Community Mobbing – People around the city taking off license plates

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Another tactic that has been done to make me mentally ill, is people all around the city were told to remove their license plates to try to make me sick.

It staarted slowly, first, every couple of days people would park their cars in front of my house with no plates. Then it escalated to the places I go on a regular basis. Then even at my work.

After about a month of this, the entire city was involved, just like the other tactics. Like the cars parked backwards and the people wearing color combinations to create mental illness in a mass 30 year campaign to kill me.

At one point, every few minutes I would see a car without a plate drive by. Just driving from my house to Encino, which is a 15 minute drive, I’d see hundreds.

I even go out of my car at one point, walked down the street for about 100 yards, and took probably 10 cars pics parked on the curb next too each other.

I noticed, some cars were new, which I’m guessing people were told to take their new cars where I was. But I also noticed several older cars who took their plates off.

They would also have people follow me to the places I go, and sit in their cars without plates to try to intimidate me.

And at the Encino Starbucks, like the other locations, they banned me for speaking out about the truth, and having another man punch me in the face for no  reason which the police supported, That lot alone each day I’d say 10% of the cars in the lot would have their plates taken off, and put some kind of fake factory plate.

On some cars, they would only take off the rear, and keep the front because they didn’t want to fully do it.

These images represent just a few pictures I took, and not remotely anything that represents what they are really doing.

No License Plates4 11_22_2012

No License Plates5 11_22_2012

License Plates 11_19_2012

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