Colorado, and trying to scare me into a false confession about the bullet hole in my farthers mercedes, then saying I hit the squatter not paying rent in the head with bike tires. A lie, Matt one of my roomates made up. To try to figure out ways to say it was me and I did it. All as a coverup if I found out what was going on.


And I’ve watched the police follow me from place to place for years trying to scare, thug intimidate me quiet about what I was finding out.

This is the website Fernanda is tracking her child with and went ballistic because the firewall might have been stopping something strange, and instead of letting me fix it. Kept accusing me that I was spying on her by logging in and trying to fix it. As if the IT person doesn’t have the right to fix or maintain the company systems. Trying to create a situation where she could get me to take down the firewall for some strange reason.

Also the firewall showed her going to LAPD over and over for somthing. Showing that most likely she was defensive about taking part in this campaign.

“WE GOT IT” basically trying to pin, what he asked for on me.

Image result for spector pro

This gives you the idea of what capabilities someone who calls themselves your friend has to use against you for a cheap price. But in my case, they are taking what they collect out of context. Or even putting things on the compuer. For example, One situation that Happened to me with them  while at my company, with Mike Huntley was, I was building a web dtabase and testing the insert Queries, and typing in random words. “All Bundy” “Ted Bundy” “Fred” “Bill” “Dog” “donut” you get the idea.

Well any rational person would say. Some guy is testing an insert query and typing in random things to make sure the code works. But instead. What they did was say to the world. Kevin Typed in “Ted Bundy” and telling the world I am schitzo and dangerous with endless funding and resources in secret.

And people on social networks subtweating to me about the wierd and freaky things I am doing. But first off, putting spyware on peoples computers is obsessed weird and freaky. Also, selectivly picking one word out of the bunch and appying it to how you want it then telling the world you are a danger to yourself or others is beyond any level of demented, Calculated, and clearly someone who wants to rid you of the world. So for these people to try to Brainwash me saying I am the one with the problem. Explains why they have world wide army’s to mentally batter me quiet is becaus they don’t want the truth coming out.

This is also beyond any level of violating and depending on how it is done and the data is used. They are trying to use the data they collect to create menta illness.

This explains why Lorena Escobar is telling the world I am a hacker and saying things to me about “What people are doing on their computers in the privacy of their own homes” because she is a psychotic lunatic which hunts you down and tries to kill you on payroll by my father, working with my brother and all his friends since 9 years old.

But like usual, specifically what I have done cannot be addressed, because their is nothign I have done wrong. Just them packaging lies in an endless hate and rage against me. And if I did something so bad, the Police would have arrested me and proved my guilt.

After researching the software, tying a few out, I deciedd that I did not want to deploy them and be part of something like that. It didn’t feel acceptable to me. Which I can see why Lorena woult try to get me to do that, then tell the world I think I am the Boss, and these aren’t her decisions.

I did however install tons of audit and maintenance software later on like Spiceworks to keep the systems healthy which they don’t approve of me working out the kinks in the system and started stalking me for, especially with another guy they hired to try to get a confession that I have done something wrong to try to coverup their crimes against me.

Spiceworks does things like notify you if a computers hard drive is full, or something goes wrong. And of course when fixing these problems on clients computers without them asking me to. So they can be efficient. They start coming after me trying to terrorize me into false confessions, or hints and innuendos I am doing something to them.

This was done way later, maybe in 2012.

Related image

According to them, I am causing problems by being pro active and making sure the network stays healthy and think I am the Boss.

Around this time or might have been before hired. Hard to place the timing was so long ago a girl working with my Family, Friends, and More importantly, a Stripper named Aubrey Fisher was sent after me.

Related image

Aubrey, And I think with A Huslter girl named Traci Anna Koval sent after me that I built a website were working on me. It was Tim Thompson who brought in Traciana Koval and referred her to me while In my office before I found out about what they were doing.

There is also something with Traci Anna Koval working with someone to put a Spy Camera in Gene Simmons hotel room or something to try to get dirt on him and expose him that she tried to get me to take part in. And I told her I would have no part of this. While these links don’t really look official and like cheap SEO marketing. It gives you an idea of what is going on. And I really haven’t taken the time to research it being that I found out since 9 years old, 1000’s of lies are being told to the world with endless lies, setup attempts, and frame jobs. Which I have a feeling, this was all to frame me. And Tim Thompson sending her after me was PREDITATELY doing this with her. For the sole purpose that not one person has directly accused me of anything. Which would show that they have somethign to hide, and that telling someone they are imagining being exterminated does not happen. People generally tell you what you did in anger. Especially if this is world wide.

While poeople like Greg Gutfeld try to hint to you on his shows directed at you to create mental illness. That shady people suffer from paranoia from their life styles. Well not true. If you are living a life, and someone accuses you of something and are mad. Most of them tell you why. Because they want you to know what you did wrong when coming after you or are mad at you. Showing that, they know I haven’t done anything wrong. It is more about teaching lessons if you aren’t some kind of perfect person that fits someones idea of what a person should be. Kind of like a republican template that every has to fit in order to stand up and run for something in office. You have to learn to speak and say the same exact things in order to fit a profile. Example, all republicans will have the same beliefs on abortion, national security, etc. And if they don’t fit that profile. They are not considered viable. Well, real people come from all different aspects of life and the world. And for someone to say, this is who you have to be, are like Adolf Hitler. Provided you are doing nothing wrong. And I sure as hell have not.

Now there is no doubt, Lorena Escobar is ending all these people after me, and probably paying them. Like Jen Hess, The Cheerleader in College the tried to set me up with. Way before any of my shady lifestyle as they would try to say. Showing that this is not about any type of life style.

The Site I built For her to make Money

Traci Anna Koval result for gene simmons kiss

Image result for gene simmons kiss

It should also be noted that, coincidently, my brother his a huge fan of KISS. Which I find interesting. And Darrell Oon, a fellow pool player, who needed a place to live when he had no money, and I gave him several months of free room and board, in Colorado, right before Mike Huntley contacting me in Colorado, taking me to a KISS concert. This seems very relevant when my brother started in on me at 14 years old with his Paranoid Schitzofrenia tactics and things like this.

I can only imagine what the world was told after me saying I don’t want any part. As a coverup. Just like everything else in my life.

Also, I just noticed. Right now, going through the old code I have from 2001, that Mike Huntley who did all the server related things, Like Set up the SQL server created a password called “eye2I@401k” which I then used in my code building the sites as they put spyware on my computer trying to make it look like I was supposedly up to all these things and angry and in a rage. Also, keep in mind, Although Mike approached me to start this company. Eventually he left Amgen where he had a 401K.

Which seems to be relevant to when this all starts around the Age 9 years old. Them using the movie from Chuck Norris, “Eye for an Eye” Which the first time I’d seen it is at the age 45, last month.

My father working with the police to put a bullet hole in his car, and tell the world I tried to kill him and scare him as I stated earlier. And My father getting me a job when I was in High School working on cars by the owner Gabby ANGLE, who they told me to drive Chuck Norris’s car home, as they loostened the lugnuts on the car. As well as one of the employees throwing a wrench at me.

And Mike Huntley saying something weird to me as I started to get paranoid and wonder what was going on. Something to the extent of  “All the stars aligned properly”


Also, in Chicago, where my Uncle is, for his sons Barmitzvah, my brother hinting to me that they were getting rid of me for looking at a girl or girls. Basically Hinting about Christy Reynolds. In Middle School, and girl I thought was attractive. Couldn’t keep my eyes off of. And was to shy to tell her way I couldn’t stop looking at her. Which my mother said to me, when I looked up at her and was thinking deeply after she said something. “What is that, a Death Stare” Showing that their is nothing even close to any sort of middle ground in life when it comes to my family.

So you can see, when I tell Elsie Sandoval that it was Mike Huntley doing these things to me. And she instantly after that tells the police I hit her, like Jen Hess’s coverups. How things are really being done to try to keep me quiet and exterminate me. And who is involved.

And I can recall Traci wanting me to take some pictures of her as I was getting back into photography. From College days. Although at that point getting back into it, was the beginning of the digital era of photography. And there wasn’t much selection.

I had a consumer crapper. But it didn’t have lenses and wasn’t geared for portrait work. And while I was going around doing landscapes, and city scenes. The pictures wouldn’t look great. And here is a model and she wants pictures. So I can recall surfing the net, ebay, craigslist for a used Canon 10D. Which there wasn’t many options like now.

I can buy a used Canon 10D now for $50 back then it was $1400.00. And talking to the people around me trying to find something to learn with.

Well, out of the blue, the Nice personality of my father went out and bought without me asking a 10D. And back then I thought he was the greatest thing since the invention of the automobile. Little did I know.

Instantly George Escobar in the office goes in some kind of Jealous rage. And every time I went out, bought a new car or something. He would say things like. Oh, your daddy bought you that car or things like this. He was also working on some angle that I was somehow competing with him. As if we are friends and I have any clue of his personal life. And George as pretty much spent all day and night for the last 14 years making up every company lie known to man about me.

He was telling everyone I was a pedaphile, and was telling me he checks his daughters facebook every day to see what she is doing.

They sat an Employee Dominique next to me who had people following me around. And George would keep saying to me. You know, Dominique’s brother works for the police busting Child Porn.

He would make up lies such as, When I installed Libre Office on the computers. And told them that they should switch. It’s better, Supports all formats, does more, Is newer, and is Free, Instead of having to pay for an outdated version of Word Perfect which not many people use on a few computers. He went around telling my father that I told him he has to use Libre Office.

George Escobar also at one point found out I bought a 1968 firebird that needed restoring, then I didn’t get too, from what my life is. And one day, in woodland hills were I live, I saw a 1968 restored firebird that was grey, with black stripes.

George restored it. And I am guessing with my fathers money. And while doing this with little sarcastic teases. But after this. He wanted to sell me it. And I knew instantly what was going on.

Can you imagine agroup of people telling the world I am schitzo, crazy, a copy cat murderer, a pedophile, things like this. You see a Grey and Black firebird. Then suddenly you have a grey and black firebird! Do you get the point? These things are done to me over and over to try to package to the world to try to make me look crazy. Also, I do not think Grey and Black are factory colors. So it’s something a lot of restoration people would not use.


Image result for 1968 firebird silver black


And of course, I could not find a silver and black firebird picture so you just have to visulaize the camera paint from the top on the firebird.

Not the actual car. But same car and what it looked like.

And while Lorena Escobar is fully aware of Georges, and everyone elses behavior because my Fathers X Limo Driver Dion Bush overheard her in the office while fixing one of the vending machines. Overheard her saying that I am crazy and to do thse things to me.

Yet when telling my father this already knowing his involvement. Out came his Labels. “Well Dion is a Criminal” completely ignoring not only the statement, but video proof of being endless attacked.

But there are a few things you need to understand about my familty, and what is going on. Now first off. Dion the Limo driver, just like Allen the Limo Driver that followed me to the Topanga Starbucks coming after me was no coincidence.

This all stems from a childhood prank. One my brother and friends did first, And me thinking it was funny so I did it. My brother picked up the phonebook, and he and his friends started calling Limo’s to his friends houses Like Darrin Moiselle. And maybe Jim Leff. And I thought it was funny so I called a Limo to Taylor Amicks. Ok, so what, big deal right? a childhood prank! although some Limo driver probably didn’t think it was funny. But you know. I am not perfect and was one of my few things I did.

But what I find odd, is that my parents finding out somehow. Have no concern about my brother and not just this, but all his activities with his friends. Especially killing his younger brother do not phase them.

But I call 1 Limo and 20 years Later my father is sending Dion Bush after me with other Limo drivers to hunt me down forever. Seems kind of strange and psychotic. Now Dion was being played, and my father was playing both sides of the fence like my family does. So my father was making up every pathological lie known to man about me. And then he was telling me Dion was a Criminal. Dion was doing things like asking me to do photoshoots of his wedding. Then at the end of his wedding picking up the microphone and belittling me in front of everyone. As If I did something to him? except like usual, be the nicest person imagineable. Now you can try to say moronic things like “Your past caught up with you” but when you hear that. It means you did something Horrific and Drastic. Not a insignificant Prank. And such. Yet my brother is out running cars off the road, going on his RUNS to get people to chase them, then Training Day, like getting me to go with them, while telling the world it is me. And all the things he was doing are with his friends. But clearly my family damn well knows what he did. And for some reason, they want to pin it on me. Because they don’t like me for being different! Being a good person.

Needless to say, Dion kind of disapeared from his abuse when I told him my father was saying he was a criminal. And he probably realized at this point. he was being used and tooled to do their dirtywork.

So, at this point, I have a lot of fear about going out and working with people, because of what was done to my life, and watching world wide groups working on me all day and night which never stops. With being lied too that I am imaging it. And just the shock of the whole situation on the level of magnitude and scale which would not stop and still has not.

But I decided to get back into photography, and do not believe I ever took a picture of Traci Anna Koval. Just built a website for her.

At this point Aubrey Fisher gets into photgraphy around the same time. But there were some things with Aubrey going on beforehand when I was at my own company Signet which I did not pick up on.


First, this campaign is about creating mental illness and especially Paranoid Schtizofrenia. And so they use people’s names to try to create mental illness and things like this. So Aubrey was told to work with Tom Farley, Rodie Morales, and who knows how many others using the name FISHER to fish for information. Just like Mike HUNTLEY was basically told to hunt me down using my middle name and freaky things like this.

So after using some of my code I built for a Larger Website system for the adult industry. A Database driven system. In the early days before myspace, facebook, etc. I used some of the code to put Aubry online for a website.

And because the code was ASP database driven. She could upload her own pictures and such. So one of the things she did was upload some little boys picture with a shirt off. Then of course called me digging for information asking me if I think it is appropriate. While I did not make the connection until years later that this was just one of many endless people to try to create world wide witch hunts to remove me from society. You can understand how all these people, especially in my fathers office with Lorena Escobar are all working together.

They’ve been working on this pedophilia, child porn, child molestor, kidnapping accusations my entire life. Trying to set me up, trying to prove it, or just making up the lies to cover it up. I can even recall talking to one 28 year old or something on IRC once, and all of a sudden, she tells me she is 13. After that I stopped talking to her. Not believing her of course.

But, why accuse me of this? Well this is just one of endless accusations, from being car thief, to anger and rage, to trying to make people mentally ill. Once you see the pattern that one person sequentially after the next comes in your life since 9 years old, trying to give the world every accusation known to man to rid you of the world in secret, you understand what the true motive is. Just to EXTERMINATE. To remove from society. There really is no reason but hate.

After this, because Aubrey knew that I was getting back into Photography, and trying to do something that involved working more with people, then computers, Aubrey swept in buying a camera and getting into Studio Photography as well. She also asked me to help her and be her assistant saying she wanted my technical skills.

So while I helped her out with some stupid things like holding a reflector, she would have the people she brought along for the shoots harass me. But of course. I did not react or even really know exactly what was going on it was so big.

Not only this, but she was taking pictures of people who I had interactions with, who I find out were involved in hunting me. She took pictures of Mila, Venice. Probably trying to get me jealous or something. After this she says to me. “I think I am going to quit photography” of course I tell her not too.

Venice the Stripper who worked at Spearmint Rhino Van Nuys. Told me she worked at Bare Elegance after Mike Slipped some weird things in a contract for a website and she didn’t sign it

Mila, from Bare Elegance down in Los Angeles. Collecting information to use against me. Pretending she is too sensative. And them pretending she is some girl Julia Sophia Reynoso, a supposedly a Brazilian, which was probably really Rodie Morales on IRC stalking me. When I said something eluding about Julia Sophia, they flipped out, saying I am stalking and mobbing her. Working with Adriana Olivarez, in my fathers office. Who befriended me and was telling everyone in the office “I am going to get the doctors son” clearly working with Lorena Escobar. To “Protect the company” as she says.

Another thing that was done to me, while at the Spearmint Rhino in Van Nuys, the DJ was blasting hinting messages about “Daddies little Hooker” after me. Something that someone did while in the same Art Department as me, in University of Colorado. Which made the Boulder paper, and offended a lot of people in regards to JonBenét Ramsey murders.


Which seems kind of Relevant, that my father is sending all these women after me over and over. And Rodie Morales is taking me to Strip Club, and when I freak out and get paranoid, that something isn’t right. He changes from my friend, to an interogative voice saying “It’s not like you’ve killed someone, have you?”

Not only this, but later on, I find out, that Mike Intentionally introducing me to Rodie and wanting to join the Gym with some person who is working with the police on another Murder case with someone from another country who changed their Identity. Is Kind of strange. Especially for this hip workout gym manager, who can just dissapear and used fake names. like Rodie Morales. Hinting about my so called imaginary Fast and Furious days.


At one point, I was driving her to a photoshoot, and I was tapping my foot not paying attention. Who knows why. This isn’t that uncommon. People tap their feet, or random things like this not paying attention. So she says to me “Can you stop tapping your foot” and I stop. But when I am not paying attention once again, I start tapping. Well, that was that with someone sent after you to end your existence. So after this, people world wide for about 6 years were told anywhere in the world, if they see me start tapping. Also, at one point emailing her. I emailed her, and then forgot something and sent another email quickly afterwards. You can only imagine what was done to me for these horrific crimes of mine they say that are.

And what’s weirder then this, is that, around the time of thie art being posted in Universtiy of Colorado Art school, Just one of the many people hunting me working with the Police, My family, Lorena Escobar who was sent after me named Stephanie using the Nickname Skylar, after me joking around with some people asking “Why is the sky blue” trying to make it look like it was about her in another frame job. Tells me she like to Skull Fuck people. Which my family and Lorena Escobar are mad at me suggesting I have wronged her, after her telling me. If I wanted to be her friend, she’d treat me like shit. And me telling her to never contact me again. Which Lorena Escobar, my family and Police, and Government are telling the world that I am playing games with her for walking away. Does this sound kind of Strange and Consistant?

The did the same thing with Jen Hess and endless others. Jen Hess, pretending to be schitzo calling herself Jessie, and acting crazy. Introducing me to her friend Jesse, and Jesse in Oregon saying what is going on? Telling me her name is Jen. Then wanting to build a website where she gives me fake pictures and asks me to check her email for her. In comes Trish Wells. Also, Jen Hess cheating on her husband, telling me she is pregnant with my baby. While telling the world I hit her with a mask on, won’t leave her alone, and am stealing her away from away from her husband while trying to kidnap her kid. while Paul and Mike do such things, like Paul moving to Torrence where she lives and come over all the time! or try to give me information to make me do stupid things that no one could really care about unless being framed. Like look up peronal information on PI service to see who this person is.  Does that sounds strange to anyone?

This person is also invovled, as well with Rodie on such things, both of them. Calling me on the phone, asking me to log in and check their emails, so they could tell the world I am hacking their email accounts. Or better yet, show them the frame jobs by putting spyware, and most likely NSA tools on my computer to leave out the truth of what was really going on.

So with Aubrey playing victim, the common women tactic sent after me since 16, telling the world I am competing with her, and trying to sabotage her. You can only imagine how someone who is being as nice as can be is being hunted and has no clue why.

At this point, Aubrey Fisher knows I am working with people from a website called and she says to me.

You should sign up too it is a growing site.

And little did I know, Aubrey, using these 35 year paranoid schitzofrenia tactics to try to remove me from society any way shape possible was using the names. Like Aubrey FISHER to send me hidden messages about fishing for information. That MAYHEM, was being used to rid me of the world using the entire Model/Photographer/Makeup Artist/Entertainment Industry as well.

So I signup trying to do TFP (Time for Print) an exchange of free services by those wanting to get experience. And find out that the entire site as well as world wide, is hunting me down with every mental illness tactic known to man. From people wanting to work with me to terrorize me. To all day and night terror tactics on the website along with this world wide operations.

Model Mayhem Terror Operations against me with Aubrey Fisher

But not only this. Oddly enough, She would call me, and then when she hung up, Tom Farley would call me. And they would do this over and over. Now Tom Farley didn’t really have a connection to her except a club we went too in Santa Monica, and put out her host invite. And I don’t think they talked. Which I’ve known Tom since like 8 years old.

Who was involved in following me from place to place telling women I hate women, and a baby and things like this and if I don’t get my way will terrorize them. To sabotage my life. They even had a black girl come into Yankee Doodles pool hall, play hard to get. And Tom telling me I should treat her life shit when she said she wasn’t interested. But of course, like usual. That didn’t work and they had to cover up what they were doing.

So, so far what are my usual crimes here? Making the right choices, and showing I am a good person. Well, your targeters generally don’t want that when trying to convince the world your a horrible monster who needs to be killed.

So after this, Lorena Escobar, the so called Golden State Sports Medical Manager, who only really has one job description, and that is pretty much follow the doctors son around the world and try to exterminate him in the grey areas of the law. Asks me if I would do a photoshoot of her.

Of course, not knowing her motives, I said yes, and after this, I had somehow committed a crime by doing a photoshoot with her and creating the art. And I believe after these patterns pictures were created. She really went ballistic telling the world I somehow wronged her. As they continued to go through every artwork I had ever created turning each and every one into some kind of crime or psych eval.



Also, Lorena was pitching to the world that I was signing up to these sites to meet women. Because she didn’t want the Doctors son to be associated to models or Studio photography. Once again. “To Protect the company” Of course how does some kid doing studio photography affect a piddly little 25 employee work comp doctors office? IT DOESN’T!. Are you telling me that Golden State Sports Medical is Larger then like some huge oil company or something with High profile executives? So what is this really about?

And it was strange because walking around with a camera, if she thought her picture was taken she would go ballistic on me. And also tell me things like I am not allowed to take pictures in public. Showing she isn’t the type of person who really wants her picture taken. And it’s strange she contacted me for a photoshoot, I have somehow committed a crime from doing. And putting up the portfolio images on my website is also somehow a crime. But we all know, nothing I have done is a crime. From candids, to studio, to macro, to city scenes. And it is no different then any other personwho does photography in this world. And I’d have to say that my website alone shows that I am veryserious about photogrpahy and it is not about meeting women. But not only that. These witch hunt people world wide INTENTIONALY ignore the obvious, and taking the time to look at the facts like. He is actaully producing work and product. Which is strange before launching a mass world wide EXTERMINATION campaign. And not one person comes forward saying that it’s all bullshit because here is the work, and he’s never even asked anyone out he’s worked with. And then of course, they switch it up. Hinting. All you do is work, trying to manipulate me into asking people out. Who are clearly not interested. Showing that this is all about trying to setup and frame. With intent to tell the world I am a fraud. And the more isolated they get me. The more they work these tactics. But like usual. No one will be honest about the situation. Showing deceit.

So around this time, there was a lot going on in the office. I cannot recall a lot back then. From someone named Tony working on me. George, Fernanda, Lorena, Elita, Basically the entire office. At that point, they decided to move the office from Tarzana to Northridge.

Of course, the moving company pulls up and instantly starts working on me. You can only imagine.

So, once in Northridge, once again they continue their operations.

I set up the systems so that they could be repaired from anywhere. Which is the way most systems are these days. By installing VNC on the workstations which is no big deal since 70% of the systems basically use VNC.

For example, all those apps like,, the millions of others, are all core code based on VNC.

But at this point, George and Fernanda were working on me telling the world I am spying on them by simply installing what the world uses to fix computers. Or they can use Remote Desktop, which makes things more complex and a pain in the ass.

For example, how can the employee show me what their problem is, if remote desktop does not share the screen. And things like this! Or domain user issues with client RDP logins in the group policies.

So, VNC makes the most sense as far as keeping a company running, faster fixes, and more profitable. Also, at this point, not only were they working the “Kevin is spying on us” angle. But also they were working with Calmed. The medical software compnay. And they would work with Fernanda pretending things are not working. And when I tell them to log in with Teamviewer on our servers they would work on all these confession attempts saying. “You have to buy teamviewer” and I would say. When you load team viewer is says, run anyways and you don’t have to buy it.

Of course they would work the profiling angle and try to make me look like a horrible person instead of just fixing the issues.

At this point, George Escobar would tell me things like. He checks his daughters facebook page every day from the office, and also sat some Employee named Dominque down next to me who had people following me to coffeeshops harassing me over and over. Especially when I had my camera to create art.

And George would tell me over and over that Dominique’s brother is a cop who catches people involved in child porn trying to scare me into a confession or make me look like I am on the run. A common tactic my entire life to try to make it look like I have done something horrific and am guilty about it to convince the world I am a bad person.

Around this time, I noticed that most of the desks had ancient monitors on them. 14” low resolution monitors while running windows 7 operating systems I had to upgrade. At one point Calmed, decided to stop supporting Windows XP. Well, you can imagine this is normal in the world of computers evolving. There is no doubt at this point Lorena Escobar was telling the world I think I am the Boss for upgrading all the systems.

They even went as far to try to get confessions of crimes from me. Because I created a windows 7 virtual machine with everything installed as a template. And put it on a USB stick with Acronis Backup/Recover. And templates all the 25 workstations.To make my life easier.

This is not uncommon in the world of IT. I mean do you think someone rolling out 25 workstations, is going to manually install everything over and over 25 times?

After this, they kept stealing my repair USB sticks and working on all sorts of Angles with Connie Reya and George escobar. Over and over to try to get some kind of confession about some USB stick with a repair backup of windows 7. Goerge would keep mentioning about virus’s on his USB stick. How his work kept getting lost. Things like this.

At one point George comes to me saying that. He made 3 copies of a file and they are all gone. One on his USB stick. One of the Company NAS, and one on his local computer. And they were all gone. I mean. What are the chances? And not only this. There was never a copy in the shadow copies on the NAS showing that nothing was saved before anything got deleted. And of course there is no doubt he was telling everyone I was deleting his work.

At this point, I go on ebay, and because I am such a horrible monster, decide that. Maybe the office should have newer monitors that are around 20” and do HD or 1600×1200, instead of these ancient 14” fossils. And because this company isn’t some huge money giant, of course save money and buy used older monitors. Especially with them complaining about profits from month to month. So you know, instead of spending like $5000 on monitors, maybe I spent like $400.

And also, keep in mind, that this isn’t a company where everything IT level is documented. I kind of have a job description to be able to fix and maintain. And if that is not what they wanted. They have never communicated it in any way shape and form. Except things like me fixing outdated non working email servers and Lorena Yelling at me to not touch anything.

But of course, How can I maintain and keep a stable network, if I can’t fix, change, or update anything. That is contradictory to the job description. And to let the entire network crash, then have them down for a month fixing it. Then falls back on me, and my responsibilities. So it’s basically a catch 22. You loose either way with these people.

So, after purchasing a bunch of used monitors off Ebay for them. Really good deal. And the description was on ebay “Lot of monitors” after this. People world wide were told to post “LOT” in capitals world wide I guess as punishment, and to create mental iillness. So if you go on myspace, twitter, Facebook, forums, ebay, blogs world wide. People will now type LOT in capitals all over the world to create mental illness directed at me.

Because I think I’m the boss right? That excuse doesn’t make much sense for that action. Just like the foot tapping.

After this, a girl Named Marlene, gets together with Elsie, Estella, and another person and they all make up this elaborate claim that I have hidden cameras in the monitors and am spying on them. While the monitors did have some multimedia functions in them like Picture in picture. That is not someone committing a crime against anyone. Also, they would have to plug a media device into them at their desks.

So at this point, they tell my father of these things. And so I ask them to show me these camera feeds in the monitors. Of course, they cannot prove anything. And even elsie and Estela try doing stupid things like opening the web browser and pretending that it’s some kind of criminal spy feed against them.

Estela also spent years humming and singing when she walked by me. My guess is that she might be eluding to me speaking out like a whistle Blower. Or singing so to speak. Or it could be because they were going through all my music and turning it into some kind of crime by listing to or singing music. it’s difficult where it’s coming from when a world wide group is hunting you with every resource known to man, and won’t tell you what their problem since 9 years old is.

And it wasn’t just estela walking by singing and humming. it was probably half the office with world wide groups for over 16 years now.

After this, my father just shrugs this off. Especially after seeing the camera feeds of the brutal mobbing all day and every day since I was hired 14 years ago, And I mean brutal. Endlessly walking by and whistling over and over like 30 times a day. Collecting my twitter and facebook conversations and mimicking parts of it over and over. People following me associated with the office employees every place I go provoking me. Literally upwards of 100,000 mental illness attacks per day world wide with them all helping. And then saying I am crazy. Cars in the lots parked in patterns, crooked, in 2’s. With mass groups sending endless hidden paranoid schizophrenia, obsessional looping tactics. You name it. Not one person admitting to any of this. My father shrugging these things off saying. Oh, this is how offices are. Giving disinformation and refusing to tell them to leave me alone. Yet you can’t just quit and go somewhere else because this is world wide and been going on since 9 years old. Nothing will change. It will just keep going until your dead.

Not only are they working on me in the office with endlee psychological warfare mental illness tactics to remove me from society. But it’s connected world wide and everywhere I go with the internet. So if I say something in the office. It might be mimicked back to me at a coffee shop in another city, or world wide. And vice versa. This is our business parking lot.

Patterns of 2’s














Sometimes across from each other if they can’t get the spot next to it


Also, 2 people waiting for me to leave at 5:00 pm sitting in their cars parked backwards



Parked Crooked




Schizophrenia Intimidation Thugging Tactics


Then when I go home

in 2’a. Just a couple of pictures of what has been going on all day and night for 16 year every single day where I live.











4 grey Lexus’s in a row







2 focus, 2 elantra pairs alternating. one is a genesis, but same car as the Elantra

Also, you can see here, that usually I take pictures of the more obvious proveable things going on so there is less despite. But there are a lot of more subliminal things going on. Such as idea of reference tactics. For example, here you can see, that most of the street looks normal, yet their are 2 pairs of red cars parked togethor.

Which of course, an hour later turned into 2 Kia’s


After this, Marlene, Parks her car next to mine, and when they close and Igo out to my car to leave. Marlene goes at the same time, and tells Lorena and my father. I am following her. And of course, the next day, I was outside of the office, smoking a cigarette, and Lorena then tells my father I am following her as well.

When talking to Marlene she tried to put on some kind of controlling act, that I had done something to her. And also played this game like I was crazy and in love with her.

And around this time, they had an Asian employee named Victoria Licardo, friends of Leonor’s and she kept following me outside when I would smoke a cigarette and things like this. And at one point she was trying to dig for information. And I called her bluff about the situation. And her words were. “Well, Lorena is just trying to protect the company” and I told her. Do you think someone following someone from place to place with mental illness tactics is trying to protect anything? Or something to this extent.

All is know is two weeks later. She either quit or was fired.

Image may contain: 1 person

Now when talking about all these things, with my father, my family. They will play these games saying. I am too sensitive, think differently, think the world is against me. Hints I am a horrible person and have done all these things. Try to tell me that I have no concept of love and this is all my fault because my definition of love is sane, and there is psychotic. But then try to brainwash me thinking that my idea of love is crazy. Weird freaky things like this. That you would say. Why are we even talking about “Love” to begin with. And is that what Alexis Amore’s problem is. Or Lilly Love one of the people who contacted me for a photoshoot doing freaky things with the rest? The love tactic, with endless tactics, is just another way of my family and these people trying to make me look crazy to the world. And once again, why would they want to do that? Create Chaos, Terror, Isolation, Stop you from having a life, stop you from funcitoning. Create aggrevation and pain. And what is the reasoning for that? Sure isn’t to help you. Unless it is like some murderer telling you he wants to kill you to help put you in a better place or something like this.

But like usual. What does that have to do with me, and how is this information being disseminated world wide in secret that is endless lies about me? And most importantly, why hasn’t one person in the world questioned any of it?

Which kind of leads back to one of Tom Farley’s lies to the world him telling the world. That I Think people are stupid. Maybe that pissed off a lot of people. But it still doesn’t add up.

Becuase these are things people say al the time, and a lot worse, And I’ve never seen world wide murder operations over. You said this, you said that. You blinked, you didn’t sit perfectly straight, You asked out a girl with tattoos. You know what you did. We have world wide murder operations because of your BEHAVIOR? And you would say what?

That’s just all information to to make you insane for the real motive to Gaslight you since 9 years old and rid you of the world.

Now around this time, one of Lorena’s Friends, and Employees. And by the say, what you need to understand his that the entire company is basically friends and family of Lorena’s. This isn’t a company that hires people for their qualifications. It’s just a mobster family where everyone is about things like. We got each others back. But not about right or wrong or probably even really much about making money. It’s seems to be more of an operation against me my entire life. Which sounds crazy. But being that they have been working on me my entire life no matter what state I live in. It shows what they spend most of their time doing.

Most companies are about making money, and if someone is stalking or they are all stalking someone. Then that is a liability and most companies don’t want that type of employee. Not put them on Payroll, like Lorena Escobar and told to hunt down and exterminate the doctors son.

So Loydi seems to start working on me every time I go to coffee shops. Using her name LOYDI, to hint about LOITERERS. As if walking into a coffee shop, buying coffee, sitting down. Getting work done, being social, or whatever is not what coffee shops are about. Because I am somehow causing problems by going out and living my life. But what is stranger is that I started spending more time at coffee shops to get away from them to get things done and start my life over which has been an ongoing thing while being hunted all day and night since 9 years old and finding out at 29, there was an extermination campaign against me. Although, obviously it took a lot of years to understand what was going on.

So now Loydi would be told to do things like walk behind me and whistle over and over. Or ask for help, then passive aggressively provoke me over and over after being nice enough to help her. This is not a one time thing. This is all day. Probably like 100 provokes a day for 14 years alone in the office.

While having an employee Pat Vilas, kind of work on me with some terror tactics. All of a sudden then started working on the “IT” tactic.


Now, there are several things going on here. First. As you’ve probably noticed. My life is sort of being manipulated with world wide support to put me in situations they want me in. For example. What colleges I went to suggested by college counselers. The houses I moved into each and every one was to figure out ways to get me to move out, and things done like magically have parents friends in town who needed roommates.

Every career or hobby I got into, they sabotaged. They didn’t like me playing pool, they didn’t like me creating art. They didn’t like me creating websites. Especially adult ones. They didn’t like me getting into photography, especially the studio photography. And this is world wide terror operations. And my father then has an “IT” job available which they go around telling the world I am an IT, after telling the world I a ma danger to myself or others and they are going to remove me from society to stop me from making friends, meeting women, having relationships. Or whatever their packaging to the world is. They also seemed to use IT, and IT the clown, I think from Stephen King. But the gossip and drama from their defamation and slander I am sure goes from different things like the movie Killer Clowns from Outer space and weird things like this. So it is hard to know where it starts and ends. But what you do know is something is said bout IT, and media. And using lame lies that because you do IT. You did something wrong, or are schitzo or crazy. When this is clearly their motive. And then it’s your an IT because you’ve been single all your life. But of course, being hunted by each and every female your in association with since a young age and after 29 watching each and every one try to set you up, frame you, or rid you of the world is kind of strange. And showing that. They are doing these horrific things to me. Then telling the world endless lies to cover it up, and punish me, for the horrific things done to me. Of course, I am sure they hired people like Darrin Moiselle and creative writers to spice up their slander and defamation to give to the world. Before huge amounts of money and resources are used to give the world these endless lies about me.

So, I can recall going to an Encino Starbucks on havnhearst/ventura. And all sorts of things were going on. Around that location I was seeing a Persian Psychiatrist named Oscar Pakier who when he realized I knew enough information as to what was going on, he started tring to help rid me of the world. He was also Persian, and I can recall telling him that it was strange that i was being mobbed at the Coffeebean on Venture/Corbin and told him most of them were Persians. And Tom Farley’s weird comments to me that he doesn’t like Persians because some Persian war against the Greeks. Which really didn’t make much sense to me. But Tom is heavily involved in this 35 years campaign to remove me from society. Especially since Christy Reynolds in middle school, and him bringing Traci PEEKOS around. to send me hidden messages.
Also, he was trying to get confessions about my studio photography, so he could help with Lorena Escobar, and Aubrey Fishers sabotaging my photography career or getting into it as a career, and my life. He also sent someone he said he knew to witness what was going on named Rick Armond. But really what he was doing was playing the blurring the line card. Kevin accepted this offer and blurred the lines so he is a bad person type of thing. Well, when you are isolated to the world with a world wide witch hunt since 9 years old for things like. You J-walked at 12 years old which doesn’t make sense. And need a witness to see these world wide mobbings. I think it’s fair to say that blurring the lines for the truth in a situation is justified.

And so Rick Armond came in my life, saying he would go with me to Starbucks seperatly and witness what was going on.

Who when witnessed what was going on, and saw me prove it, changed from, I’m your friend to, we will rid you of the world with mass groups helping them with more mental illness tactocs. And even telling me, he knew a psychic who could regurgitate whatever people were thinking.

But also, he was supposedly a band member of a group called 1994, in the 90’s who played guitar, and they seemed to be working on references to the movie 1984 which is kind of ironic that I am told I have to confess to things that don’t exist, and are keeping tabs on everything I do since early childhood. And suggesting to me that I have to do whatever I am told. For example, if I go to the park over 15 minutes. Or go to a coffee shop over 15 minutes, things like this. People start showing up with mental illness tactics and hints I was there too long. Of course these terror operations go from movie to movie trying to make me look crazy. Also, in talking to Dr Pakiar, when I mentioned something about My family and their rage, bullshit. His eyes lit up with guilt as he tried to hide it. Basically showing me all I needed to know, and the types of things my family were doing.

Ricks Website

Band he was in

Image result for 1984

Movie 1984 – about a watched society who basically had all their freedoms taken away from them. Once again using media tactics to send hidden messages about the types of things being done to me to try to change my thinking or drive me crazy.

I didn’t know that the people who choose jobs to help people, and save peoples lives normally hunt down and kill people trying to prove they are bad people are in the job description. Hence why he had me on like 5 medications at one time, and was snding people like a Girl Named Arnonz, a Persian Girl after me as well to befriend me at this Starbucks trying to get Hacker confessions. Of course. No matter what you tell these people. They don’t care. Because it’s not about anyting I’ve ever done. It’s about removing me from society since 9 years old for no reason but a government flagging.

Also, about 5 years later, he starts sending me to collections for supposedly an unpaid visit. Which was done COINCIDENTLY, by several shrinks trying to figure out ways to make it look like I was a criminal or thief.  Which my brother, all their friends were working on me my entire life telling people I was a car thief. Or Kelly Hatch making up her lies telling the world I stole her car as well. Just some of the endless slander and defamation to the world against me.

Also, while going to this Encino Starbucks, One of the girl’s in a long line of girls hunting me for no reaon, like usual, Kept provoking me named Heather that worked at Yenkee Doodles Pool hall. Which this is one of endless people at the Woodland hills, Yankee Doodles which is now gone trying to remove me from society since the first minute I walked in there, for years. Maybe something like 10 years.

And I said “Hey” to Heather which somehow like usual equates to a horriffic crime, but their mass mobbing, terror operations, and extermination operations seem to have no importance or weight on them. So after this. She follows me to Encino Starbucks and tells everyone she took a job in the same shopping center. And then, like usual. Just like the Kelly Hatch frame jobs. Says I am following her and stalking her. Now weather or not she actually spent the time to get a job in the same shopping center I do not know. But wile being endlessly attacked over her and what she was involved in. She comes in and asks me to come visit her in her store. Now normally. You’d say, cool! A cute girl, and she is interested. But yet, because of what she is saying and people want me dead. It didn’t add up. And if I walked into the store, I’m pretty sure it would have been that I won’t leave her alone, even though she asked me too. Just like Kelly Hatch telling me to go in her room grab the exacto knife I needed to barrow. Then have world wide muder campaigns saying I broke in her room. Then her telling the world I stole her car working with the police. And since these situations are consist ant, and one sequentially after the next. They established a pattern of behavior to rid me of the world.

This is Santa Monica, I was at the Woodland Hills Location, but has been gone for many years. I was brutalized there for over 10 years with everything known to man going on their as well. With the same coverups to remove me from society.

They also had a Waitress named Gina follow me to Houston’s restaurant when my father was taking me out to dinner on SUNdays. Trying to send me hidden messages that because I am his son, he takes me out then. And while he would make up lies about his wife Janet and all the Horrible things she was supposedly doing. His real motive was to try to get me to say somethign he could use against me to give to the world in his endless rage against me since 9 years old for whatever reason. Of course, since I am a good person. I didn’t really say anythign bad. Just that, his situations seem crazy and you could make movies out of them. And things like this. Which not only is private conversations. But not anything anyone would remotly care about.

There was endless digging with my father. For example, Paul Humphry would come with us, and they would try to hint about how I made all this money or things like this. Because in College, they send Val Morzav a Russian Exchange student after me. Once again saying “lets go to strip clubs” and tried to convince me to sell other peoples adult content on CD’s which did not work. So to coverup their setups. Once again telling the world I am selling other peoples content. Hence, Paul and my father trying to get false confessions.  Also, I didn’t really have any money anyways. So, it doesn’t really add up, except trying to spread lies to the world. Also, how would they even know about Val Morozav. And Ironically, when Rodie Morales was sent after me. He was working with Val Morozav.

But after this, Gina followed me to 4-play strip club and got a job there. Well, like usual. I am not a territorial murderer like the rest of my family. So I didn’t mind what I thought was a coincidence. Now knowing people are playing these mind games like. This girl followed me there. I am supposed to know this. And then I am supposed to ask out, and if I don’t follow this psycotic mathmatical equation of there’s. Then I am hunted and killed by world wide groups for playing games with her or something. I mean why doesn’t she just talk to me, get to know me. And see what happens?

But you get the idea of these freaky things are done to me. I have no clue what is going on. Then I am hunted by billions as if I have done something wrong. Doesn’t really make sense.

But then they try to coverup these operations saying things like. I followed her to 4-play. If you notice the endless patterns of people targeting me. Such as Kelly Hatch. They all are told to work the same tactics. Kelly followed me to Oregon knowing with the police I was going there. And then she turns it around that I am stalking her. Even to the point where my mother is sending me Blow Dart Guns from her trips in hopes I blow dart her probably to try to start federal invetigations. Like usual. Them trying to get me to do something to someone hasn’t worked yet. But of course, that is not what the world is told.

We are not talking about a couple of bad sitations here, which I am too sensative and something happened to me. We are talking about endless, one sequentially after the next situations on all imagineable levels. UNPATHEOMABLE. IMPOSSIBLE. I mean if you won the lottery 100 times in a row, what would you say? Especially if you noticed everywhere you went, people knew you, were mad at you, and told you that you were imagining it. And then realized it all started around 9 years old.

Needles to say, people world wide follow me around for years saying “HEY” or on the internet. Kind of like the Aubrey Fisher foot taping. But they are not mad that some guy is just being hunted with world wide support for no actual legitimate reasoning except. You better not say anything.

Around this time, While at Starbucks or anywhere else for that matter these people seem to go into a rage whenever I start getting healthy, productive, accomplishing things, maybe being social. Which doesn’t really make sense until you understand, it’s just a global extermination campaign. And Starbucks in Encino hired a girl that kind of looked like the old Pat from Saturday night life. A sketch about people trying to figure out if it is a boy or girl. Of course, I didn’t say anything about anything to her, or anyone else.

The other one I believe called himself Ash, and I believe, but not sure that he was working on some Evil Dead II tactics being that Ash was Bruce Campbells role. While having people work on me to try to make me crazy every way shape and form. Or even having Aubrey Fisher, come in. Me telling her, I have a cold, and her jumping back like I did something to her when telling her I have a cold.

Image result for evil dead ii

Also, at this time at this Starbucks in Encino Ventura/Havenhuerst They were not only having Porn Stars come in, trying to provoke me into situations. Which they could not get a reaction. But even if there was no reaction, like usual. One one be made up and given to the world.

Also, has hard as it was for me to Believe at the time, they were Havng Lookalikes come in. For example, One Porn Star named Tia Cyrus, Would mouth off over and over in Sub Tweets that I have done something. And then they would have someone who looked like her come in. And she would sit by me. And then pretend she was scared

Image result for tia cyrus

Tia Cyrus

At this point, Estela in the Office, Lorena Escobars Aunt, my father would start calling her Tia, saying it was her middle name. But who knows. And obviously, at this point I knew what he was doing. Especially me asking Estela at one point what this all was about. And she went and got my father for some reason. As if they all wanted some kind of confession. The same thing Mike Huntley did when I asked what was going on. His composure changed from being a sane decent person to. You should go speak to your father. But like usual. I have no clue what that means other then they are all psychotic murderers who know nowing have wanted me dead since 9 years old.

My family was also working on something with a Tia Ling, and “T” with an employee named Tony.  Who kept trying to prove with my father that I was watching porn in his office. Even thugh they clearly knew I wasn’t. Nor could I the way the office is set up.

Image result for tia ling

Tia Ling

Now I don’t know what my Families problem is with the whole T thing. They seemed to be working on me after 16 years old as If I committed a crime for buying a used Trans-am. And around this time, my brother and friends took me to see “The Crying Game” and was making transvestite Jokes. As well as Transvestites coming into this Starbucks location in Encino as well, pissed off at me and taking turns on me. Yet like usual, their is nothing I have ever said or done to a Transvestite, or anyone else for that matter. Showing that my brother is heavily involved in this information defemation, slander, and dissemination to the world writing every lie known to man imagineable. I hate gay people, I hate people in the adult industry, I hate all actors, I hate blacks, Asians, Persions, you name it! WORLD WIDE endless lies in secret. Does this sound strange? If asked what it’s about. “Your imagining it”

Image result for the crying game poster

Does this sound like people who are honest, good people, and what they are doing is legit? Especially if your a 9 year old. And it goes for 35 years, and get worse and worse for you the more you find out, and speak out, or ask questions!

This with my bothers hidden messages that they are going to pop my waterbed so to speak. By them moving into a house on “CHASE” street. Coincidently at the same time they went out on their so called “RUNS” getting cars to chase them, then retailate on them. Then pinning it on me. The same tactic Tom Farly did in Middle school on his “GRUNION RUNS” egg mobbing and hitting eric johnson with everyone on the bus, and pinning it on me as well. Then moving into this house, or his friends moving into this house. Buying a waterbed, putting a hose in it, then calling me on the phone and asking me how long it takes to fill up a waterbed while he is at a movie. Then them exploiding the waterbed, and flooding the house. Doing this intentionally to send me hidden messages. And then me turning 29 years old, and watching endless all day and night psychological warfare and terror tactics until they can break me. Because at 9 years old, they were using the movie Breaker Breaker with Chuck Norris. And these terror tactics go all day and night in hopes they can inflict endless mental breakdowns until I die. Is pretty much  a threat message from him telling me what they are doing at this point. Since I have now watched it all day and night 24/7 for the last 16 years with world wide support. Also, if you didn’t figure out these people predatory behaviors. My brother is now a Urologist, with a minor in psyhology like my father, and they is their education, to control and leverage. So for example, if they think you suffer from schitzo, parnoia, or soemthing like this, they will exploit it. Not be concerned about it, or helping you. Sure, when it comes to money, maybe they will help.

Also, while watching a lot of News, because my life was destroyed and not being able to go anywhere world wide without being hunted. And Fox hiring people like Greg Gutfeld to target me and try to keep me quiet. Collecting my private life as content for all his Red Eye Shows, and naming all the shows he was writing like “The Five” based on things they accuse me of. They had a Dana Purino Lookalike come in. Which was hard for me to believe the world wide resources being used on me at the time.

Image result for dana perino

Dana Purino

They also had another Porn Star come in Named Danielle Derek. And of course about a minute before she came in, they had a person come in, sit next to me. Pretend to be me, and mimick me.

Image result for danielle derek

Danielle Derek

Also, another Porn Star came in with a friend named Liza Del Sierra. And while she seemed to not take part verbally anyways. And when I talked to her seemed polite. The person she was with started mimicking me from twitter.

Image result for liza del sierra

Liza Del Sierra

Also, I said hi to Dina Meyer, who was in Starship Troopers as well as many other things who came in, and I believe she did one of the mimick pattern speach tactics. Of them saying things in patterns when leaving. For example. At one point, person after person would say “Have a good one” in sequence world wide, until it creates paranoia. And you know it’s going on, but you can’t prove it. Things like this.

Image result for dina meyer

Dina Meyer

Image result for starship troopers

Of course, they will try to cover this up as somehow I made all these people come in and do these things. Or maybe they are trying to pitch I am celebrity watching. Which is  cheeseball argument. As if you know celeberities are going to go there. Which they normally wouldn’t. Then of course, it’s your harassing them, even if they can’t get the passive aggressive reaction.

Then of course it might be some lame excuse that doesn’t make sense that you saw their movie off the Internet for free which is 70% of the world. Or Sites like Crackle, Hulu, Media Boxes with plugins, you name it. Showing that it’s not about anything I’ve done wrong.

Followed by a hispanic employee trying to prove I am violent by having people keep provoking me, and her following me to the bathroom over and over with things like this. Maybe 15 people walk by and whistle. Maybe 30 girls come in, in a row running their hands through their hair, things like this all day. Then followed home and it continued. Of course provoking someone over and over is a violent act. Not the reaction. Especially if it never stops then their motive is to rid you of the world. Especially with mass groups.

Also, keep in mind, this happens at every coffee shop world wide. And Starbucks seems to be involved more then others. To give you an idea, in one Starbucks in Woodland Hills Topanga/Ventura, out of the 100,000 provokes they did to me daily for 10 years. !4 times almost in a row they turned the lights off on me, trying to force me into some kind of masturbation confession. Of course, when I sarcastically went up to them to call their bluff. And said “Ya, I’m masterbaiting” I was banned for using the word Masterbait. Along with some other fabrications. Then after writing these things up which weren’t true. They tried to force me to sign a statement telling me if I did not sign it. I was banned. And also, when I asked for a copy of what I was signing for record. They said I could not have a copy. All on surveillance video. Because they were not going to stop hunting me.

Now keep in mind that everything this employee is saying is lies to coverup what they are doing. Also notice that he is gay, which gay communities have been hunting me down since they sent some gay person in my house and I didn’t ask him out. In retaliation for me simply not being interested in him. Which is really part of something larger

All of this isn’t because I didn’t do anything wrong like usual. And it is at every Starbucks world wide. Basically them telling me they don’t want my kind there. And not because I have ever done anything wrong which would not be any of their business and how would the world even know about it if something illegal wasn’t going on. And them working with Paul Humphry, Rodie Morales, Mike Huntley on these criminal murder operaitons.

This location alone sent in something like 50 – 1000 people per day for something like 10 years attacking me in an angry rage over something they are mad at, at 9 years old. Can you imagine? 10 year of being attacked for maybe half a week? this is just one place. But try to imagine that? And then them saying you have done something wrong for things like asking what is going on. Or starting to tell people what is going on. While they have peopel follow you from place to place trying to threaten, thug, blackmail you. Because you found out they are hunting you since 9 years old to kill you with  mass groups your entire life.

A link to sending the gay community after me as well after my brother telling his lies to the world that I am racist, after kissing a black girl around 12 years old. My brother and family would tell the world that I hate gays, Persians, Blacks, Asians, you name it. But like usual. There is nothing I’ve done to anyone. And have accepted pretty much everyone in my life. Which they are very mad about. Which is strange. But also, this is backed by Starbucks Corporate to exterminate me working with the masses and probably investing a shit load of money. And I can tell you now. It’s not becaus of who I am. It’s because what I know they are invovled in and they don’t want me talking. So they are making up every lie known to man and disseminating it to the world to coverup there crimes.

The “What happened to you” tactic and scam to remove me from society

But after this, they had a person named Pat Vilas working on me. Who was always working on me. I can’t remember many specifics about what she was doing. But around this time. They would do things like. As everyone left. Each and everyone would pat me on the back and say good bye. Not one random action, but like usual, in patterns. To send hidden messages.

These things went of for years of them wanting confession of what I am. But they always know what I am, because they spent 35 years sabotaging me having relationships. When telling a stripper I liked her, they spend endless, time energy funding and resources. With Adriana Olivarez Lorena sent after me with my father telling the world I am mobbing Mila, and in an angry rage over her. Because I simply told a stripper I liked her.

And if you didn’t think these people are full of shit yet? Some of them are even using the angle of. Well you asked out a good looking girl. And people won’t stand for that. I mean. If someone asks out a hot girl. Most people would say. “Good for you, you tried” but if I do. It’s some lame label no one would remotely care about. To try to brainwash me into believing it’s my fault I am being hunted by world wide enraged psychos.

Now if you want to get into the dynamics of how they operate. It wasn’t that black and white of a situation. Things were going on, where I’d be as nice as possible to Mila, she’d pretend to go hot/cold then things would be said about me. Even though, like usual. I did nothing at all. Then when talking to Adriana to go down with friends. To be social with not just one on ones. It of course is turned into I am trying to mob her to death. And of course given to the world.

Now an honest person would simply ask or address, how come every time your near a women, and you are not a million percent perfect, you are hunted for extermination. Example. With Cory Bixby in High School asking me to drive her home. I simply pushed on my suped up trans am gas pedal, to feel the road. And that equals, You are passive aggressive, troll, who attacked me, tried to kill me, and we have launched world wide murder operations. Doesn’t really add up.

I’ve heard all sorts of lies. It’s because of miscommunication, it’s because of my behavior. But the reality is. In life, every relationship you ever have is going to have tons of miscommunication without funded murder operations. And people are going to say normally, killing people is wrong. And not some girl that demanded perfection. Then to be told you think differently.

So after this, it was all about my kind not being allowed in places, and hints about this or that. But like usual. It changes from I am an IT, to then I demand a perfect women, to you name it. But what doesn’t happen world wide is anyone world wide admitting to the situation of what is going on or even admitting they know me. Showing what they are involved in. With clear intent to create isolation, paranoia, and terror. All designed at young childhood.

So Loydi, who drives with my father to all his offices every morning seemed to be working with him in some kind of anger and rage. And the more I veered away from my family. Thinking I needed to start something, make money, get away from these people. I started doing my own development for some large scale websites.


Was my first large scale project on .net and a learning experience for me in programming. All the Fish Stores were contacted to make my life impossible. But not only this. Whenever Lorena would attack me with the employees in the office and I would stand up for myself. People would cancel my advertising adds, and things like this as punishment. Because the more I am forced to defend myself. The more they coverup their crimes by trying to collect reactions, and give them to the world saying “Look what he did now” instead of. They guy is being mobbed to death by billions and they won’t stop. And somehow saying something or defending yourself is a crime. Basically saying. You don’t have the first amendment freedom of speech to defend yourself. But what is even freakier is that this is a government operation starting at like 9 years old.

Meaning, my constitutional rights were basically taken away. Or you could say that. They couldn’t legally take them away, so they are going around the laws to end my existance. Which is basically what NSA is, has, and always done. Just ask Edward Snowden.

So, eventually, after them sabotaging my relationships world wide with Fish Stores and me realizing that I needed to do something on a larger scale with more of a marketing base. I started programming larger projects. And of course, which meant I needed to hire programmers.

But guess what. This was unacceptable in my families eyes for some reason, and worked with every programmer I hired world wide to create mental illness and make it impossible to get anything done. With hints that I am only allowed to hire one programmer and people pretending that building large scale websites only takes one person and I am crazy and it’s all my fault. Well, I think when Faebook went IPO they had 500 programmers. Needless to say, while each progammer I hired world wide had instant communication with the next one.

China, Japan, India, Philopeans, Russia, Germany, Pakistan, you name it. If one starts provoking you one way. For example. He might keep messaging you at 2:22. 3:22. 4:22, 5:22 and things like this over and over showing he is involved. And these psychological terror tactics are upwards in the 1000’s world wide probably and never stop. First you try to address the issue. But it’s “I don’t know you” and “You are crazy” so of course you fire him. And hire the next one. And then he starts doing the same exact things letting you know. This isn’t isolated. And this happened from almost over 600 programmers in a 5 year period. Also, all this communication was going back to The people in my office. My father, Lorena Escobar, Elsie Sandoval, Connie Reya. You name it showing that they were sabotaging my life.

Also, my father would invite me out to their lunches and of course stage conversations of such things like how working two jobs is wrong. And things like this to try to feed you disinformation.

I can recall one lunch with Loydi Martinez, Elsie Sandolval, Fernanda Sime, Lorena Escabar at Musachi’s in Northridge. And some of the conversation was that social networks are bad, and talking on social networks are bad. ANd you shouldn’t mix that with being a business person. And my comments were basically. Well, if you are like the CEO of Bank of America, or some high profile person like this. Maybe it matters. Yet while pretending that social accounts are bad. They all seem to have facebook accounts. Which I find interesting. Not only this. But most of them blocked me because they didn’t want me knowing. With their dissinformation and control tactics. I am sure, they have the usual coverups which is Kevin can’t be trusted, Kevin is doing this or that. But the reality of the situation, like usual, is that they are involved in a mass campaign to remove me from society, terrorize, and they will do and say whatever it takes.

Also, every time I went into the office, on my 40 hour a week salary, with a desk and a computer. they would start attacking me endlessly making up every lie known to man.

So, stopping me from walking away from my family has always seemed to be going on. I go off to Oregon, I am hunted. I go to Colorado, I am hunted. My father contacts me Marying Janet, offers a place for me to stay for a year so he can try to get dirt, and set me up.

I start a compnay with Mike Huntley who contacts me in Colorado, pretending he wants to make money, I move back, I am being hunted. And then of course, it’s the, My father wanting me to always go out to eat with him to try to get information to use against me and torcher me into something where I blurt out false confessions. And our contents of our conversations disseminated to the world which is odd. But at no time, will he or anyone else tell me what this is about.

Now these terror operations at restuarants, coffee shops, super markets, parks, whever I go world wide. I have given you a taste of the types of things going on. But not the magnitude. For example, if I go sit down at a park, try to get some fresh air. All sorts of things will happen. Some days, maybe only 10 people come out of their houses with mental illness tactics. Some days 1000’s. But my point is. That there is a mass tracking and terror system built around me to notify the masses to hunt me down.

Example, Lets say I go to Pet Smart. I will notice maybe it is normal. There are no backwards parked cars. People waiting in cars watching me. People told to turn their headlights on if they see me and just sit in the car. These psychological warfare terror tactics built around me. After paying for the cat food, as I leave. Each and every employee, almost every time I’ve ever been there says, in patterns, “Have a good one” showing it’s a provoke.

When exiting, I will notice that maybe now there are 10 cars parked backwards. Tons of people sitting in their cars with their lights on, mean looks, some people will even pretend their cars need a jump and I will help them. Then they will prvoke me. Things like this. They will even do things like pull up identical cars in 2’s or cars with things they can use to send me hidden messages to create schitzofrenia.

Maybe they pull up 2 identical black mercedes and park them backwards. Maybe if I have a camera on me. It’s tons of Toyota Camry’s

Now, as you walked out into this lot that was normal 15 minutes prior, their might be 50 cars and people working on you. Now this happens world wide. Everywhere I go. And has been building with the masses since 9 years old. And once they built the Internet, they basically realized they had murder toold to the world back around 1994. Of course what is this about? They won’t say! Which is even stranger! Just trying to figure out ways to create obessions by talking vaguedities “you know what you did” “Your past caught up with you” things like this. Hoping you will tell them something they can give to the world to use against you and grow their murder operations. So any rational person is going to wonder what is going on in their life and think was is about this? Was it about that? But of course this and that could be. You called someone a bitch or something that normally. No one would care about.

Another things they would do in the office, is as they all left, at 5:00 pm, they would all get togethor and say “Good Night” one sequentially after the next making hints about things and do it in patterns to try to get some kind of outburst to try to make me look angry or violent.

Others things that have been done is whatever I name a server or computer. As well as screen names, Nick names, you name it, are all some kind of cry out that I am schitzo and going to do this or that.

While I named one of My Servers Alcapone, they had the other secret IT person they hired harassing me then hinting about that name. And if their server  With my step father in Canada harassing me over it as well! So who obsesses on a server name, then starts blasting this information of crimes to the world over things like this? this even happended one year. I bought my father a watch for one of his birfthdays, and I had people all over canada taking turns on me for years! So, that means, no being nice and buying birthday presents for the psychotics in your family or they will launch world wide murder operaitons called gossip and drama while people mentally batter in you a secret rage.

I mean I named their firewall server Gator! so what? is this a crime? does this mean something? Should I be killed for it?

every aspect all day, in that office is some kind of accusation. On every level imagineable. If Shanna sends an email to an account that does not exist, She demands you use a different email server with Lorena, and then they have people following you to coffee shops world wide attacking you in an angry rage calling you boss. Then telling you that it’s your fault they are doing this because you are crazy.

If the network drops for a few seconds, and someone can’t get into calmed for 10 seconds. They entire office says they cannot work for the entire day, and the world is told you are trying to sabotage the company.

If I go downstairs to smoke a cigerette. people will be watching me on other camera’s with their security system and come out at the same time in specific matching clothing. For example, lets say I walk out the door. And two people come out of other offices wering Black pants, and a red shirt.

When I get downstairs, there will be cars in two’s, where I normally smoke. Maybe, 2 black toyota camry’s next too each other.

Each place I will go for lunch. I will be followed by mass groups, the employees at almost every restuarant whistling at me for being a whistle blower, cars in patterns showing up. And my conversations mimicked back from the employees or vice versa.

In the Parking lot as I posted before. There are about 1000 or so cars every time I am there. Parking in such ways to create mental illness. And I’d say a good 40% probably aren’t even going in the building. They just know where I’ll be.

It never stops. These terror tactics started at 9 years old and progressed until 45 with world wide support. And they will always try to get a reaction and say, you did this, so we have to do this too you with world wide support. And these tactics started around 9 years old on me after they watched Chuck Norris, “Eye for an Eye” and I hadn’t even seen the movie until 45 years old. So their lies that I am schitzo, saw this movie, and am doing this to people, don’t even factually work out. Showing that they will just do whatever it takes to end my life and try to make it look justtified.

Also, people will pretend, they are helping me, by doing all these covert terror tactics in my name to retailiate on the people doing the other things. But they are really doing these things to say. See how Kevin is! instead of him calling the police, he is telling people to do these things. And while there are world wide groups working on these con operations to try to rid me of the world. Not one person has said this is wrong!

After  watching the movie Hidden Figures. They hid all the different coffee cups. Had all white ones. And one Green and Black one for me.

Image result for hidden figures

And, if you’ve seen the movie about the disrimination you will understand. But this isn’t a one time thing. Every time I would go into the little kitchen area they had. There would be things with foods, Candy, Silverware, all directed at me over and over for years. Showing that, this isn’t some little joke or prank. But an endless 35 years never ending Gaslighting.

Also, my father hired a Black X-Ray Tech Named Brandon. And what he does is try to take things I said, and mimick them back over and over. He would keep sabotaging the X-ray systems so he could ask me to fix them or for help and keep provoking me over and over. So they could try to frame me saying I hate black people. The same things they were doing with Elita. But everyone in the office have been told to endlessly do these things to me. His was a little more aggressive though.

He was also working with a Black Employee after work a lot of times I go to get coffee and go to Barclays Coffee in Northridge.

Image result for barclays northridge

And at this location alone, they have probably 5000 cars a day parked in such ways to create mental illness. As well as a restuaraunt we go to lunch at where my father and Lorena will have the employees take turns on me, just like all the other places for my crime of simply saying. “yes, sure I will go out to lunch with you” While My father and Lorna have told every restuarant to say “ENJOY” over and over to me, endlessly for whatever they are so mad at 9 years old about. In this same shopping center is Musashi where this first started happening in this area. Keep in mind. That is just one of these 1000’s of tactics they keep working on me with.

Image result for Musashi restaurant northridge

Also, this Barclays employee, with the rest of them are networked with all coffee locations world wide. So some of the things they are doing is. Lets say I go to this locaiton. And someone will come in with a mohawk. Then the next day, I go to Coffeebean in woodland hills, and another person will come in with a mohawk. And then I go to another locaiton, and someone else will come in with a mohawk. And these pattern terror tactics are done, and have been done now for 35 years. And they’ve progressed to world wide all day and night support.

This Black Employee is working with the black communities everywhere, to remove me from society. And every time I’ve tried to address the big picture of what is going on. He has gone into an angry rage, starts whistling that I am a whistle blower. And more and more people show up attacking me. Because they don’t want me to talk. And it seems to link heavily back up to Brandon in our office working with Lorena Escobar. Who was orignally an X-ray tech.

Also, Since these mass cars and world wide groups are hunting me down in a global murder campaign since 9 years old. I am forced to pass out cards telling people on my limited budget and resources, because I am lucky if I have enough each month to eat. That non of this is true. It’s just a world wide murder campaign. For no real reason. And of course, Security, all working togethor, and with my own Neighborhood who has been following me around world wide for such crimes and taking walks and things like this. Will first tell me I am not allowed to pass out cards. But they are not going to stop. Then tries to scare me, Once again, saying that I had better leave the country!

And seemed to be working with Rick Caruouso’s Properties, which Brian Longbotham has been working with for years on some kind of operations to remove me from society with everything else he is involvd in. Like asking me to give him an OJ simpson clip fleeing the scene while working on a Hollywird pilot job for Wes Cravven at Universal Studios and then him telling Wes Craven I am fucking with him.I knew Brian Longbatham for 15 years, and little did I know, while people have basically stood in line to kill me since 9 years old. This one person alone, spend 15 years of these frame jobs on me to the entertainment industry working with Tia Lioni, Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen, Job after job which all were meant to frame me, and destory my reputation.

To give you an Idea about Brian Longbothams 15 years working on me to remove me from society. Just one of these endless frame jobs, and setup attempts had to do with a girl in High School named Erica Peacock. While Erica was very attractive, and on signing my yearbook, even left a phone number I didn’t even realize was in there until today. Or if I did back then, maybe I was preparing to go off to college or something. Who really knows about insignificant things like this.

But needless to say, when in University of Colorado, just before my roomates on Arapahoe Road, sent in the Gay person after me. Sneaking in my room while I was trying to sleep. Asking me what I thought, then when I didn’t ask him out, leaving and working with my roomates to make it look like I did something horrible to him. Who knows exactly what was said about me to the world in secret. That when we were watching TV, Erica Peacock was on an episode of Studs! a Dating Game show.

After this, Going to some of my fathers Boys Night Dinners, in entering Cheesecake Factory, I saw Erica years later, and said Hi and some brief meaningless conversation while she was with someone at her dinnter table.

This was before I had even met Brian Longbotham. Years later, after moving back to California and working with Brian Longbotham. They have a Person come into the Yankee Doodles pool hall in woodland hills, trying to recruit me to be on Game Shows. While back then I thought nothing of this. Nor would I. Apparently, Brian, with the group was trying to set me up, and frame em to try to make me look like I was competing with Erica Peacock. I know this because of the amount of endless harassments I’ve gotten from random strangers world wide hinting about parts of my life related too her.

But what is Strange about Brian Longbathom, is that these elaborate setup attempts and frame jobs, and world wide smear operation with endless lies, Which they call “Public Shamings” are the same things Brian Weaver was told to do to me in High School. Which also seem to me somehow doing something to a friend named Brian Smith, which, like everyone else there is nothing I had done to him, but kind of wonder what happened to him when they just moved and he was no longer around. But like everyone one in my life who quits, walks away, moves, or whatever. Public lies and accusations are made up, and funded in world wide operations to make me look like a horrible person out of thin air. And I can asssure you. This isn’t gossip or drama. These are funded world wide operations in secret.

Now their have been several situations with Lorena Escobr, my Father and these X-ray Techs. One was before I even worked there, Lorena Giving me the phone number of some X-ray tech girl for a blind date. My calling a month later because I was just obsorbed in my own work. And honesltly. Not big on blind dates, and not knowing what you’ll get. So in retaliation about 10 yrs later my father and Lorena are going out to lunches digging for pointless confessions about something that doesn’t matter.

So what. I called a girl a month later. She was turned off. Didn’t call me back. In the end, I paid the price for it. Done deal! well not in my family. And I will tell you why. Because in my family. these little “I want you to meet a girl” translates into. She is for you. You do what we say! and if you don’t mary this person, do what your told, have kids if she demands it! we will kill you!

And the resaon I say this, is. As you can see from my world wide punishments of telling psychotics I don’t want anything to do with them. And keep moving on to be told weird hidden messages like “Have a good one” which I assume means, this is going to be the same with every person you meet. Since it always has been. And each one with my family has told me what  I have to do. Who I have to be. What hobbies I can have. You name it. You start asking random girls out or flirting with them all over the world. And each and everyone goes ballistic on you with world wide groups for some reason. Showing that my family with the police and government are poisening the well world wide so I do not have the freedoms to meet who I want. I cannot pick and choose finding a decent person because they are approached beforehand and told endless lies world wide.

So, after hired. They hire an X-ray tech they called G, working with Goerge Escobar and Lorena, like Brandon is. Same type of things. Because how dare I not call this girl within the right time period 10 year prior? I must be playing mind games? I must be Skull Fucking her right? afterall, I think when I was 10 years old the tree I drew my mom had a skull in it! Yes, I know, it’s INSANE!

So simply, I am not going to call someone or not on time leads to your death doesn’t seem to make sense. So G was told to walk by and whistle at me all day for years and never stop. This must have been around the Time period of  Coffeebean on ventura/corbin woodland hills, and going to Dr Oscar Pakier.  Also, if anything was said to stop it. They entire office was told to work on you even more then they were working with him. I am sure there were a lot of other things he was doing with George Escobar and Lorena that I can’t remember.

So around this time, While Lorena Escober is upset that she has lost control of the IT department so to speak, when she herself knows nothing about computers, and doesn’t even want the employees using email over faxes and snail mail. About not telling me. But trying to thug me out of the office and into the ground. Because telling someone who is on salary for 40 hours  a week, looks kind of shady. Especially working the Tyler Durden, approach. That I am starting fights, and now blackmailing them and things like this to try to make me look crazy and control me. With a larger create mental illness picture of course. While Lorena runs around on their funded operations with the police and government telling the world that I think I’m the Boss.

Leonor Calerones own words as well “Your the Doctors son, your the Boss”

Image result for tyler durden fired office

Which there is no doubt that this endless media of people trying to take their perception of me and put it in their content. Is no doubt all over this movie as well. As well as my family and these masses trying to work the angle that I am passive aggressively trying to start all these fights, and can’t see myself. And then it’s I’m a Paranoid Schitzo when I found out something wasn’t right with my life at 29, and endless people in the psychiatry field trying to cover it up. Seems pretty coincidental like like the rest of these movies.

So at this point, My father and Lorena Escobar have someone named Debbie Groveman call me up. Kind of a more openly fun blonde person which they judged. or example she got really drunk at one of my fathers parties, and aside from me not knowing their dynamics, seemed to have labeled her at this point because she might had made a minor scene. But we are dealing with very radical conservative family. Needless to say.

She calls me up asking me to fix her sons computer as a paid job. And I say sure. I fix the kids computer while the whole time him provoking me. Probably them wanting some kind of reaction to make it look like I am a child molestor or something. Especially with the endless accusations about me from Kidnapping, Pedophilia, Child Molestation, and of course, the Lin Junkin, and Mike Wexler attmpted setups telling me that Statutory rape is bellow 16 years old in Colorado. After sending Lin Junkin a 16 year old after me. Telling the world I am hacking her and maybe stole her or someone elses laptop. All working togethor. As people like Val, Shanna Briantseva, Marlen Ramirez, and all these people in my fathers office are trying to torture me into false confessions. From information they normally wouldn’t even have.

So after this, Debbie pays me. And then says she wants to talk to me about something. So upon her conversations are things like. She doesn’t like Lorena. Lorena doesn’t know what she is doing. It is important that for the companies future, I learn it, and get rid of Lorena. And things like this.

But like usual. My answers to her. Is that. Not only is their no future in the company for me. I am not a doctor. I have absolotly no interest in learning things like QME’s AMA’s, Modalities, or whatever. And I see much bigger, and better things for my self with a future. Like the website Business’s I am building.

So, what do you think happened after passing this so called test. Which isn’t a test, but the next setup attempt in a endless lineup of setup attempts to put a spot light on me to the world? well, the same thing as all the others. We can’t set him up, so now we have to cover it up with the lies. Because this is and has never been about insecurity. Not that it makes that type of thing ok. It is about Ridding someone from the world.

Still writing in between mass worldwide terror attacks and arrests to try to keep me quiet and from the truth coming out.

My World Wide Targeting info

Related incidents

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LAPD and Officer Sean Dinse, working on their mental illness tactics to try to make me look crazy, then wanting a psych evaluation, which is really an ANGLE to remove me from society to cover up their endless crime spree against me –

1/12/2018 – Coffeebean GangStalking – 18705 Devonshire St, Northridge, CA 91324 – Propaganda/Terror Operations
Exposing what they do at every location worldwide as well as public places all interconnected –

1/16/2018 Studio City Starbucks Trying to thug me quiet for telling people they are being lied too –

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11/5/2017 – Richard Barnwell my previous defense Attorney at the Cochran firm working with the prosecutors and LAPD –

11/5/2017 – Hispanic Person trying to Thug me quiet Working with LAPD Baily Bernard and the Lady in Green –

11/12/2017 – Gangstalker who hit the back of my Car with her hand another encounter –

11/09/2017 – Winnetka 12 – Movie Theater Thuggings to try to blackmail me quiet for what I know –

LAPD setup – For speaking out about what is, has, been done to my life, and is still going on to remove me from society –

LAPD  setup attempts and Arrests case re-opened for more intimidation –

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life #cnnireport  #FoxNews  –

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The Elita Golden State Black employee frame job –

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The police report Brain Washing Double Standard tactic to stop me from getting help or the truth from coming out

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Metro Complex Security Guard trying to Mace me on Public Property    –

Same setup tactics of my fathers X-Wife Janet Nordet put in Jail being done to me, and trying to cover it up, using their comment section to rile communities against me with Aubrey Fisher to create mental illness and end my life with world wide support stop me from making money or pursueing photography even as a hobby –

Endlessly attacked at all Starbucks world wide from Assault, Endless false claims to corporate, endless brutal mobbings with mass groups with passive aggressive tactics, and even trying to force me into signing fake contracts admitting to the lies saying If I want to stay at a Starbucks I have to admit to these lies –

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