Allied Universal security company being paid to try to thug me quiet

Posted: October 7, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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While there have been several security companies involved in this mass stalking for the last 35 years, the ones I know about are

Allied Universal is now being paid to follow me from place to place. First working at the Metro Neighbor complex for a month, now following from coffee shop to coffee shop, and working with Starbucks. Who is involved in endless stalking operations working with a childhood friend named Paul Humphrey sent after me around 14 years old with Mike Huntley. Mike Huntley was originally my brothers friend and around that time, while not knowing my brother had NSA, and gov resources, him playing tough guy saying “Me and my friends put a teacher in a mental institution, we have a bug in your room and are listening to everything you do on the radio”

Not realizing that he, my family, gov were hunting me down with covert mental illness campaigns to remove me from society for some reason who keep demanding some kind of false coerced confession of a crime to them.

Boyd & Assocaites –
Allied Universal –
Golden West Security –
Security Specialists –

From physical attacks working with Starbucks, Trying to thug me into signing false confessions, you name it.

These specifics of the lies, smears, setup attempts, frame jobs, and all day and night 24/4 world wide terror operations are extremely vast and complex starting before 9 years old and can be read about at

Working with Starbucks, Universal Studios, My Neighbors, you name it all in a terror, Criminal Defamation, slander operation with endless lies to the world in secret.

Working with police, gov, FBI, NSA, for whatever reason they decided to hunt me down some time before 9 years old.

These corporations are working with the LAPD and government in world wide terror/torture operations.

Obviously not because I committed any crime or I would be arrested for it. But because of what I know, found out, was being done to my life with all sorts of insanely abusive terror operations, setup attempts, frame jobs, you name it.

And exposing the truth, just like Edward Snowden did of what happens to someone when the government just doesn’t like them. Probably out of insecurity. I am the example of what Edward Snowden exposed.

My World Wide Targeting info

Related incidents

Starbucks – Tarzana – 18700 Ventura Blvd – Showing 2 hrs of mass Gangstalking on Thanksgiving. What has been done to me for 17 yrs at every location worldwide –

11/20/2017 – Woodland Oaks Gang Stalkers Man in Black Jeep waiting by other jeeps and other things –

Excel Investigations backtracking from their crimes, w manipulation & thugging instead of honesty, to cover up the truth and what is being done to my life –

Gang stalker pretending to be crazy with fire department and other tactics –

Woodland Oaks Neighbors Working with Gregory Allen Koenig in my complex heavily involved in this terror campaign –

11/5/2017 – Richard Barnwell my previous defense Attorney at the Cochran firm working with the prosecutors and LAPD –

11/5/2017 – Hispanic Person trying to Thug me quiet Working with LAPD Baily Bernard and the Lady in Green –

11/12/2017 – Gangstalker who hit the back of my Car with her hand another encounter –

11/09/2017 – Winnetka 12 – Movie Theater Thuggings to try to blackmail me quiet for what I know –

LAPD setup – For speaking out about what is, has, been done to my life, and is still going on to remove me from society –

LAPD  setup attempts and Arrests case re-opened for more intimidation –

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life #cnnireport  #FoxNews  –

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Fernanda Sime Stalking Tactics #cnnireport –

The Elita Golden State Black employee frame job –

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know –

The police report Brain Washing Double Standard tactic to stop me from getting help or the truth from coming out

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know  –

Metro Complex Security Guard trying to Mace me on Public Property    –

Same setup tactics of my fathers X-Wife Janet Nordet put in Jail being done to me, and trying to cover it up, using their comment section to rile communities against me with Aubrey Fisher to create mental illness and end my life with world wide support stop me from making money or pursueing photography even as a hobby –

Endlessly attacked at all Starbucks world wide from Assault, Endless false claims to corporate, endless brutal mobbings with mass groups with passive aggressive tactics, and even trying to force me into signing fake contracts admitting to the lies saying If I want to stay at a Starbucks I have to admit to these lies –

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