Community Mobbing – Man slices up my car some more to keep me quiet about 30 year terror campaign

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Several days later after reporting my someone slicing up my top of my car, and keying it all over, starts working on it some more, after I notify the police as to whats going on to try to keep me quiet about this mass 30 year crime.

He puts several new slices in the top, and starts keying the front in discouragement because as they’ve continually hinted, I had better move to another country, and for some reason they sent some person after me telling me I had better move to Brazil in hidden message form or they would kill me.

Most likely to try to work on another angle to try to make me look crazy

Here is the original post from his first attempt showing the original vandalism before this one

P1110805 P1110806P1110815




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