LAPD – Audio of Officer Dinse admitting they have seen my websites and showing Negligence for refusing to stop the crimes

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While these world wide Operations have gone on all day and night since 9 years old. When I turned 29, I was in shock to find out that their was a world wide extermination campaign to end my life since 9 years old. Not even for any legit reason. I have heard every excuse in the book. You said “Hey You” to someone, you committed a crime. Their was a miscommunication with someone. As if everyone relationships in life have endless miscommunication which is part of life, and if everyone who had a miscommunication was labeled a criminal and hunted by world wide support, the human race would have been extinct long ago. There is no such thing. Of course then this world wide propaganda in secret changes to things like. I tried to kill my father when my father working with the police put a bullet in his 300e and pinned it on me. or m brother going on with all him and his friends road rage crimes and pinning them on me. I can even trace this back to 12 years old, after kissing a black girl my family and the police told the world in secret I am a white supremacist and a danger to myself or others. Merely for the crime of kissing a black girl. You get the idea because I can spew out endless world wide accusations in secret about me since 9 years old like this. Hence why it is called propaganda, it is about control, and controlling a person or the situation in secret by leaving the target without the ability to have a diastole to exercise his first amendment freedom of speech in such situations for someone to defend themselves. On every aspects of my life, lies are given to the world to discredit me to stop anything truthful from coming out.

Mike Huntley (Working with my Brother and family): “You are an out of control for California and a monster”,  “We are using the system against you”, “I’ve given you enough rope to hang yourself with”, “Have a good life now”, Dropping papers on my desk about South Korea and making people mentally ill to control them. While walking around our office singing “World of Paranoia” 
saying  “You had better live a careful life” of course, me wondering what the hell was going on, and to this day, 17 years later, don’t really understand any of it or why a world wide extermination campiagn in secret against one man since earlier then 9 years old, is supported and tolerated and is remotely going on with world wide groups telling me I had better not say anything about it.

My father “You know what you did” but refuses to specifically tell me what this is saying “People lie, so they are not told what they have done” showing he is full of shit and a pathological liar

My mother saying “Your past caught up with you” once again, cannot tell me anything specific and back tracking saying she never said it with all the other lies I caught her in. Also at the same time Hinting to me that I need to leave the country, trying to make it look like I committed a crime and am on the run.

So you ask, what is it that I did so bad at who knows, 5 – 9 years old to deserve a world wide extermination operations. Well, in my family, it could have been when I told my father I didn’t want to eat the liver and him telling me, if I did not eat the liver, I could not leave the dinner table, and I sat for a long time in a stalemate defying him. Now, you say, no one is going to go ballistic over that. And I would agree if we were talking about sane rational people. But we are talking about paranoid psychotic family who all have psychology degree’s and medical degrees to torture and kill.

We are also talking about a father who had one dog named Maggie who was in a cage in the backyard for half it’s life, maybe 50 x 100 foot cage. As well as a Dog named Rhoda he put shock collars and paramiter collars on to control her, instead of giver her love and communicating.

And coincidentally when they sent Kelly Hatch after me in Southern Oregon State, she was adamant about showing me the movie from 1956 “The Bad Seed” about a young girl who was evil and was killing everyone around her who’s name was Rhoda, and I can assure you, is not a coincidence, with the endless things done to me like this while she was working with the Police and College professors.

Being that my own mother is an Art therapist psychoanalyzing every insignificant piece of art I create. Even art privately off at college to use against me with elaborate lies and theories to the world based on complete insecurities and fiction.

Now what type of people Data Mine, collect every insignificant piece of information to take out of context and use to give to the world against someone in the first place? well organizations like NSA do. And while they preach things like security and the greater good. That is not what it is really about.

And someone like me who thinks for themselves seems to be a threat to them. But more important is what I know was done to me growing up I didn’t even know was going on. The covert mental illness tactics, setup attempts, endless frame jobs, working with people in the community, High School teachers, College Professors, people paid to be my roomates to try to figure out how to remove me from society. You name it! The information I have is vast. Which is why over 30 people in the psychology community basically told me I was not allowed to say anything. And worked with mass groups to thug me quiet.

Also with pretty much daily threats people whenever I go out world wide because they don’t want the truth coming out. Which is strange that mass groups would say, they don’t want what is really going on coming to light when they keep preaching about communities all being peaceful places where everyone gets along, and everyone thrives with clean peaceful non nuisance, environments.

Like usual, their ACTIONS are opposite of what they say as to who they are and what they want. Because people who want peaceful environments don’t go around lighting fires then trying to pin it on people over  and over again until they are dead.

Also, during this Arrest, Officer Dinse mentions he has seen my website which shows endless proof, photos videos of every crime known to man being done to me since 9 years old with mass world wide mobs. And tried to play stupid and make me look crazy the LAPD has done over and over my entire life. From I am a paranoid schizo who just magically turned to one being a business owner at 29 yrs old who went to college and worked for all sorts of companies in the Animation industry/Hollywood, Adult Industry, you name it with people like Mike Huntley threatening my life and working with these mass groups. But of course, they say non of this is not only relevant. But endlessly for years going to the police with proof, they still weren’t interested in stopping the crimes. Any honest person can take the time to look at the proof on my websites, especially the photos on the word press blog, and they will say beyond any doubt that it is clearly going on. Especially since it is world wide. Thus showing that the LAPD is not only aware of this all day and night endless crimes against me since 9 yrs old. But they don’t want the truth coming out. And the reason for this is because they are involved in the crimes.

LAPD on audio admitting they have seen my websites which shows endless proof of these 35 yr crimes against me. Showing they are involved and trying to cover it up by removing me from society on a fabricated warrant when re opening a case –

This is an example of the operations that are going on with LAPD to remove me from society which Dinse, and the rest don’t want coming to light.

Just one of these all day and night 24/7 terror tactics in the 1000’s

This 50 minute walk around my place while coordinated groups come out walking their dogs at the same time will give you an example of how these world wide terror operation against me are executed. This is a mellow day, with not many cars used

The LAPD could have stopped this at 9 years old, or any time after 29 years old when I found out I was being hunted. But to this day, want to try to thug, terrorize, torture me quiet, and try to end my life because they don’t want the truth coming out. They are responsible for negligence, and stopping the crime, if they know it is going on. Hence while they lie and say I am crazy to keep the crimes going. Then tell me weird things that I have to go to the forest with all their neighborhood watch groups who have been hunting me with them since 9 years old.

They have absolutely no excuse why a detective wouldn’t go through all this and stop it with the amount of probably cause against me, so they make up the lies that I am crazy, too sensitive, and imagining it, and am crazy.

The police have no EXCUSE!

They are part of a crime, They are obligated to stop crimes. And in this case are doing whatever it takes to keep the crime going, and try to keep me quiet and immobilize me while mass groups attack me all day and night with clear and obvious intent to end my life one way or the other.

But yet they cannot tell me what this is remotely about while demanding I give the some kind of coerced false confession about something so they can coverup their crimes.

If the police see a crime taking place, they have to stop it, or they are negligible for letting someone die. Or damages.

The police also try to play this control game that because their is no physical violence, it is not a crime. But any honest decent person will tell you that, it does not matter how someone tries to kill someone. Weather their is blood or no blood. The very act of pre meditation, executing the act to hurt harm, mame, kill. put someone in a jail cell, or mental institution, or get someone to kill themselves is in fact a crime. Especially with mass groups with the thought in mind and conspiring togethor. Is an obvious crime and everything that defines the crime is there.

There is nothing that says, if you kill someone physically with blood, it is illegal, but psychological torture is legal because there is no blood or they don’t see blood.


Just like when I was watching the news. A High School girl killed herself, and someone in her High School posted on twitter confessing that she got her to kill herself was instantly arrested!

My point is, that these mass groups with the police have been hunting me since 9 years old and it is blatantly obvious. They will say and do whatever it takes with  world wide support to remove me from society.

But this Audio shows that it is no longer a question of weather or not they have been given the information to do the very job my tax dollars pay them to “PROTECT AND SERVE” me and keep me safe.

They have refused at every instance, no matter how much information I have provided them over the years going in to the police asking them to stop this, and give the information to a detective with their gov resources which we all know they have to stop this instantly. And clearly this is enough information on my websites to show it is going on. And the excuse of, I think your crazy is irrelevant, because that means the LAPD are reckless, don’t want to work. Don’t want to protect and serve. Or maybe they only enforce the law for those they like, and protect their corrupt fellow workers is unacceptable.

Especially when we are talking about life and death, and torture methods to kill someone. or rid them of the world.

The police have been involved in this my entire life, and pretend no crime exists with lame excuses that they don’t trust me or I could be a danger to myself or others. But of course a track record of being the nicest person known to man and the complete opposite of their endless world wide tieraid of lies against me. Hence propaganda.

And while every crime known to mane from Criminal Defamation, Slander, Mass mobbings to hurt, harm, mame, and kill, with Police support is going on. With a brother when I was 14 telling me that he and his friends, and clearly with my families support were going to put me in a mental institution, is pretty much a confession of exactly the types of things they are trying to do, by trying to make me look crazy or like a paranoid schizo. which their lies, smears, labels change on a daily basis to try to get what they want.

So while my websites and blogs, show endless non disputable proof with photo’s and video, it is very strange the police are supporting this HISTORICAL CRIME against one man, and don’t want it stopped or the truth coming out.

My World Wide Targeting info

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Same setup tactics of my fathers X-Wife Janet Nordet put in Jail being done to me, and trying to cover it up, using their comment section to rile communities against me with Aubrey Fisher to create mental illness and end my life with world wide support stop me from making money or pursueing photography even as a hobby –

Endlessly attacked at all Starbucks world wide from Assault, Endless false claims to corporate, endless brutal mobbings with mass groups with passive aggressive tactics, and even trying to force me into signing fake contracts admitting to the lies saying If I want to stay at a Starbucks I have to admit to these lies –


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