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Another tactic that has been done to make me mentally ill, is people all around the city were told to remove their license plates to try to make me sick.

It staarted slowly, first, every couple of days people would park their cars in front of my house with no plates. Then it escalated to the places I go on a regular basis. Then even at my work.

After about a month of this, the entire city was involved, just like the other tactics. Like the cars parked backwards and the people wearing color combinations to create mental illness in a mass 30 year campaign to kill me.

At one point, every few minutes I would see a car without a plate drive by. Just driving from my house to Encino, which is a 15 minute drive, I’d see hundreds.

I even go out of my car at one point, walked down the street for about 100 yards, and took probably 10 cars pics parked on the curb next too each other.

I noticed, some cars were new, which I’m guessing people were told to take their new cars where I was. But I also noticed several older cars who took their plates off.

They would also have people follow me to the places I go, and sit in their cars without plates to try to intimidate me.

And at the Encino Starbucks, like the other locations, they banned me for speaking out about the truth, and having another man punch me in the face for no  reason which the police supported, That lot alone each day I’d say 10% of the cars in the lot would have their plates taken off, and put some kind of fake factory plate.

On some cars, they would only take off the rear, and keep the front because they didn’t want to fully do it.

These images represent just a few pictures I took, and not remotely anything that represents what they are really doing.

No License Plates4 11_22_2012

No License Plates5 11_22_2012

License Plates 11_19_2012

Several days later after reporting my someone slicing up my top of my car, and keying it all over, starts working on it some more, after I notify the police as to whats going on to try to keep me quiet about this mass 30 year crime.

He puts several new slices in the top, and starts keying the front in discouragement because as they’ve continually hinted, I had better move to another country, and for some reason they sent some person after me telling me I had better move to Brazil in hidden message form or they would kill me.

Most likely to try to work on another angle to try to make me look crazy

Here is the original post from his first attempt showing the original vandalism before this one

P1110805 P1110806P1110815



When my Gym manager, Rodie Morales, befriended me at my local gym working with Mike Huntley and this mass campaign to end my life, he started taking me to strip clubs and wanted to do adult websites with me as he claimed he had stripper friends who wanted sites.

But Rodie Morales didn’t just befriend me at the Gym, Mike Huntley who was originally my brothers friend and told to HUNT me down, using their names for paranoid schitzofrenia tactics. My brother sent several of his friends after me over the years to remove me from society. Jason Gordan, Jason Baum, Mike Wexler etc.

But focusing on Mike. After contacting me in Colorado, wanting me to move back to California with him and start an Internet company which lasted about 6 years. He did this, not to make money, but to get me close enough to him to try to get me close to him to figure out ways to try to set me up, frame me, or smear my name to the world.

During this period, Mike Huntley said he wanted to start working out, and they planted Rodie MORALES at the Gym, once again, using names to create mental illness while Rodie was trying the set up endless situations to try to make it look like I was following and stalking women.

Years later finding out that around the time I went to the Gym, that Rodie Morales was working with the police to catch a murderer that went to are gym. The same man who claimed he wanted to work with me building adult sites and go to strip club, trying to get confessions and any dirt possible to use to publicly end my life.

Trying to figure out ways to get me to follow women from the gym, which he could not do. On one occasion he would mention were a girl from the gym worked over and over to try to get me to go there. On another he told me a friend at another gym would give me a free membership, when going down there, it was a 2 week trial, and a girl had changed gyms from my other one as he hoped I would join to make it look like I was following her.

It wasn’t until in the end of our friendship when I noticed something was wrong, he was trying to scare me into some kind of confession along with these elaborate coordinated setups, one after the next.

Here is an article from the daily News, Oct 12th, 1998. This article does not show what I have read in other articles how he was working with the police to find this man.

When I fell into a state of Paranoia from being hunted for 35 years and finding things out, Rodie on the phone in a loud confession type of voice said. “It wasn’t like you killed anyone, did you?”

Years later I found this


The first Strip Club he took me too was Spearmint Rhino in Van Nuys. There, He would work on all the angles with this mass secret crew and the strippers to try to destroy my existence any way possible who knows what he was saying.

Rodie Morales at one point introduced me to a stripper named Aubrey Fisher. Aubrey, and I at one point became friends, on a distant level, but Aubrey had ulterior motives with this mass mob to end my life. Not only working with Rodie Morales.


Aubrey, was also working with a friend I grew up with named Tom Farley who I met I’m guessing at the age of 8 years old and for some reason resented me and wanted me dead. I was always nice, giving and caring with tom and helped him every way possible as a friend my entire life. Whenever Tom had problems or issues, he had a place with free rent or some money so he could eat. But Tom, clearly hated me from day one and pursued me all the way until the age 36 or something trying to rid me of the world working with this mass 30 year world wide mob, which he was a major part of. Tom, was giving Aubrey information about the things he had done and was pinning it on me.

For example, when I was in middle school, Tom would sit on the horse trail throwing eggs at cars. He also didn’t like a kid named Eric Johnson, which he hid eggs in the bushes and when everyone got off the bus chased Eric Johnson throwing eggs at him. Then he hit Eric in the back of the head. At that point, he started spending the rest of his life following me from place to place making up these lies, smears, or pinning the things he did on me. Tom called this the “Grunion Run” And called Eric Grunion.

After this, I had professors years like named Jim JOHNSON, doing things like putting my art on websites he called “The Sleeping Dog Contest” based on the fact the our dog Rhoda bit my friend while sleeping when he stepped over him. Reason being to create obsession, paranoia, and schizophrenia.

Also, After tom telling Aubrey, which was not friends with Aubrey, which makes things stranger. Aubrey, would have world wide connections in websites like twitter, where the default image were eggs. Directed at me to create paranoia. This tactic has been endless on other websites, movies, songs, etc. Such as ebay, modelmayhem,, etc with that motive.

tom Farley was also following me to Pool Halls, with Aubrey, Rodie, their friends telling them that I passive aggressively try to provoke women and try to get them to explode in Anger, a tactic he and my brother and his friends devised at a very young age to keep me isolated and single.

Tom also, Since around when I was 12 years  old kissed a black girl, Tom with my brother, and family, seemed to start their Kevin is racist and hates black people as well tacatics. Things were done to frame me, like a black girl joining the Wrestling team, them having her practice with her, then quitting and saying I had done something to her and I hate black women, who then continued working on me my entire life and with Aubrey Fisher.


Now one of Tom, and Rodie’s tactics to end my life is to create Paranoid Schizophrenia, or other mental illness tactics like intentional obsessive looping from hinting messages and such, any tactic possible to end my life. Aubrey, was chosen for her name, Aubrey “Fisher” Because this sick group that started this campaign were using peoples names amongst other things to create hidden messages to try to make me look crazy, just as Mike Huntley was following me around hunting me down since we met, when my brother introduced me to him around 15 years old.

Mike Huntley


So you can guess what Aubrey was up too. Instead of what I thought was a friendship, was not only a girl that was part of a mass 30 year campaign to get any dirt possible to give to the world, but at the same time, create mental illness with a mass 30 year mob to end my life and tell everyone that I was crazy.

Aubrey was a Stripper as well. And Aubrey would invite me to come along to the strip clubs when she danced in the amatuer contests, and wanted me to vote for her and give her support. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, I have a feeling she was trying to work the, Kevin is shady angle, and see I told you so, by profiling me, and taking things that don’t matter or things out of context and giving the to the world on their world wide smear operations.

Also, at one of the Strip clubs, Aubrey tells me that one of the strippers is interested in doing a website with me. When I go up to the stripper, she has no clue what I am talking about or maybe they were working some angle to try to get me mad at her. It seems trivial, but with what is being done to my life all day and night with world wide support, it is not.

When I got into studio photography, Aubrey seemed to get into it at the same time. She didn’t have much technical expertise, while I read lots of photography books, and went out and learned. She would ask me for my help to assist her on photo shoots and give her advice. I had no problem with this, as I figured, like most NORAMAL people who call you up, and want to do things or work with you, it was because she liked me as a person.

At one point, I had some website code from some of the adult sites I had built and Aubrey wanted a website for her photography. Since I believe that being a nice honest person who gives, creates warm circles in return to further your life, I decided it would not take much time to put her work online for her. Even putting it on my servers to save her money. So I put up


At this point Aubrey started doing strange things, although I did not notice it at the time, nor really thought I had any reason to distrust her. At one point, she did a photo shoot with a stripper I was hanging out with at the strip clubs named Mila.


She also did a Photoshoot with a stripper named Venice which ended up going south because Mike Huntley, my business partner was setting me up and slipping things in the contract. Something like if she breaks contract, we can sue her or something. which they put in these world wide terror operations to torture me to death. Also Venice was involved in telling me she worked at Bare Elegance down in Los Angeles, close to Jen Hess’s house. Another girl sent after me with Mike Huntley, and Paul Humphrey to try to set me up and frame me.

Not only this, about the time she took Venice’s picture she also moved to a house in Venice Beach. I think she was not only trying to create paranoid schtizofrenia to end my life, but also try to get me mad or jealous at her while she told the world I was trying to sabotage her photography, because she knew I was getting into Studio Photography

Seems to be a pattern of her doing photoshoots with the people I associate with.


It did not bother me, and figured people all network and meet each other so it was no big deal. But Aubrey was trying to get a reaction or dirt from me to use to destroy my life. Then Aubrey Started posting pictures of kids in her kids section. Which isn’t really weird. But at one point posted a picture of a boy with no shirt. This obviously isn’t kiddy porn, but Aubrey would call me up digging for information trying to get confessions. Asking me random questions like “Do you think there is a problem with this picture” At the time, I just figured maybe she was insecure about it.


In this period of time, I was in a paranoid state, trying to move on with my life due to a breakdown I had. Not because I had a breakdown, but because I found out people were hunting me down with a mental illness campaign and using my life against me with the intent to kill me nor would they stop. The people involved in doing this to me spun the story that I snapped, when in reality, it was a mass group trying to snap me. Over and over and over until I am dead.

Aubrey would invite me to her parties, telling her friends to do demented things to me. If I did not talk to her much, while going around the room talking to others, she would have her friends harass me.

She would then do photo shoots inviting me along for technical experts have the clients harass me to try to provoke me into situations to make me look crazy.

At one point, her and Tom Farley would try to freak me out, she would call me, when we hung up. Tom would call me instantly after wards. They would do this over and over, now knowing that Tom was working with her to destroy my life create mental illness, and try to push me to my end.

I realized at one point, Tom was literally following me from place to place, smearing my name, then trying to set me up or tell me to do things to women or treat them like shit. When I ignored Tom’s weird advice, he went out telling the world what I was doing anyways. Because he was going to smear me if he could set me up or not anyways.

Finally, at one point, Aubrey called me down to help her on a photo shoot, and when we were driving, I was tapping my foot. I can’t tell you why I tapped my foot, as sometimes people just do things subconsciously. So Aubrey of course asks me to stop, and I do. But when not paying attention I start tapping again.

Now somehow, this is the end of the world. This event of me accidentally tapping my foot in the eyes of this mass murder campaign is a crime beyond belief. I had wronged Aubrey Fisher by this event so bad that every coffee shop in the world was notified that if I ever go into any one, for the rest of my life, people will tap on things all day until the end of time, until my nervous system fails.

Not only is this so insignificant that no one in their right mind could give a shit, and it wouldn’t have to be given to the world in secret to hunt me down and kill me unless people were working together to do such, but it’s clear that the intent to kill me was going on from day 1, starting from early childhood.

At this point Aubrey started saying things like, I give up on photography, where I told her not too. You know, because I’m a monster or something. Probably telling people I’m discouraging her or something to smear me. Or use their, Kevin is competing with everyone tactic.

Aubrey then tells me she knows a good website named Model Mayhem ( Being that I’m trying to not only get past the horrible things that have been done to me, and overcome my shyness with people and work with people, and perfect a photo style. It turns out, like Audrey’s Name “Fisher” She, tom Farley, and this mass 30 year terror crew are now using “Model Mayhem” as a literal to hunt me down building even larger armies to kill me.


Out of the 750,000 sign ups at Model Mayhem, a large chunk are working on me all day and night from every angle possible. World wide neighborhood watch groups collecting and disseminating information for the sole purpose of mental illness tactics. Not only that, but they are building the site in such a way to make me mentally ill. For example, a Employee at yankee doodles would not stop harassing me and when I called him “Buddy” and said something to him in regards, they change the button to “Add buddy” amongst many other tactics to try to end my life. Notifying every place I go to call me buddy.

According to people like Lorena Escobar, the sign ups and workers at, it’s my fault because I tapped my foot or they will make up any lie to justify their actions. And I’ve wronged Aubrey Fisher so doing this. Any rational person without ulterior motives and in their right mind would say. Ok, you two don’t work and go your separate ways. Or who cars about someone tapping their foot. Either way, it’s so insignificant, that if the majority of the world is systematically notified of this wronging as they claim it is. It’s a cover for a terror and murder campaign. Especially when I am not someone famousand it is illegal to do so and violates privacy laws, or it would have to be done in secret to keep me from suing for defamation.

At this point, I stopped talking to Aubrey when I noticed she was working with Tom Farley, but she followed me to a Starbucks in Encino a couple of years later. Trying to get back in my life, telling me she was now into “Spinning” which was her code for mixing music, and at the same time trying to spin my mind to make me mentally ill and kill me with this mass 30 year murder army Tom, my brother, and friends started.

After this, when signing up to, Aubrey wasn’t finished with me. She then sent a Black Girl after me Arianna and she contacted me to do a photoshoot (Clearly working with Tom Farley’s racist lies). So I was kind enough to take her pictures for free, for practice and learning purposes. But when I noticed afterwards she started to get abusive like Aubrey Fisher, she did not like this. And the world was told that I hate black women and am playing games with their lives because using this chess picture as leverage. Because clearly she saw I was on to her. And they are trying to say that this picture, As they do with all my work as a smear tactic, is a confession that I somehow hate back women. Which is completely absurd since they have a scam for every work of art I have ever created. Which is a lot of art out there. And we all know people either like or hate a picture, but they don’t hunt people down and try to kill them because they don’t like the art. That is a crime. And most likely to coverup their crimes they will try to turn it around saying that is what I am doing.


At this point, people, especially women in pink and black, just one of the 1000’s of tactics to end my life were told to follow me from place to place in pink and black covertly provoking me into situations to remove me from society.

Also around this time, I was shooting pool at Yankee Doodles for years, and they had a Yankee Doodles waitress named Heather working on me. Coincidentally Toms sister is named Heather and might be one of their mental illness obsession, schitzo tactics. But anyways, heather was told to endlessly provoke me in the Pool Hall with 100’s – 1000’s per day for years every time I was there.

When going to a Persian Therapist for help, which I went to about 28 shrinks, he did everything to try to keep me quiet. As well as all the others. But after my therapy sessions I would go to Starbucks and get coffee, they had Heather follow me and take a job in the same shopping center and tell everyone I was stalking Heather.

At the point of Heather coming in, saying Hi, and asking me to come by her store. I decided that was a very bad idea due to the fact she had mass groups attacking me all day and night with Aubrey Fisher. And it was clearly a scam for her to try to set me up and frame me saying I won’t leave her alone and am following her, like has been done to me over and over for 35 years.

Also, Aubrey decided to follow me to this Encino Starbucks as well. When we started talking, I told her I had a cold and was sick. She jumpeed back as If I did something to her. Which seemed very odd at the time. After this people were following me provoking me even more trying to prove I was Violent. As one of the mexican employees was saying to me. Of course this was just one of the endless lies given to the world about me like usual to turn the world against me and remove me from society.

At one point Aubrey invited me to a party, and she was emphasising about someone from MadTV being there. Which normally, I wouldn’t think much of it, nor think someone from MadTV was really a big deal. But there seems to be a connection between my brother, his friends, and my family using Media to try to create mental illness tactics such as, Paranoid Schizophrenia, obsessional looping. and all their other mental illness tactics.

My brother and his friend Darrin Moisselle would show me some MadTV episodes, which I find very funny, but unfortunately, their motive wasn’t about entertainment. It was about trying to send me hidden messages to guilt me into confessions that I have a problem.

these are the episodes they showed me

Sex Toy Story (I think they might have been trying to force me into a false confession, I play games with women)

Davey and the son of Goliath (Where they were trying to create and tell the world that I am a schitzo and a danger to others, and hear messages from media. Which I later found out they have been using all sorts of media since 10 years old to try to flip me into a paranoid and schitzo state)

Raging Rodulf (which seems conisistant with every group of people I meet my entire life trying to get rid of me and make me madder and madder to try to get me to go ballistic and break me)

Terrorist Darbie – (MADtv: Season 12, episode 4) wihch is a white Surpremecist Darbie (which seems relevant with my family, friends, brothers friends telling the world and trying to make it look like I am a racist after kissing a black girl after 12 for some reason)

Also, their seems to be a pattern of Blonde girls who have been hunting me trying to remove me from society, since around 16 years old and a Girl Named Cory Bixbie. Who I thought was gorgeous and eventually she asked me to give her a rid home, and then was mad at me for no reason, like everyone else had been told to do in my life and cry wolf, and send more and more people after me. This pattern of Blondes, Carissa Brands, Corey Bixbie, Jen Hess, Lynn Junkin, Aubrey Fisher,  Shanna Briantseva, Marlene Ramirez. All were told to work the same tactics and have been since I believe a girl named Carissa Brands was sent after me with a person named Paul Humphry, my brothers friends younger brother.

Now at one point in High School, supposedly Carissa Brands was depressed and tried to kill herself, then checked into  a mental institution. Now Paul, and everyone seems to be saying somehow it is not only my fault, and I INTENTIONALLY pushed her to suicide because I am a bad seed.

Although the things left at are the obvious things. Such as I was never really friends with Carissa Brands aside from seeing her once in  while around Paul. And their is no way I could have been friends and working on her all day and night like they say. We had very minimal contact. And any imperfection in anything would be normal like usual in very few encounters. But they seemed to be packaging this “Kevin is trying to push her to suicide” and then have endless women come in my life pretending they are Crazy, Depressed, You name it, and trying to make it look like I did it to them and it is my fault. Also, At one point, they tried to make it look like I was jealous of Paul, by having Carissa come in my life later pretending to like me. So that they could use my interaction with her years later against me. While Paul and Mike played the Kevin is trying to steal Pauls X-girlfriend away from him, or make him jealous, or whatever angle they were playing by having her bump into me, and want to pursue me by asking me out. And when I was honest with Paul about the situation, even though I wasn’t interested in her, he still came after me more, showing that, I had no secrets and was being a true friend, and he had ulterior motives to remove me from society with these world wide smear operations.

Not only this, but through the years on the Internet, random strangers world wide were interrogating me with questions like “if someone kills themselve from what you say, is it your fault?”

Showing that not only was Carissa pretending, and lieing about checking into a mental instition, but it was a planned scam to remove me from society and turn the world against me. Because people in High School commit suicide all the time, And I have never heard about anyone else being hunted by world wide campaigns saying this is your fault and we are going to do this to you.

I didn’t pick up on these subtle things going on with Aubrey, or most of my life because they are very covert, coordinated and stealth. And these things aren’t normally done to people especially in mass world wide groups. And from the age 10 – 29 I had no clue what was going on which made them angrier, and angrier because I was ignoring it. But once I found out, they got really mad, and to this day, do not want the truth coming out to the world of what is and has always been done to me from one person sequentially after the next since 10 years old to create mental illness and remove me from society.

Not only will this people do everything possible to end my life, but they will do everything possible to cover it up making it look like it’s my fault. And anyone who is involved will play stupid saying things like. Well, you tapped your foot, and you need help. Things like this to not only tell the world I am crazy, but make me think it too.

All these people have been networked in secret behind my back using internet sites, and systems to try to end my life. From Jason Perelman, all his friends, Tom Farley, Rodie Morales, you name it. They have worked every angle possible across 30 years to end me any way shape and form.

And of course with their SYSTEM of terror to try to collect any imperfection in my life, they will try to find those few times of imperfection, package a profiling campaign that I am a horrible monster and an asshole to the world. But of course ignore who I really am, and how I’ve spent my life treating people, and giving. Showing that they have MOTIVE to destroy. And since it has been going on all day and night with a world wide conspiracy in secret and I am not allowed to address issues and told I am imagining this whole thing. It’s obvious what this is really about.

More Detailed information at

As one of the resources used to end my life, people on social networks such as facebook have been contacted with information dissemination across the world spewing out 1000′s of lies with the intent to rile people up against me and use mental illness tactics to destroy my life and try to either push me to death or figure out ways to remove me from society.

Also, this is being done on twitter as well. Also blogs and posts all over the world.

This happens all day and night. Average 1000 harassment’s per day, just from the internet. This is a mass campaign to end my life, and never stops. I noticed 12 years ago this was being done to me, it has not stopped. I also noticed this campaign started over 30 years ago, by my own family and friends.

After doing a photoshoot with Lorena Escobar who I found out was trying to get any information possible to destroy my life, and she had been working on me since the first day she was hired at my fathers company about 15 – 20 years ago.

The one photoshoot involved a green screen with color patterns as one of the images. After she asked me to do this shoot, she then notified these mass communities to do things in patterns to me to create mental illness.

You can see from the screen capture that there are patterns in 1,2,3,4,5 and other patterns.
For example, different people might type sooo over and over, in patterns or everyone is told to type YOU in capitals.

At one point I typed lil instead of little, so it was mimicked all day and night  and still is. These are just a few examples which are all directed at me, and no buddy else.

This is just another tactic that Lorena Escobar, with this mass 30 year campaign to end my life.

Detailed information on tactics, incident reports, people involved at:

As one of the resources used to end my life, people on social networks such as facebook have been contacted with information dissemination across the world spewing out 1000′s of lies with the intent to rile people up against me and use mental illness tactics to destroy my life and try to either push me to death or figure out ways to remove me from society.

Also, this is being done on twitter as well. Also blogs and posts all over the world.

This happens all day and night. Average 1000 harassment’s per day, just from the internet. This is a mass campaign to end my life, and never stops. I noticed 12 years ago this was being done to me, it has not stopped. I also noticed this campaign started over 30 years ago, by my own family and friends.

After doing a photoshoot with Lorena Escobar who I found out was trying to get any information possible to destroy my life, and she had been working on me since the first day she was hired at my fathers company about 15 – 20 years ago.

The one photoshoot involved a green screen with color patterns as one of the images. After she asked me to do this shoot, she then notified these mass communities to do things in patterns to me to create mental illness.

You can see from the screen capture that there are patterns in 1,2,3,4,5 and other patterns.
For example, different people might type sooo over and over, in patterns or everyone is told to type YOU in capitals.

At one point I typed lil instead of little, so it was mimicked all day and night  and still is. These are just a few examples which are all directed at me, and no buddy else.

This is just another tactic that Lorena Escobar, with this mass 30 year campaign to end my life.

Detailed information on tactics, incident reports, people involved at:

Not only are these mass attacks online and everywhere I go publicly, but also at my work.

It turns out, My office manager, who approached me after finding out that Mike Huntley approached me for a partnership for an Internet Host Provider company for the sole purpose to get me close enough to do everything possible to try to set me up, and smear my name and destroy my life any way shape and form possible, after the dissolution of the company, I was approached my Lorena Escobar, who is part of this mass group, asking me if I would like to do IT for their company, which is well, my fathers company.

And being that I could not understand or comprehend what was going on, especially on a world wide mass scale, I took the job, well, because I need to eat to live. Especially in a state where I’m being attacked by millions and can’t comprehend why or even how.

So immediately after Lorena hires me she tells the entire office that I am crazy, and I am doing all these horrible things to people. Also, overheard by my fathers x-Limo driver which then told me what she was doing and saying.

I then started to realize things about Lorena Escobar, as she was hired for my fathers company maybe something like 15 – 20 years prior.

Now, Lorena, while working for my father, had a secondary role, and that was too follow me around while in college trying to set me up with this mass group networked in secret.

On one occasion in University of Colorado, I was approached by a Cheerleader, who sat next to me at a table flirting, but making up lies that she was a nurse, and went to nursing school and not a University Colorado student. She did this because they was trying to bait me in a situation to try to get me angry knowing that I knew the truth because I would go to the football games, and she was a cheerleader and cheer leading and it’s obvious.

I’m sure Lorena’s argument is that I’m spying on her in a crowd of 100k while watching a football game as she’s cheerleader. While I will admit she was gorgeous, well, if she doesn’t want people watching her cheer lead, then she shouldn’t cheer lead. But the truth is, she, like everyone else in my life was trying to provoke me into a reaction to use against me claiming that I have a problem, and ignoring the INTENTIONAL provoking over and over to get this reaction.

This was just one of many elaborate and intentional passive aggressive tactics which I did not fall for, no does the fact that after 30 years of daily passive aggressive INTENTIONAL attacks that it was rare I reacted to to any in a bad way this information seems to be IGNORED.

Another person she was involved with in Colorado was having a girl ask me help her to move, promising to buy me dinner, then blowing me off to try to rile me up. Once again, it did not work.

This type of thing happened over and over and over to try to rile me up. Although, they could not seem too, and I started to realize this was going on with all my friends since early childhood trying to rile me up, then give out the reaction to the world that I had an anger problem.

At one point they sent a girl named Cia negiatang after me in Colorado. They would work every angle and tactic to rile me up. She would know when I was with other women, and show up at my house. She even had me fly out to Colorado after I move back to California, for the sole purpose to blow me off, and set me up. In return, I did a 5 – 10 minutes, childish prank, and did an IRC flood which Lorena Escobar claims that I’ve somehow committed an Internet crime, by what everyone on IRC was doing with channel takeovers and insignificant floods. As Lorena claims this has ruined her life and if attempted murder.

The very act of having someone pay money, fly to another start, tell them to go to hell is ok, just don’t do a simple flood script for 10 minutes which is harmless.

Not only this, but she was involved with bait and switch internet tactics, such as having me talk to someone who clams they are in their mid 20’s for months, then all of a sudden claim they are 13, and when I stop talking to them, she would still go around telling the world I was a pedophile, which the real crime is her elaborate setups one sequentially after the next.

She also is involved with sending a girl nicknamed Skyler on the internet after me. I was as friendly as can be with this girl, but I wasn’t very into her. At one point, when I was in Florida, I met her, she gave me a blow job, then said she had to go to the Airport immediately afterwords. On the way to the airport and to drop me off, they had a police officer pull her over trying to scare me into a confession. When she left, I said something like, well it sucks you have to leave, and she said “Ya right” or something to this extent. A year later she wanted to come out to L.A. But I was too busy for her which of course this group uses as I’m playing games with her, as If I owe something to this person.

At the point where she noticed I was not into her, she would tell me things like “if you want to be my friend, I will treat you like shit” when she said this to me, I told her to never contact me again, she then, with Lorena, reversed the story claiming I had done something wrong to her mostly as a coverup to their intentional crimes to get any dirt possible to end my life by not wanting to be treated like shit which is unacceptable.

At one point they had a girl pretend she liked me, fly into town, sleep with my friend, then get mad at me for not liking her and tell everyone I was playing games with her.

At the age of 29, when I started to realize something was wrong, and that not one person, or a few people, but very single person in my life was doing the same thing. I realized that something CRIMINAL was going on.

Now, back to the work place. After Lorena hired me, from day one, she has 90% of the office working on me, every way shape and form to create mental illness and try to remove me from society.

The employee’s were continually told to ask me for help, then when I fix the computers, to harass me afterwords. Not once, but every single time. On a lot of the occasions, they would do something trivial, like delete their printers, ask me for help, then harass me.

They also either hired, or knew someone that had computer knowledge who they would let in the network to intentionally sabotage it, and make it look like me. For example, windows tcp/ip would be turned off on specific employees computers on specific times or events to create paranoia. In 41 yrs of my life, I’ve never seen this happen by itself. But in our office, it kept happening over and over until I beefed up security. Being that the employee’s and Lorena, know exactly what’s going on, and have involvement, they are clearly doing what Lorena, only knows what to do to control people in her CRIMINAL murdering manor.

At one point an employee Victoria tried to tell me, She was just protecting the company. Which my response was. How do me doing photography or asking a stripper out in my private life have anything to do with the company. Also letting her know that, by office managers hunting down and trying to kill someone, especially before working there, how does that protect the company instead of ending the company for criminal involvement and attempted murder while claiming they are protecting the company

The women were told to make up false accusations over and over to make it look like I had a problem. These were sexual harassment accusations, as well as even one claiming I had hit them. But of course I was never approached, instead half the world was literally notified of my so called crimes. They knew that if approached, I could give the facts and defend myself, so instead, they keep it a secret and tell me I’m imagining it as I’m attacked all day and night by strangers who are given these lies.

At one point I decided to replace all the ancient computer monitors with newer ones. The employees saw an opportunity to try to get me fired. So 4 of them got together, making up false claims that the monitors had hidden cameras in them, all claiming that at the same time a picture came up where they could see themselves.

The one girl before this, asked me what the PIP function on the monitor was for trying to set me up. She would always smile, and pretend to be nice, while slowly trying to passive aggressively provoke me into reactions she could not do. Finally it esculated.

At this point, I had to show the office that this was not even possible unless I was some secret division of Toshiba or view sonic creating secret spy monitors. Not only were all 4 claims withing minutes. But out of the 4 people. Only 2 of them even had replaced monitor which shows their lies aren’t even credible.

And the people in the office give out disinformation, that this is how NORMAL offices work, and these things happen which is a fabricated lie to try to keep me controlled.

At the point that these employees were making up claims that I was incompetent and that the network was unstable and before I was there it was ok doing things like multiple employees pretending that they could not log in, and trivial things like this.

Finally I built a trouble ticket system to document the system glitches, repair time, down time, etc, to show that these were fabrications of the truth, and that each problem, weather legit, or not, was documented. They did not like this as it rendered them powerless to give out lies that I was incompetent.

At this point they started doing things in patterns of two. When they speak to me or others, they might say something like “thank you, thank you”

When they text me with problems, they will do two test at a time


When they fill out the trouble ticket forms they will push the submit button twice, almost all of them. At first I thought it might be a code glitch, then I realized some submit pushes were minutes apart which meant it was a user doing it.








Also, People using hinting messages in wifi ssids, at my home, location as well as work. Also doing patterns of 2’s same ones at home and work.


After that I realized that they were collecting my conversations with employees from public places I go and using it to create mental illness.

Even tactics like, every time I left a Starbucks on the way to work they would be given out information that I left, and would call me each morning right after I left to create mental illness.

When I first started working there, some of their tactics were to have person after person for years, walk by and whistle. Which still goes on, and this isn’t one whistle, but all day, every time I’m there forever.

Then employees were also told to walk by and sing or humming. Over and over until the end of time as well a public places I go.

Then of course they will say the same thing everyone at every place that does this is told to say in a packaged excuse “If you are not comfortable here, you should not come here”

well after realizing this is every single place I go or have gone to, the motive is clear, to migrate me into a grave.

Lorena is also responsible for telling her kids, and their friends to come in the office provoking me over and over.

At one point, Lorena had a friend of hers, call me asking me to come over and fix her computer for a job. So I did, and when I finished, she wanted to talk to me telling me I should learn the medical industrial and take control of my fathers company, which I looked at her and said. Whatever my father wants to do with it after he’s gone is his own business.

After that realizing that Lorena was trying to get her to manipulate me or get a confession of some kind of bad intentions.

But knowing Lorena, it goes from one thing to the next meaning her true motive is to end my life and get rid of me. And then they will make up excuses to cover up their cries, that I have a racing mind.

Lorena will also use employee’s with specific names to try to create mental illness with hidden messages.

At one point, they notified everyone in the business complex and shopping center it’s in to use these tactics as well.

Also telling 50% of the employees to park their cars backwards and things like this to create mental illness.

Also, as well as the cars, of course, employees are told to wear specific color patterns in such a way to make me mentally ill. This started after she approached me asking her to do a photo shoot.

Not knowing her true intentions that she was trying to end my life, I did it, as she disseminated more lies to the world in secret that I some how wronged her by the photo shoot and the finished work she asked me to do for her.

Lorena then told her co-worker, George Escobar, interesting, same last name. To spy on all my social networks and using the information to make me mentally ill. As George would also try to get pedophile confessions making hints he was trying to protect his daughter, and If I even know who she is or anything about her. But the tactics are always the same, make up some blatant outrageous lie based on 0 fact and tell the world in secret.

Lorena, like most of my friends I grew up with, and my mother and brother, are very sick demented people. What I don’t understand is why these people are all supporting each other in this mass campaign to end my life.

Normally, the average person would see that a group of people were doing something like this and report them to the police. In this instance, they are all protecting each other which empowers people like Lorena, my co workers, and everyone else to target me and try to end my life.

These people can not only come up with one thing I’ve ever done to anyone, they know I can factually defend myself meaning they are going above and in the gray areas of the law and always have been since my childhood, to end my life.

They will give out disinformation that this is how life is, and I’m too sensitive and I’ve done this and that, but they are clearly criminals and murderers trying to end and have been working on me my entire life and and tell me and everyone else lies to push me to my end.

These people have literally collected over 30 years, every possible detail of my life documenting it, taking every detail out of context, turning each and every one into lies, and giving it to the world in secret claiming I’m a monster with the intent to rile up armies around the world and end my life with passive aggressive covert tactics.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as to what’s going on, and what’s being done to me and my life.

Details and specifics on tactics, reports by time and date, locations etc, can be found at


When I was going to Starbucks in Encino, California. As I’ve stated on other posts, the mass groups of people that have been involved in a 30 year campaign to remove me from society got together using covert, subliminal, passive aggressive tactics all working together to make me mentally ill.

Details on the specifics and tactics can be read at as to all the details of these daily attacks for the last 30 years.

One day I decided to back my car backwards in the lot, and the result of this mass group telling me what I can and can’t do decided to in life disseminate that I have somehow wronged the community by parking my car backwards and is claiming I am somehow doing something to this mass group who is following me from place to place with world wide neighborhood watch groups collecting anything possible to use to create mental illness and get rid of me for what they deem as crimes, which they cannot tell me one thing I’ve done to anyone, because they know I will call their bluff and EXPOSE them ad lieing murderers. Which is really a group exercising the law in their own hands and trying to make me mentally ill and remove me from society.

After I parked my car backwards, everyone in the city has been told to copy me to make me mentally ill and end my life or remove me from society. If I go to one place, it’s done over and over for the rest of my life at that location.

Also, people are not just parking cars backwards, but using specific cars to create hidden messages. For example, a lot of them are Mercedes, related to the bullet hole which was put in my fathers Mercedes and pinned on telling the world I tried to kill my father.

A lot of them seem to be pickups, or Honda accords which my partner, Mike Huntley, drove to guilt me about Mike Huntley, who started a company with me to get me close to him to try to end my life with this mass 30 year endless mobbing.

These are all tactics to make me mentally ill to keep me quiet about what’s going on. Yesterday, 4/15/2013, I decided to drive around a get a few pictures to post to show the world what is really going on and what these people are doing to cover up a mass crime.

Normally people don’t park their cars backwards, but on occasion a few do. The areas around me, teams of people are told to work on me all day and night, claiming that I’ve wronged people by creating art, or making up any other excuse possible to smear my name and make me mentally ill to keep me quiet.

Now, I drove to a few parking lots around my house. I’m guessing about 7, in every lot I’d say about 10% of the cars were parked backwards, I took about 273 pictures in a couple of hours. I did not spend months waiting for incidences, and in a lot of these pictures 3 – 6 cars are parked. Probably approximating somewhere below 1000 cars. Which is not coincidence. This mass group is targeting me with cars, clothing, being told to mimic same sentences, you name it. Then make up lies that I’m crazy or imaging things. Even claims that I think differently then others to try to rid me of the world.

Below are the pictures showing what these people are doing to keep me quiet and end my life for finding out that these people, including my own brother are heavily involved in a mass MURDER campaign.

At first, I could not figure out why people did not want me having a camera, this also goes back in 1995 when I took a photography class in colorado, where on an assignment to do photoshoots, I went out to denver to do some shoots, and of course this information was collected that I was somehow doing something to people.

I can understand why this mass group would not want me taking pictures of people doing these types of things to make me mentally ill.

It also explains why officer Toro, approached me telling me if I ever take a picture of someone, he will “execute the law in his own way”

For details go to



I was hired at my company by an office Manager Named Lorena Escobar, which is really my fathers company

After finding out that my Business Partner, Mike Huntley, had ulterior motives to hunt me down and end my life, I was very sick and Lorena Approached me asking me if I would like to do their IT.

As I was working there, not knowing that Lorena, was actually working with Mike Huntley, in secret behind my back with a mass group to destroy me, I took the job.

I’ve know Lorena, maybe 20 years, not friends, but because she worked for my fathers company. I’ve also known Mike Huntley my entire life, and felt he could be trusted since I grew up with him not knowing what they were doing.

After I found out Mike was Hunting me down with the mass 30 year army and took the Job with Lorena Escobar, she told the entire office which was overhead by a friend that I was crazy.

She also told the entire office I was spying on them and trying to control them as well as take over the company.

When I started this new job on the side, I decided to pursue photography. And At one point, Lorena came to me asking to do a photoshoot. It seemed pretty harmless as I was getting into studio photography.

The serious I did with Lorena and others was color patterns. for example this is a shot with Lorena Escobar:


After I did this photoshoot, Lorena started making up lies that I was somehow doing something to her. But these lies, like all of the other ones were disseminated in secret to half the world.

After this, cities of people would either follow me from place to place wearing the same color patterns to create mental illness until I confessed to something.

For example, I might be in a Starbucks, and with in 1 hr 30 people would come in wearing a solid red shirt, and solid red pants. Things that are no longer coincidental.




At one point, entire cities were told to come out dressed in all black.

All Black 11_08_2012 All Black 11_08_20122 All Black 11_09_2012 All Black4 11_22_2012and then they would add Solid green shirt with solid black pants as a red head waitress at a restaurant named Bobbies,  kept asking me over and over if green was my favorite color, and why I’m always wearing green shirts, yet I never had one in their restaurant on.

Contact Contact2

Then of course, after this mass group found out that I liked Pink Floyed, they were all told to wear solid black pants, and a solid pink shirt


Contact2 Contact3 Contact4

Then of course, it escalated o solid Blue shirts with solid black pants all over the city, and on my way to work, as well as the employees at my work.


Contact2 Contact3

Now, a Normal person, or someone trying to make you look crazy would both say the same thing. Well, people wear these colors. And I agree, and I believe in coincidences.

But, being that in a half hr, I can go out in my car, either to the park, or get coffee, or drive to work, and that I can get 100 pictures in that time of lets say just solid black pants, and a solid blue top shows me what is going on.

I did not spend months getting these pics, and this is about 5% of the ones I’ve taken which don’t even come close to the actual number of people doing just this one tactic.

Also, If I go somewhere they don’t expect me to be, it’s not happening. Although they know me, and pretend they don’t. And if they feel wronged in any way, this group will then attack me their for some kind of sick demented punishment as If I don’t have civil rights like the rest of the world which the police seem to be supporting this.

there are just a couple of tactics this mass group is using to end my life which have been going on for over 30 years.

Of course I’m told this isn’t happening, and it’s all done in secret. Then people try to give me weird disinformation saying that this is how the entertainment industry is and I wasn’t meant for it, but refuse to admit that it’s going on.

So if this is how the entertainment industry is, collecting private information and using it to make people mentally ill, then they shouldn’t have a problem admitting it’s going on and that all these people know me from years of information dissemination around the world.

And yet these are the same people that after buying a camera, went ballistic on me before ever taking it out of the box which means they clearly have something to hide.

While Officer Toro followed me to the Encino Starbucks saying “if I ever take a picture of a person, he will execute the law in his own way”

You can get more detailed information at

I just heard that John Paul is now claiming I throw coffee on him which sparked the incident.

As john told me to leave, I told him 2 years ago there was a contract he wanted me to sign, but would not let me see it. He told me I had to sign it, or I would be banned. When I asked for copies, he and the employees refused.

As we all know, anytime you sign something you get a copy, and are allowed to read it beforehand.

For all I know this document is fabricated by the employees or something, since I can’t imagine Starbucks corporation telling people they have to sign things or leave, and they can’t see them or have a copy. Seems kind of shady to begin with.

When John brought me this paper this time, I started taking pictures of it because I wanted a copy of what they were trying to get me to sign.

As I was taking pictures of it, John Paul kept yelling, “fuck you, get off my property” over and over.

As I got up to leave, I splashed some water on him from one of those clear water cups starbucks gives out, an said “Fuck You” as I walke away.

That’s when he swung the first punch to the side/temple are as I was turning to walk away with a sucker punch. He then continued about 6 more times, as I was disorient from the first punch until I had to defend myself.

I’m not going to say splashing a lieing murdering 12 year stalker who’s been working on you all day and night everywhere in the city to kill you with a mass world wide group of delusionals, in secret, behind your back with covert passive aggressive tactics is right. But I will say, a little water does not hurt, while 7 punches to the head in sync without stopping while the first was while turning to walk away is attempted murder.

Now, About this coffee lie, I bought a novelty camera lens cup I was drinking my coffee out of. The cup has a screw on top.  with a sippy top.

If I threw my coffee on him, I would need time between all this to unscrew the top and do this.

So while he’s yelling at me to leave his “fucking Property” while I’m taking pictures of this contract, and I would have to unscrew a top as  putting down a camera, grabbing my cup and walking away while splashing him withing seconds.

As opposed to grabbing a plastic cup and splashing him.

I am posting some pics of my broken cup after the fight, showing I had it, and it got damaged, and the top was on, or I don’t think it would have gotten damged, and the original factory pics showing what it looked like beforehand.

Clearly  John Paul Naranjo, are Murderers, with this mass group with ulterior motives who are now trying to cover it up, or have been since day one.

Factory with good top:


Mine, after fight:


And what the plastic Starbucks Water cup looks like, which only water was splashed at him, and not even thrown